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Feb 26, 2012, 09:03 PM
Josh Glaab
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ESL Soaring Season

Good evening all,

I just wanted to start a thread here regarding the Eastern Soaring League (ESL) competition season. We are just about 2 months away from the ESL's 2012 Unlimited Division season opener, 5/4 and 5/5 in Waynesboro, VA. That contest is being hosted by the Hampton Roads Silent Flyers (HRSF) and the Blue Ridge Area Soaring Society (BRASS). The location for the event is in the scenic Blue Ridge mountains. The DHLG division will kick things off with the MARKS club in Salsbury, MD, 2 weeks later. To see the entire ESL competition calendar, hit the link provided below. Overall, we have 17 weekends of top-notch Unlimited and DHLG competition scheduled. If you live in/near the ESL region (i.e.; Mass to North Carolina), I encourage you to come out and enjoy the camaraderie and competition enabled by the league. I believe the ESL is unique. The ESL has been evolving over 33 seasons and effectively blends the best in R/C soaring competition with a supportive and welcoming environment.

Josh Glaab
ESL President

ESL competition calendar:
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Feb 28, 2012, 08:04 PM
Daryl Perkins's Avatar

Nom nom nom
Feb 28, 2012, 09:27 PM
Team JR Air
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Now that's funny right there...

Mar 13, 2012, 09:01 PM
Josh Glaab
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Write-up from last years HRSF/BRASS ESL Season Opener.

The HRSF/BRASS clubs opened the ESL's 2011 Unlimited competition season on May 14th and 15th in scenic Ladd, VA. Josh Glaab was the CD and Tom Broeski was the Co-CD. Both clubs combined to host a great event to bring in the 2011 ESL soaring season. Several new ideas regarding R/C Soaring competition were evaluated during the competition, such as flying Sportsflyers with the Experts in a hybrid random Man-On-Man early with Seeded Man-On-Man later, the Constant Delta normalized landing task, and the newly-machined narrow-diameter winch drums. Overall, 13 rounds were flown with 20 competitors each day. Several more competitors were expected, but the very poor forecast kept them away. An outstanding raffle was held too with donations from several club members as well as Horizon Hobbies, Tower Hobbies, Micro Fasteners, and AirTronics.

In keeping with tradition, the HRSF/BRASS ESL contest was success due to outstanding efforts by all who were there. Steve Lucke transported most of the contest gear to the site and worked tirelessly to set up the winches and power system. Luis and Joanne Bustamante brought down the most outstanding ESL PA system as well as setup and ran the scoring tent along with Teresa Zyga. One thing that is really needed at small competitions are timers. Having volunteer timers enabled us to keep flying. Eric Grovesum and Gary King, new HRSF members, worked the entire weekend timing and driving the golf cart which really helped out. Angela Johns also volunteered to time flights which helped keep the contest moving. Tom Broeski and the BRASS group had the site in excellent condition. Chuck Pinell setup his large tent we used for scoring and storing the gear out of the rain when needed.

Frankie Coyner field in Ladd VA was the site for the competition. This field is a very nice location for an R/C Soaring event with the Appalachian mountains providing a picturesque panorama. The field is meticulously maintained by Franky along with help from the BRASS club members. This year the BRASS club was able to claim some more area from the farm part of the property and can now setup a contest to launch in about any direction.
For the last several seasons, the ESL has been evolving the method by which it's competitions are held. In 2009 the league adopted Man-On-Man soaring format over the Open-Winch method used for many years. In 2010 seeded Man-On-Man (S-MOM) became the most popular format with just about all contests being run in that manner. The changes for this year are perhaps more subtle than S-MOM and are intended to continue to build the excitement and fairness of the event.

