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Oct 17, 2003, 09:12 PM
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Formosa Weigh In

I am interested to know how people achieve the constructed weights they do.

Some weights I have seen are exceptionally light and I would like to know how they were achieved.

So post your weight built to and how you achieved the weight.

My Formosa weighs in at

470 gms just under 17oz flying weight
379gms or 13oz without the battery pack


RZ 400, GWS gearbox
CC phoenix 25 ESC
3S1P Etec pack

Built with foam safe CA where possible and epoxy where required.
Some foam gouged out to allow ESC to be put in plane
Some foam gouged out to allow battery packs to fit but balsa added back in.
Some carbon tow CA’ed in to add strength.
Wheels not stock.
HiTec electron receiver
3 Servos.
Otherwise stock.

For construction details of plane
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Oct 17, 2003, 09:45 PM
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My formosa is at 17 oz with rz350, gws D drive 6 ch rec, 4 x pico servos, 8x 600ae, phoenix10. No landing gear, no stickers. Currently modding. New set up will be rz2500, C drive, 3 x pico servos, phoenix25, 8x600ae, expecting to lose mabey 1/3 ounce, and gain a few ounces more thrust.
Oct 17, 2003, 11:03 PM
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Mine came in at 10.5 oz dry, and i fly it mostly on 2s 1200 etec
so it comes out at 12.5 with 2s and 13.5 with 3s, it isn't fast, but it has power enough for climbing outside loops and such with no sweat.
here's why

razor 400 in gws C box
swinging 11x8 on 2s and 9x7 on 3s
have to keep an eye on the throttle on 3s (amps)
CC 25
pico bb's (3)

extremely lightly painted.
i use the gws glue for the fuze and hinges, very, very, thin coat.
press together, pull apart, wait a few (3-6 minutes) then back together, there will still be enough time to wiggle and twist and such to get it straight. Very stock really. so i shaved about an ounce off the stock version and because the motor is easy on the amps, i can run 2s1p.

This is a good thread idea, i am all for it.
Oct 17, 2003, 11:16 PM
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mine weighs in at 11 ounces dry, and 17.5 with the kans. pretty heavy for such low power setup... hmm... i'm grooming to pick up a tp packs soon though. the battery bay is cut out to accomodate that in the future.

gws "c" gearbox
1080 and 1180 gws props
phoenix-25 esc
3 hitec hs-55 servos
berg-4 receiver
8-cell kans 950 nimh battery
deans ultra connectors
Oct 18, 2003, 12:15 AM
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Mine was at 14.3 ounces ready to fly with the following:
GWS C gearbox
Astroflight 010 with the controller they sold
3S 1200 Li-poly pack
painted top and bottom horizontal stab, cowling and bottom of wing with thin white accent strips of tape to cover paint bleed on red/ white (unpainted foam) and blue.
Added the decals.
9 x 7 GWS prop.
3 Hitec 55 size servos
Fried the speed controller
receiver is JR 610M with case still on it

First flight will now be with standard 350 motor, Pixie 20 speed controller and will try 2S 1050 Li-poly pack and 8 cell 650 CBP pack but haven't yet reweighed the plane.
With 2s 1050 Lipoly pack weight is 13.9 ounces. With 8 cell 650 CBP pack the weight is 1 pound .4 ounces or 16.4 ounces.
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Oct 18, 2003, 01:23 AM
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rz 350 gws c box
gws10x4.3 prop
3s etec 1200
naro 6p
3xpico servos
cc 25 esc
thick 2mm carbon pushrods for elevator and rudder
strapping tape for woven hinges on elevator and rudder
3mm zepron enlarged control surfaces using hot melt glue
Oct 18, 2003, 07:34 PM
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15 1/8oz !


My GWS FORMOSA tipped the digital scale at 15 1/8oz. total flight weight.

ASTRO FLIGHT 010, 14 Turn
GWS 4.43:1 gearbox
ETec 3S1P Li-POLYs
GWS Slow Fly 10 X 8 Prop.
Three GWS Naro JR Servos
Dubro quick links for rudder & elevator
Standard but thinner wire with Z-Bend for Ailerons
Testors Paints and some acrylics
Custom Main wheels and tail wheel
Strenghten the FUSE with 2/16 Balsa planking.
Strenghten the Ailerons with Carbon Fiber reel product.

