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Mar 06, 2012, 11:36 AM
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2s vs 3s WOW

Regarding running a 3s battery vs the 2s WOW.
I made a jumper between the battery and the ESC to cut in a DMM to measure Amps.
2s = 5.2a, thrust = 210g, motor trim full up for max thrust
3s = 10.2a, thrust = 410g, motor trim full down to not over amp motor
Non stock Prop is not balanced, there is some vibration. This is a priority to make improvements...
What a Hoot!
Can't wait for some flying weather! Right now in Michigan winds at 18 - 30mph. I'll hold out for calmer air. I work afternoons so flying at the end of the day (calmer) doesnt work for me, but early in the day does, so maybe Friday.

Now to obtain small 3s batteries! Hmmmm - who locally can I make a swap with?!!
I have a couple of friends who may work with me on this.
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Mar 06, 2012, 03:36 PM
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Hey John, your numbers are almost identical to what I got. 11.1v is almost double the power out of the motor. now i guess we'll see if the motor holds up. This size and kv motor should be fine on 11.1v though. I had the same reaction as you when i plopped in a 11.1v battery for the first time, the plane really came alive. This little plane likes the speed. I am using 11.1v 500mah 25c batteries and after 6 minutes of pretty speedy flying each cell is at about 3.9v so with some throttle management you could easily extend your flying times.
Mar 06, 2012, 06:27 PM
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3S throttle management

I am getting such a kick out of the metering capabilities using a DMM and digital scales, and the cost of all of this is not a big penalty. It is really good to have data - like, am I killing the ESC by bumping up the battery count? How much real benefit do I gain. Now I know with the scale that this crosses the thrust threshhold where I have more thrust than weight and vertical flight will happen!

Yes I agree - about extended flight times. My flight beginnings are back in the early 70's flying rc gliders, my favorite was the Graupner HS91 Clou (still have it - no conversions yet) This was all 2 channel stuff, the plane has a significant dihedral and is fairly easy to fly but slow. So with my background of gliding, I really like to get some altitude and coast for a while, which will be a form of what you are talking about in your post.

The other day the wind was 12 to 25mph, I was at 250' to 400' and I shut of the motor and let the plane glide. In spite of the over cast there was some kind of lift up there because for a couple of minutes I didn't loose very much height - it was great.

With the available power of the 3s it will be a game changer to have access to vertical powered flight. This will be a new experience for me, as will the speed. Will the wing hold up to the G's coming out of a dive?
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Mar 07, 2012, 09:16 AM
This is awesome information guys.
My Turnigy 500s are coming from HK USA.
Can't wait to give it a shot.
The winds have been horrible here for almost 2 months now though.
There's been 2 chances to fly when I was off work.

I wonder how some wing flattening would pay off???
Mar 07, 2012, 11:01 AM
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Originally Posted by IFlyRCs

I wonder how some wing flattening would pay off???
IFlyRCs what is wing flattening?
Mar 07, 2012, 11:58 AM
You can either cut the wing tips or flatten them for sportier flying.
Takes away some floatiness so you have to find the tradeoff that suits you.
I'm thinking flattening some but not quite completely will give a best of both worlds result.
Mar 07, 2012, 09:07 PM
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This will be a new experience for me, as will the speed. Will the wing hold up to the G's coming out of a dive?[/QUOTE]

I have flown mine pretty fast and while the wings do flex I think they will hold up since it is one piece. the carbon in the wing is fairly small but i think it will work just fine since it is inserted when the wing is formed. adding some flat carbon would definitely stiffen it up. if you were to cut the wingtips i would add a little carbon.
Mar 08, 2012, 12:34 AM
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Flattening the Wing

Thank you gentlemen for describing all of this.
For now I will leave my wing alone and concentrate on power upgrades. I have obtained a 2008 Thunder Power 3s from a friend and will convert this to be compatible with my balancer.
I can see that Carbon Fiber is the Balsa of the previous era of modeling, what a huge step forward in light weight, strength and stiffness.
Mar 09, 2012, 10:42 PM
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check out my new video of the Vector 850

Vector 3-8-12 APP.wmv (3 min 31 sec)
Mar 09, 2012, 11:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Jeebs77
check out my new video of the Vector 850
Really nice flying! What a beautiful Day you had in front of you. This really really made me smile.
Thank you Jeebs77 for posting this.