One change implemented at the HRSF/BRASS contest was the Constant Delta (C-Delta) landing task. Basically, C-Delta landing task is best described as a normalized landing with the pilots' landing score based on the measured landing and his actual flight time. The landing score is adjusted based on flight time to ensure that the differences between pilots' round scores are equal to the differences in their landing scores, assuming everyone has the same flight time. In addition, this difference is adjustable by the CD and we usually set it to 100 points. The constant-delta is preserved, no matter how long or short the flights were. This eliminates situations in nominal normalized landing events where landings could contribute 200 to 300 or more round points. In my opinion, this removes the only knock non-normalized landers have against normalized landings. In this method, pilots can potentially out soar their competition and maximize their round score (i.e. 1000 points) without scoring any landing points at all as a result of the normalized landing. Another benefit of normalized landings is that significant changes in landing conditions, such as wind-shifts, wind-gust, ground thermals, good-lift, can be accommodated in a similar way that flight times are by normalized flight times. For those wanting more details, a pilot's landing score is calculated by taking his flight time and multiplying it by 0.1111 points/sec, then multiply again by the ratio of the measured landing to the maximum measured landing. For example, for a perfect 10-minute flight with a measured 80, the landing score is 53.3 (600*0.1111*(80/100)).

More to come.....
Mar 14, 2012, 07:50 AM
Daryl Perkins's Avatar
What's all that green stuff? Do I actually get to fly and land on green stuff this year in preparation for the worlds????

You guys are awfully quiet out here.... no smack talkin' or nothin'...

Josh - are there multiple classes? I've got an Ava Pro that I get to fly like once a year... it would be fun to get it out too.

Mar 14, 2012, 11:21 AM
Josh Glaab
l.j.glaab's Avatar

ESL Saiplane Classes

Hey Daryl,

We have 3 saiplane classes within the ESL: Unlimited, 2-M, and HLG. CASA does have a RES class at thier September contest. I figure you would want to just put your Ava in unlimited sometime. Mike Lachowski does that every now and then, just to mess with us. Although when it comes down to the wire, we don't see Mike's Ava/Bubble Dancer at all. There are also several others who prefer Ava-s and fly them in Unlimited.

The HLG class is a separate competition class from Unlimited. Years ago it used to be combined. We also haven't had a 2-M contest in probably 15 years or so. I think it would be fun to resurrect 2-M, but I would probably be tarred and feathered.

This should be a good season and I hope we can help get you tuned-up for the Bid Dance.

Thanks, Josh.
Mar 27, 2012, 01:32 PM
Josh Glaab
l.j.glaab's Avatar

Link to register for HRSF/BRASS ESL contest 5/5 and 5/6

Here is a link to get to the ESL website and register for the HRSF/BRASS ESL Unlimited season opener.

We are about 1 month away and have some good registration already.

Thanks, Josh.
Apr 11, 2012, 03:41 PM

LSF Level V contest

Yes, with 3 weeks to go before the contest, the HRSF/BRASS ESL Season Opener is already an LSF Level V contest. 22 pilots are already registered and that number is sure to grow.

You level IVs, looking for your level V wins have a chance to get the year started with a bang! Don't miss it! Not that you are going to have an easy time of it. We will test your mettle if you want the win!

I hear there is a new kid in town too. Some dude by the name of Daryl Perkins has signed up for his first ESL contest. I hear he might be pretty good! We will see.

So come on you guys! Let's get signed up. We promise you a top notch level V contest with some seriously tough competition and the warm, friendly atmosphere ESL is known for. On top of that, we will have the reigning F3J World Champ looking for a good challenge. Let's get him ready for South Africa!

Apr 14, 2012, 07:03 PM
Daryl Perkins's Avatar
Thanks Luis,

I've had a few chances to begin preparation for the season with Neal Huffman at a gorgeous grass site in Warrenton. Can't wait to meet and fly with all of you.

We'll see ya soon. Go easy on me...

May 01, 2012, 10:57 AM

4 days to go!

Yes, Just 4 days to go before the ESL opener in beautiful Waynesboro, Virginia!

The weather is shaping up to be a spectacular taste of summer with warm temps, lots of sun an light winds. This is turning into a must go event: Fantastic field, awesome weather and 27 registered pilots including at least 3 and possibly a fourth World Championship Team members.

Yes, the reigning F3J World Champion, Daryl Perkins, is coming to test the mettle of any and all who care to join us at a fun, friendly but fiercely competitive event. I hear he has been practicing a lot and is looking for some tough competition as he prepares to defend his title in South Africa.