Total Flight weight : 15 1/8oz.
Oct 18, 2003, 07:37 PM
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The plan for tonight is to remove the ASTRO FLIGHT 010, 14 turn and replace it with the RAZOR RZ-400 with the GWS 5.33:1 gearing and the APC "Slow Flyer" 9 X 7.5 Propeller and the ETec 1200mAH 3S1P Li-POLys.

Here's another pic without the tail hold posts.

Oct 18, 2003, 08:38 PM
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14.1 oz ,

stock 350 motor, stock gb
3s pack of kokam 1500's

Oct 18, 2003, 10:00 PM
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Mine is 17oz with a Hacker B20-15L 4-1gb, and a TP 2100 3s li-poly pack
Oct 18, 2003, 10:01 PM
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Having dropped out of a hover this morning by chopping the throttle instead of gunning it, I am now waiting for the glue to and epoxy to dry.

So I thought I would do a statistical round up of the results so far.

So far the in the weight stakes the table is

Name Weight Flying Weight Dry

tone 13.5 10.5
JVBAV8 13.8
spithungry 14.1
Michael Heer 14.3
guapoman2000 15.13
topforce 17
gtstubbs 17 13
Foam Crazy 17.5 11

Average weight 15.3

Median Weight 14.7

Std Deviation 1.6

Lower limit 1 Std Dev 13.7
Upper limit 1 Std Dev 16.9

Tone falls out side one STD deviation and while it has been a while since I did any statistics I think that means his plane is lighter than 75% ( or something) of the population.

I on the other hand who was trying to build the lightest I could didnt get close in fact I am heavier than 75% ( or something) of the population.

Tone and JVBAV8 your building is exceptionally light, Michael Heer & spithungry light and I would certainly benefit from a bit more of a rundown on any other tips you all have to lighten up my fat lady (or at least the next one I build).

Where do you think you save, eliminate the most weight?
Oct 18, 2003, 11:47 PM
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Please give us a report on your new power setup. I want to use the same and I hope that if the weight can be kept down it might work. I wish the plane could get down to around 11 or 12 oz AUW.

Joe !~)
Oct 18, 2003, 11:55 PM
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the razor alone is quite a bit lighter than stock,
but the CC 25 is a LOT heavier than say an ICS 300,
so that comparison is only a bit lopsided.
maybe .5 oz lighter, maybe .7?
stock landing gear? amazingly light, but it is LANDING GEAR, i don't ROG much.
GO VERY EASY ON GLUE, heh especially epoxy,
i have pico bb servos and a R4P (glitchy, but light)
very lightly painted. very stock otherwise,
i didnt even take out much foam at all for the 3s 1200s.
i think a lot of guys use a bit too much glue putting the fuselage together.
Oh and i didn't use stickers or any kind of carbon fiber or tape spar or fuselage reinforcement.
still a mystery to me, but it is ver' light mon.
just got a whattmeter from a friend, going to get some REAL numbers tonight. i think that 9x7 is pulling too much for my 1200's

Mine doesn't seem to fly quite as on rails as some of the other guys in my group, i get blown around a little when flying slow. Downeym has a mega direct drive with carbon and retracts and coated (beautiful, and very fast) at something like 25oz with 10cell Kans.. his is the exception,
we have a stock one that is around 14 dry, with 4servos
FoamCrazy's is just about like mine that is just .5oz heavier.
another with a himax and it is also fast and some good bit heavier
i think being able to prop for 3s1p is important. i could really dig the power i'd have 3s2p but, not just yet, still enjoying it before it starts to put on the inevitable grams.....

Bottom line
i save 9 grams (.3oz) using 6gram pico's over say 9gram servos.
the r4p is very light, so i think there is all the the difference between mine and FoamCrazy's. But his is much faster and stronger than mine when propped for the 8cell Kans, it is impressively 3D.

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Oct 19, 2003, 12:28 AM
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i think one of the main variables in the build is the foam itself.
i can see these kits varying in weight by an ounce or two just from the differences in molding pressure and quality of the foam.

things that i use to try and stay light :

white glues, weldbond evaporates most of the weight away.
foam safe CA glues whenever and wherever possible.

using sharpies instead of paint ( had a bad experience with a spitfire by using a heavey paint )


hs55 servos

fiberglass strapping tape ( light n strong )

Oct 19, 2003, 12:34 AM
Nimble with Gimbals
Yes, the Formosa is an entirely different animal on a 3s Thunder Power pack.

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