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Feb 29, 2012, 02:32 PM
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fun fly ideas

im looking for ideas for a fun fly
i have no idea where to get info on things to do at a fun fly
like the bomb drop ( how do you put a bomb drop on an AC at the field)

musical planes ( like musical chars ) music stops last to land is out

the limbo

i would like a listing of different ideas and rules
i know they are out there but i don't know where to look
Sep 21, 2012, 11:00 AM
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Outhe engine and remove the prop,r club in the past had several different events. All were innovative and fun to do. One was the Las Vegas crapout. You go to the judges table with the prop, prop washer and retaining nut. You roll the dice to get your point. When the judge says go, he starts the timing. You run to the plane, install the prop and start the engine. Make one complete trip around the pattern and land. You must shut down
Run back to the judges table and roll the dice until you get your point that you rolled earlier. I have others we used. If interested, contact me at

as Vegas crapout
Sep 21, 2012, 05:36 PM
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Just a couple of ideas;

Drinks Can Bowling

Set up a row of drinks cans in a line (or plastic bottles etc) along the ground. Put an elastic band between the wheels of the model, try to knock as many as possible over in one pass.

All up, last down.

Timed climb (say 10 seconds), last one down wins

Parachute drop

Simple "band on" mechanism for dropping an "action man" with a chute, aim is to get him to land as close as possible to a mark on the ground. Score like archery, make a target on an old bed sheet.

slow pylon racing

Man on Man, mark out a "course" with broomsticks or similar. 5 laps (or however many), aim is to finish last, without cutting or turning round, must fly the course as it is laid out, so no looping or diverting.

Carrier Deck

Set out a trestle table, aim is to take off and land on the table (ie touch and go) as many times as possible in one minute (or any other fixed time). Penalties for missing a landing, hitting the table etc etc

Flat Spin Competition

Climb for a pre-determined time, then do as many flat spins as possible. Only flat spins score.

There are probably hundreds, just do whatever seems like fun, thats the name of the game after all

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