I looked at the other youtube flying vid's you have out there! Very cool!
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Mar 15, 2012, 10:04 PM
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Guys - I could not fly today because of apparent motor problems. Pre-flight check throttling the motor up showed it "stalling" it would run at 60% to 80% and with an odd noise die back to 20% and the plane had a rough feel to it like the timing was off badly. I may have a loose magnet or a bad ESC.

Yesterday I ran 2 full 3s battery and 2 full 2s batteries in 2 hours. It seemed that all was well - but today I am grounded. Is this too much fun and too much power for the stock Vector 850 motor?
Mar 16, 2012, 12:07 AM
I've got my 3s 500s but the wind has not allowed flight.
Sorry to hear of the motor problems.
I am now worried but will proceed with 3s.
2s is just too slow so if 3s kills the motor, it needed one anyway.
hmmm, it could be the esc though...
Mar 18, 2012, 12:23 AM
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IFlyRCs - did you get acceptable weather? Did you get up and use the 3s battery?
I did some testing - not very in-depth, but it seems that the ESC is not having trouble delivering current to the radio - so I went up. Had a very nice day. It seems that the trouble I am having is more pronounced with the 3s battery, so I was able to fly with the 2s without many incidents of growling from the motor.
I am very new to this so I may be making a lot of mistakes - part of earning my stripes. The day before the trouble began it was windy, the plane flipped over on the ground and at the very same instant I bumped the throttle control up and I heard the prop hit the dirt and stop suddenly.This may have fried something. I read in a forum that some ESC's are not very robust and ANY time the motor is stalled they fry. An other point, I did a close up visual of the motor magnets and coils, all looked ok except there was thin black around the edge of 1 magnet, it reminded me of burnt plastic, it could be this magnet took the current at the point the prop stalled. But it was not dead and it is not loose - it would still attract a screw driver tip, it seemed no different than the others. I will be swapping out the ESC to see if that is the problem
Mar 18, 2012, 01:00 AM
I had 20 mins of daylight and flew 2 3s 500s through the Vector.
It seems much faster and more fun. I need more flying time on it.
The batts drained way to fast though.
I absolutely must go up in size to fly WOT full time which is what I'll want to do.
I do some long glides too for cooling.

Just finished getting my 3s 1000s to fit the tight confines.
The cg has moved forward a bit. My finger tips are right in the middle of the 2 slots on the bottom of the wing. The stock cg was at the aft end of the slots.
May have to add a tad of weight to the tail but I'm going to fly it as is first.

I've got some pretty noticable tail wag to try to get out.
Don't know where to start with that. I guess I'm about to see if being a little nose heavy helps or hurts it.

I'm hoping your noise is not an inherent problem with this model.
Might be a part got knocked loose or misaligned with your crash.
You think your prop got bent/warped?
I'm wondering what to do with the prop now and what can go on it.
Did this thing come with a spare prop? Can't remember.

Good luck with yours and I'm hoping for the best here.
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Mar 18, 2012, 08:05 PM
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Hey John,
Usually motor "cogging" can be attributed to timing issues. I would think your esc may be on its way out. that is to say as long as all the parts on the motor seemed in working order. I know some people have had problems with loose magnets in some of the chinese motors which can be rectified by dipping the can in thin ca to make sure the magnets are glued down. With these motors though you have to realize that quality control is not very strict it seems and you can have a multitude of problems which arise. I switched my esc from the get go and have not noticed any problems with the motor. i have flown this plane about 15 times and probably half have been using a 3 cell lipo.
Hey Ifly,
I bought a 5x5 apc last time at my LHS should work fine but i am not sure about the fit as i have not tried it yet. I haven't noticed any tail wag with mine. Being that this thing likes to fly fast the 1000mah 3cells should be fine for full time WOT flying. Happy flying

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