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Feb 29, 2012, 04:19 PM
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Mounting FPV cameras on servos

Can someone give me some ideas on how to secure your fpv camera to a servo for simple panning?

I have a HXT900 9g servo (with the stock servos arms it comes with) and an RCV922 camera to mount on it. I'm not feeling inventive today...
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Feb 29, 2012, 04:40 PM
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I have seen several mounts that mount the camera directly to the gear on the servo. As much as the camera's cost, I don't know if I trust the little gear to hold on to my Gopro camera. I like the mounts that are more secure and the servo operates with control rods.
Feb 29, 2012, 04:58 PM
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I like to cut a small piece of hard wood (ply or something of the like) and take a servo arm with 4 arms. I cut a hole in the center of the hard wood for the bottom center of the servo arm to go down into. I drill out the outer most holes of the servo arm so that these larger holes (but not so large as to weaken the tips of the arm significantly) go all the way through the arm and the wood. I then use a small pan head screw, a hex nut and thread lock to secure the servo arm to the hard wood. I use a dremel tool to cut the excess screw shaft flush with the hex bolt. This is important because you dont want excess material binding up with the body of your servo when it pans around. It may still and you may have to file down some plastic on your servo - depends on the servo, how long your servo arms are and how fat your hex nut is.

Now you have a wooden servo wheel that you can epoxy a frame to that will hold your camera. I guess you could get away with CA too. I did that for a home made pan/tilt that did hold on to my gopro but it was a bit flimsy with that much weight. It should be fine for your smaller camera unless you are planning on going really fast. I have taken my wooden mounts up to around 50-60 mph without problems.

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