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Feb 23, 2012, 10:28 PM
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February 21 meeting minutes plus

Lots of links and other stuff in the minutes. I will post, then fix as needed. Please be patient.

IMSF Meeting Minutes by Scott Hinckley
Tuesday, February 21, 2012
Salt Lake Count Complex, 2100 S State, room N3005
Meeting started at 7:05
In Attendance: 13

Welcome, introductions by everyone present

Treasurer’s report by Everett Smiley
Accepted several membership payments (all memberships due by March meeting; make out checks to Everett Smiley)
Current club member list and AMA member list was sent around for updating
As a reminder, proof of AMA membership is required for flying at all club-sponsored contests

Calendars and CD signup list were sent around for both a reminder and for changes. These will be reviewed at every meeting. Ted asked if changes could be made, as some of the slope events may be eliminated in hopes of getting more flyers at fewer races. Changes can be made at any time during the year, but please at least a month/meeting before the event is scheduled.
These two files will be in a later post

New and old business:
Ted Fraughton is checking with the manager of airport #2 concerning our thermal site in Kearns and what needs to be done to keep it legal to fly there, given the proposed FAI guidelines now in the works. The proposed model flying park on the west side may also need to be approved, as it is within the governed distance also.
Equipment manager: there is not a formal equipment manager for the club trailer and equipment; Ted, Allan, and/or Mike will make sure the trailer and/or equipment is at in event if it is needed. Scott volunteered to transport the stand-alone winch and batteries if needed (no hitch).
Lee Chaplin and Ted showed the first copies of an IMSF brochure they are working for distribution to the hobby shops; there were enough copies so that they could be reviewed and have changes suggested by any of those in attendance; all changes/suggestions should be to them by the next meeting

Altitude Limited Electric Soaring (ALES) presentations:
Yahoo files are found at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RCALES/
As much as possible, all presentations were done with an iPad/projector/screen so everyone could be “on the same page”. It worked well!

Review of rules, as used at the AMA Nats, by Scott Hinckley
Good questions, discussion, clarification <AMA Rules 2011.pdf> will be in a later post

Setup and using the CAM altitude/time limiting device chosen by the club, by Erik Vogel
The CAM comes ready-to-use for our contests: 200m altitude, 30 second max time
The main point was that the throttle control needs to be OFF when arming the unit

ALES MOM scoring spreadsheet, by Scott Hinckley
Any computer/iPad/tablet that can run Excel files should work
Score cards with pre-printed random groups can be run at home so a printer is not required on-site
ALES Scoring Spreadsheet I am using is at www.tailwindgliders.com
Click on Articles/Files, then scroll most of the way down

Modifications to the ParkZone Radian, based on Paul Naton article, by Dave Mumford
Incidence/decalage, CG, strengthening tail, better control parts
Other good comments were made by members
Talk directly to Doug at MRS as an IMSF member to get good Radian pricing

ALES model/power setup and ALES on RC Groups
ALES power estimation spreadsheet was shown; <APE.xls> will be put in a later post
RCGroups>Aircraft – Sailplanes>Altitude Limited Electric Soaring (ALES) – New site, includes all the threads from the old site

The first ALES contest will be March 17 at Kearns, CD Scott Hinckley
This is before the next meeting; specifics (time, etc.) will be sent out later
We will start slow, get used to the format, and see how it goes
AMA proof of membership (card) and $3 entry fee (per bylaws)

Show-n-Tell (there being no objections from those present, a gift card drawing will no longer be held for those bringing items for the Show-n-Tell)
Tom Hoopes: Graphite d-tube140 inch electric sailplane, old model, found in a corner of his basement and usable for ALES, will be powered by a Hacker motor with gear reduction, 19” prop
Dave Mumford: Servo Cycler & Driver from http://www.york-electronics.com/
Stand-alone setup help for servos without using the transmitter/receiver/battery

The March meeting will be held at Alta High School and will feature laser cutting. More information as the time gets closer.
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Feb 23, 2012, 10:43 PM
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Files mentioned in the February minutes

A little word about the Calendar. Yes, there are a lot of events listed. Do you have to attend all? No.
Different people like different things; we have tried to have one event a month for each of those groups.
Before putting the calendar together, I consulted with the DLG and pylon flyers and tried not to schedule over them if possible.
The DLG flyers at the January meeting preferred to fly with the informal handlaunch group rather than have club DLG contests, so none are listed on this calendar.
The slope/racing flyers were then consulted and their events added to the calendar.
Other events--thermal duration, ALES, aerotow, etc. were then added.
Changes can be made, but PLEASE let me know at least a month before so the word can get out.

Scott Hinckley
IMSF Vice President (contests)

2012 IMSF Calendar (the pretty, color-coded one is attached)

January 17, Meeting
February 21, Meeting
March 17, ALES contest/funfly
March 20, Meeting
April 7, TD contest/funfly
April 17, Meeting
April 28, F3F Slope Racing
May 5, ALES contest/funfly
May 15, Meeting
May 16, Evening FunFly
May 19, Aerotow or TD winch
May 26, F3F Slope Racing
June 2, ALES contest/funfly
June 16, AMA TD winch
June 19, Meeting/flying
June 23, F3F Slope Racing
July 7, MOM Slope Racing
July 14, Aerotow
July 17, Meeting/flying
July 28, TD @ Pony Express
August 4, F3F Slope Racing
August 18, ALES contest/funfly
August 21, Meeting/flying
Aug 30–Sept 3, Soar Utah
September 18, Meeting
September 19, Evening FunFly
September 22, F3F TK Cup
September 29, TD ProAm
October 6, MOM Race & Fun Fly
October 13, Aerotow
October 16, Meeting/nominations
October 27, ALES contest/fun fly
November 10 or 17, Turkey Shoot, Electric & Glider
November 20, Meeting/elections
December 11 or 18,
IMSF Awards & Dinner

Have Glider Will Travel TBA
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Feb 23, 2012, 10:52 PM
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More files

PDF's of the contest CD signup sheet and AMA ALES rules are attached
Feb 23, 2012, 11:04 PM
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ALES Power Estimater

I don't know how to get an Excel file attached. If it can be done, let me know.

To get to the APE.xls file, go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RCALES/
Go to Files, ALeS Design Aids, and it is in the ALeS Power System Design folder

Feb 29, 2012, 10:28 PM
Soar Tow 2
mwgib123's Avatar


there are two radians for sale at KSL under toys air. one is a pro.

Feb 29, 2012, 10:34 PM
Soar Tow 2
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ALES stuff

Scott, I have just repaired a touch screen display that we use on our lasers, it uses windows and I loaded the new ALES scoreing system that the tailwinds club uses. We can use this right at the contest for scoaring, If I can find an amp we could use the auto count down also. I dont know if I will be able to come to the first contest, I will have to see how I feel after getting my knee replaced, I am getting the 45000 mile one.

Mar 10, 2012, 12:35 PM
Soar Tow 2
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some of us are going to Galina park today to do some trim flights, if any wants to do the same. Galena park is at 550 west and 12600 south.


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