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Feb 20, 2012, 07:13 AM
Build Log

Rangelink Revision History




Frequency range configurable.
Spectrum Analyzer .
Analog signal buffered output <RSSI OR LQI>.
PPM Channel / PWM1-PWM5 Configurable.
PWM5: SBUS ,PPM, PWM5 Configurable.
Sensitivity: -115dBm

New 8CH RX V3 release;

2CH / 4CH RX will be discontinue.

4/8 CH RX:
1. sensitivity improve.

rv v2-v2.20.hex is for 8/4ch rx;
1. sbus will output fs state when rx fs actived.
2.improve power dissipation, down to 55mA;

r6.zip, include the v2.11 fw for rangelink tx,
-with some changes:
tx fw v2.11 with follow channges
- pause/continue the headtracker when short pressing the tx button.
- active / de-active the override settings when press down and hold the tx button until the beep up.

short press : less 0.8s
ON/OFF the override settings: ~0.8s - BEEP
FS settings: ~4s - TX LED off

-----------------------rangelink tx-------------------------
v1.03 First Customer Release.
1.fixed interference with vrx 1.2GHZ system.
2.support futaba radio 12ch ppm mode (only at teacher mode).
{Only tested with 12FG}
v1.27 add new feature link quality indicator / rf rssi indicator selectable (on rssi pin)

1. Pan /Tilt will be map to ch8/ch9 ,for 8ch RC radio.

-----------------------rangelink rx-------------------------
v1.06 First Customer Release.
1.change rssi(packet rate) to rf rssi. range (0-3.2V)
2.reduce the fs setting request(3-6s).
New batch<after 2012-03> change the internal buffer, improve the driving circuit capacity. and improve the internal RC filter, because some OSD input very low impedance,like eagletree OSD PRO less 5Kohm. and some OSD input not include filter (HW filter or digital filter), so it will make the rssi unstabitily.

v1.24 add new feature link quality indicator / rf rssi indicator selectable. (rssi pin)

1. output some info over the uart port, just like link status, rssi ect.
if you need more info about uart protocol ,just email to us.

// --------------------------------------------------------------------
// UART CFG: 9600bps 8+N+1
// <<tx ascii
// STX + 'm' + packetRate + mixInfo + Vrssi + checkSum + ETX
// 1 +1 +2 +2 +2 +2 +1 (11bytes)
// mixInfo<2:0> = g_extra3bits (reserved).
// <3> = FS status.
// <4> = reserved(for testing).
// <5> = FS enter setting status.
// <7:6> = reserved
// Vrssi = 3.2/256 * RSSI.
// checkSum >
//unsigned char CheckSum (unsigned char tab[],unsigned char length)
// unsigned char sum = 0;
// unsigned char i;
// for(i=0; i<length; i++)
// {
// sum += tab[i];
// }
// sum = ~sum + 1;
// return sum;
// --------------------------------------------------------------------


Note: if you wanna to upgrade,please upgrade both(tx & rx) to the newest version.<for tx v1.27/rx v1.24>

New feature link quality indicator / rf rssi indicator selectable:

make rangelink tx enter advanced binding mode, first beep end:
the two ways switch
high power mode ==> link quality indicator
low power mode ==> rf rssi indicator
================================================== =
================================================== =
1. TX PPM channels can be override by ht ppm signal input.
2. Make Tx works with new diversity rx;

***************just upload the JFPV V1.20 , this version include the Spectrum anaylzer beta function. ******************

Note: if you dont have the v2 rx, so no need to do fw upgrading.


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Mar 12, 2012, 11:24 PM
RC filter for OSD analog input: (new batch no need)

about futaba radio 12ch ppm support:
Just support 12ch teacher mode.
"When in the 12ch teacher mode the ppm pulse is normal but variable repeat time."

futaba radio when works at 12ch teacher mode,it needs a student ppm signal input, so if you have a x1000 headtracker, you can make a cable as attach file shows, it will make rl works...

Other Ideas:
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Nov 30, 2013, 05:03 PM
Registered User
I want to buy the rangelink set for 185$. Please tell me what else will I need to make it run with a futaba 14sg and a phantom FX-61 (cables, antennas, jacks etc)
I also have the boscam goggles connected with my futaba
4pin plug (goggles) -->6pin plug (futaba)
Please advice how to connect the rangelink with the futaba as well the boscam goggles.
Thanks in adv.

will I need a USB2TTL and what is it?
will I need a radio stand?
Jun 30, 2015, 01:34 AM
Registered User
Hi Sid. Could you please upload the firmware for V1.24(rx). I need to flash this frimware to my receiver. the links on the website dont work.

Jul 07, 2016, 12:18 PM
Registered User
Hi Sid,
Same as Frank. Could you please provide a link to the firmware for V1.24(rx)?


Aug 04, 2016, 04:10 PM
Registered User
i seem to be having issues with head tracking after the latest firmware update, can anyone else confirm that head tracking works with the latest firmware? thanks

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