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Feb 24, 2012, 10:32 AM
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Just took my old car out of storage, broke it, worth fixing or just buy new?

Howdy folks!

I've been getting into the rc heli hobby recently, and while visiting my parents i found my old tamiya dirt thrasher 4wd buggy(1/10th scale i think) so i scrounged up some batteries and a charger, after running a few charge cycles to revive the batteries i took the car for a drive, worked great the first few runs, then after a couple of runs it started to squeel in reverse and have no power( worked great in forward still) having a vague memory of brushed motors not functioning as well in reverse i figured oh well. anyway, 2 runs later the car lost power, i walk up to it to check it out, and the motor was lying on the ground! the plastic nubs that held the threading to screw it on had sheared off.

So my question is....should i upgrade it to brushless? i imagine finding a motor to fit it would be tricky, but im fine with modifying it to fit. I doubt i can find a replacement original motor anywhere. Or should i save my money and just buy a 2wd 1/10th scale? (would love to get a nitro, but a budget is a budget)
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Feb 24, 2012, 12:33 PM
why am i here???????
never upgrade old stuff like that to brushless. you will jjust blow the gear box to pieces. your best bet is to buy a rc that can handle a brushless system. slash stampede? or any other modern rc
Feb 24, 2012, 12:51 PM
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you might be able to sell it one ebay
Feb 25, 2012, 10:31 PM
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Definately fix it up. Found this blurb on another post:
the Dirt Thrasher is a DF01.

No, DF02 parts (except for the hopup assembly universal shafts) are not compatible.

TA01 steering knuckles are the same as DF01. TA01 or TA02 C-Hubs will fit.

Must have upgrades to run brushless are:

Full bearing set (TA01 set). TA02 Plastic gearset (Tamiya #50529) - gets rid of the aluminium idler and mainshaft gears which wear quickly. Steel 0.6 module pinion (Robinson Racing RRP1119 or RW Racing ARW0600-19) - gets rid of the aluminium AV pinion which also wears quickly. Alloy motor mount 16T-21T. - The plastic one flexes and puts the gear mesh out which wears the gears. They also break easily with powerful motors.

Recommended you also replace the bent piece of coathanger that is the main propshaft with either the Tamiya hopup or an alloy propshaft.
Feb 29, 2012, 12:13 AM
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Well i went and bought 2 more tamiya dirt thrashers from a friend, one has all the aftermarket upgrades from its time, and the other is a stock one for parts, I thought it would be cool to upgrade one to brushless, have a stock one, and have one that was race worthy for its time.(the dirt thrasher is what got me into rc stuff in the first place, so call it sentimental value)

I do appreciate the list of upgrade parts! any idea what all that might cost, or even where i could order it? the tamiya website had a brushless kit for that model, but its on backorder.
hell, maybe i'll even go as far as to strip one to its frame and try a custom setup with all top notch gear, half the fun of this hobby for me is tinkering

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