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Jun 02, 2017, 07:42 PM
Electric RC Addict
I just want to ask how good is this boat???

I'm highly thinking about picking one of these up as my very first sailboat.
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Jun 03, 2017, 12:19 PM
Where's the lift?
dgliderguy's Avatar
I love mine! Some might say it is a bit on the small side, but I think it is just right for small ponds. It is attractive and well made and fun to sail. Inexpensive, but not a cheap toy.
Jun 03, 2017, 06:04 PM
I would say that the Westward is not a bad choice for someone just stating out in RC sailing, Someone that is not really sure if they will like sailing, its small and doesn't cost a lot. So if it turns out that you don't like sailing you are not stuck trying to sell a boat that you paid several hundred dollars for. Depending on where you live its not always easy to sell a used boat. The Westward is not quit a toy but its not a high level that cost a lot either.
Several years ago following a hip replacement made it hard for me to go to the sailing pond for awhile I brought one to sail in the condos pool. It was a nice little b oat but the wind at the pool over powered it. I ended up sending it to my stepson in Tampa to sail in a pond across the street from him and he loves it. If fact his father-in-law from Brazil sailed it and said that he would have to buy one when he returned home. After all if it turns out that you like RC sailing you can always up grade to a bigger boat.
Since we sail in a popular ocean side park in Honolulu we get a lot of interested people stopping by asking questions and are really excited about sailing but never see them again. That is why I say start small and work your way up if you like sailing.
Jun 05, 2017, 09:07 AM
Registered User
Vulcaneer's Avatar
The Westward is OK. But just OK. Build quality is good. And it sails OK...for what it is. Hircsailor makes some good points.

But in my estimation The Westward has some shortcomings. Is more a toy than a serious model yacht. The standing rigging is questionable. The standard non-adjustable boom vang is poor. No sail twist adjustment. And the out of the box sail rigging is very limited in what you can do to tune the sails. No outhauls, and sail camber adjustments. Although an experienced sailor can add these things to better tune the sails.

But here is a boat that is a much better choice. Especially for the beginner. little bigger. A better sailer. Easily transportable. Easily tunable right out of the box. Great quailty. Will take a beginner to racer and you will not outgrow it. With 2 (A&B )sets of mylar sails. And on sale now for only $91. Need to add a transmitter and receiver. But HK has a good 2.4 system for under $30.
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Jun 05, 2017, 11:26 AM
Registered User
Really only suitable for a swimming pool. Tiny, very basic, not the best sailing boat out of the box, closer to a toy. spend a little more and get something better.
Jun 05, 2017, 04:36 PM
There is a post on here about the Hobby King Affinity RG65 for under $100 plus shipping. I have read that it is almost a twin of the DF65 so the cost is much better and a better boat than a Westwind. As pointed out in other post the Westwind is just a little better than a pool boat, but some seem happy with it for their pool.
Aug 27, 2017, 06:58 PM
Registered User
Brian VT's Avatar
I bought the little Westward on my way to visit friends living on a lake. My 1st boat.
It was an impulse buy and I didn't do any prior research on it. I had been reading about the 65s but their keels are too deep for most of the places I can sail at.
I wasn't expecting much for $130, and I have nothing to compare it to, but I had a blast with it all weekend.
I wish they would have included the 2 wrenches needed to attach the rudder and keel. I made do with some needle-nosed pliers.
I'm happier with it than I expected to be. Now to go read all 11 pages of this thread and see what might make it even better.
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Aug 28, 2017, 11:33 AM
Where's the lift?
dgliderguy's Avatar
Originally Posted by Hircsailor
As pointed out in other post the Westwind is just a little better than a pool boat, but some seem happy with it for their pool.
Not sure I can abide this mischaracterization of the little Westward 18 as nothing more than a cheap bathtub rubber ducky toy. I've been sailing mine for over a year now, and have thoroughly enjoyed it, as a full-function R/C sailboat. Admittedly, it is limited to winds under ten knots, as it heels over pretty hard in a stiff breeze and can get stuck down, trailing the boom in the water. But in light summer breezes on the local pond it performs admirably, in every regard.

I sail my Westward alongside my buddy's Victoria, and we often switch boats just for the change-up. Not sure which boat is more fun.... (but I can tell you which one fits in the back seat better!)
Aug 28, 2017, 06:30 PM
Registered User
Brian VT's Avatar
Well I read all 11 pages here.
I was hoping to find some performance tips. Not mods. Just info. on setting it up to be the best it can be.
I guess my 1st question is how the jib sheet length should relate to the main sail sheet length. far from center should the main boom travel and how far should the jib boom travel?
It seemed to sail fine as set up by the factory but I'd like to know if it's "perfect".
A link to general setup and RC sailing speed technique would be appreciated too.
I windsurf, but I can feel what makes it go a little faster. I can't feel what makes my RC sailboat go a little bit faster.
Sep 08, 2017, 10:37 PM
Registered User

Westward Newbe

I'm new around here and new to RC sailing. I'm not a stranger to RC aircraft or sailing. I used to race 505s back in the 70s on SanFrancisco Bay. I just bought a Westward and have a couple questions. First, in the binding instructions of the owners manual Says to power off the transmitter and boat switch. There are two switches on the receiver switch A and SW switch A is the binding switch and I assume that SW is for shutting off the power to the receiver. Is SW a push on push off switch and is it all that's necessary before shutting off the transmitter.
Second, how much time do you usually get on a fresh set of batteries in the receiver. Third, what is the approx. range of the Tx and receiver. Thanks for taking the time to read this. And double thanks if you respond.
Jan 09, 2018, 08:39 AM
Registered User

New user for Westward 18- setup questions

I just got one for christmas. Never sailed an RC boat before this. Can someone post an image of the battery pack plugged correctly into the EXC13003? The instruction manual has illustrations that do NOT match the hardware. My rudder does not respond at all, but seeing the above posts I wonder if it is due to miscommunication between radio and EXC13003? (what do you call that thing anyhow? The harness??) So there are 5 possible ports on this, labelled CH4, CH3, CH2, CH1, and B/C... but only 2 inputs and the battery pack. How do I know if I have it set up correctly?

Jan 09, 2018, 11:35 AM
a.k.a. Bob Parks
First, if you are not familiar with rc radios, there are usually 3 colors of wire on the connections --- black, Red, and also white. Sometimes it is brown, yellow (ish) and white.

Black is - from the battery
Red is + from the battery
white is the signal wire
This is the orientation in the wire connector.

Look on the edge of the receiver for symbols showing the orientation of the plug as it connects to the rx. The plug must be correctly inserted.

Do you have the transmitter and the receiver "bound" together? 2.4 radios must be linked electronically, called bind or bound. If your instructions do not explain this, look on the web. (found this:

Usually a binding plug is inserted into the bind slot on the rc & the rx turned on, making a small light flash quickly.. Then turn on the TX in bind mode, and the rx light will blink slowly. Turn off the tx, & unplug the battery from the rx and remove the bind plug.

Plug one servo in and wiggle the controls. Find which control moves that servo. Then try the other slots.
Usually on a sailboat the left tx stick, going up and down is the sail control, up being all the way out, down is the sails pulled in. The right stick, going sideways is the rudder control.

The rudder and elevator connectors are next to one side.
Jan 10, 2018, 10:29 PM
Registered User
Thank you Bob Parks. I will check it out as soon as I get home today!
Jan 11, 2018, 08:37 AM
Registered User
Yes I got the servo winch and the rudder to respond after changing channels! Now to try it in real water. Hope it doesnt sink.

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