Did I mention we will be running a couple of rounds of random Man-on-Man followed by as many rounds of seeded Man-on-Man as we can get in? Come prepared to fly, and fly a lot. Lots of 10 minute rounds and 100 point graduated landings await you. Flight groups will consist of 4 pilots launched as quickly as safely possible to put you all in the same air. The pilot to your left will be the guy ahead of you in the standings and the guy to your right will be the one right behind you. Watch out for this guy! He's the one looking to bury your butt! It really doesn't get much better than this.

There are still 4 days to register. Don't miss out! I'll even let you register right at the field, as long as you show up before 8:30 AM because come 8:45 AM, the 2012 ESL Season is off and running

May 02, 2012, 06:29 AM
Josh Glaab
l.j.glaab's Avatar
I have been watching the weather forecast too. It looks very nice. We are due for sure. Outstanding list of pilots signed-up so far too. This is shaping up to be an excellent competition. LETS GO ESL!!!!!!!!!!
May 04, 2012, 08:23 PM
Daryl Perkins's Avatar
Well, the car's all packed up, and I'll be heading out at 5:00 am to the middle of nowhere from the middle of I don't know where.... but I'm looking forward to it.

I'll see you guys in the morning.

May 07, 2012, 11:38 AM
Josh Glaab
l.j.glaab's Avatar
HRSF/BRASS ESL Season Opener last weekend, aka the ESL meets Daryl!

This is just a short teaser for the full contest report that will be completed in the next week or two. The weather turned out to be sort of poor with a multi-hour rain delay on Saturday, and low-clouds for part of the day on Sunday with some interesting IFR-type flying. For the last half of Sunday the sun came out and lift conditions became perfect for Man-on-Man soaring competition. We got four rounds on Saturday and lift was light, but workable. I managed to put up 4 perfect 10-minute rounds and averaged a 90 in the 1 pt/inch landing circle. That was good enough for 2nd. Darylís 100-pter at the end closed the day. Sunday was interesting. The 6th round had some shake-up in the top seeded group as two pilots dropped time. That allowed Leszek (4m Explorer) and I (Spread Tow Supra) back in the top group, which also included Daryl (ICON-2), Neal (Supra Carbon Light?). Wooo hooo!! Back in the Big Dance for the final round! We all got good launches but it became obvious that the lift was transitioning and definitely degraded from previous flight groups. The ground feeders were fluctuating and the air seemed somewhat schitzo. Perfect conditions for Man on Man! The group scattered to different ends of the field. I had a good seat for the final battle (since I fell-out at 5 minutes into the 10, DOUGH!!!). Daryl was off to the S.E. and flirting with some trees and a plane-inviting pond at perilously low-altitudes. Neal was way to the North, Lesek to the East. All pilots must have worked a dozen different hits of lift in a desperate battle against gravity. At 8:30 into the flight, all pilots were staggering into the landing zone at less than 15 ft and stretching for all they were worth. Daryl and Leszek came up short of the landing, but Neal was able to approach from sort of upwind and, while running back to the spot and jumping over winches, do an emergency 180 get a 71 point landing. Neal had a 8:47, Daryl an 8:45 and Leszek and 8:41. Wow!!! Chuck Pinell took both days of Sportsflyer and Daryl won overall for the weekend.
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May 07, 2012, 05:09 PM
Daryl Perkins's Avatar
Josh, ESL, and BRASS,

Thank you so much for making me feel so welcome.... everyone waited to give me crap until Sunday morning.

I had a blast. You've got some talented sticks out here. Josh, I'd like to say I feel real bad for taking the top prize on Sat...but yeah I don't... even though you posted better scores than I did... (well, except when you flew against ME) .. ahhh... the whoas of seeded MOM....

It was also a successful outing for the US F3J team. We were able to raise 320 dollars in raffle tix sales.

Thank you to everyone - we'll see ya in a couple of weeks in Warrenton.

May 08, 2012, 08:58 AM
Josh Glaab
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Hey D,

I twas a great weekend, even though Mom-Nature was not cooperative.

I was not going to say anything about the raw scores from Sat, just lay quietly in the bed I helped to create. Obviously the weather/landing conditions were much harder during your first two rounds ;-).

Thanks again, Josh.
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