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Nov 01, 2001, 04:46 PM
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Yet another Bandit thread!


Latest update on my Bandit;

I've changed the 12x6 prop for a 12x8 one. Now it climbs even faster! I suppose the current draw is up, but the 40amp ESC seems happy enough.

I've mixed in a little down elevator slaved to the throttle. This avoids the tendency for the little chap to go past the vertical under power, without me holding some 'down' in during the climb.

I've reduced the aileron differential from 2:1 to about 3:2. Rolls are much more axial now.

Story time;

I was midflight today, at my club field, when our somewhat autocratic Club Chairman, Ken, drove up and parked his car. Leaving his car, he watched the Bandit carving up the sky for 2-3 minutes before he sauntered over to the pilots box, where I stood:

"Hmm, not too bad, but what's it like on the glide?"

"It's been on the glide since before you arrived, Ken..."

tim (loving it)

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Nov 01, 2001, 07:04 PM
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Try the 14x9.5 prop if you really want to go vertical. The 13x7 is the next best folding prop.

Maybe you need to move the battery pack a little farther forward, if it goes past vertical. I had to shift my battery pack a little forward of the CG, so I didn't need as much down trim with my 1700's. Mine never went past vertical, the only thing it did was start to climb.

I don't know if there is side thrust and down thrust, maybe that is the reason why it might goes past vertical under power?

Nov 01, 2001, 07:18 PM
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Adam Neat's Avatar
14X9.5? I wouldnt do it on Tims setup. He is running 10 cells and with his motor and the 12X8 that is getting him close to 40 amps.
And with the setup Tic has on 8 cells and his 13X7 he is pushing 70 amps so the 14X9.5 may cause a meltdown.
Nov 01, 2001, 07:38 PM
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Sean said, "It would work fine with my set up, just so long as I used about 10 seconds of full power." He also said, partial power or throttle would do more harm. The motor would not be able to cool.

I mentioned the Kontronic set I have, and Sean said with either 13x7 or 14x9.5 would be fine. I will have to remember the full throttle burst of no more than 10 seconds. Actually he said 10 to 15 seconds, but by then my Bandit would be out of site.

Either way I have several different props to try, and if I want some lazy style of flying I will go back to my 1500 AU's and my 11x8 prop. I don't believe I said that.

Nov 01, 2001, 08:20 PM
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Adam Neat's Avatar
I believe it will work good with your setup. That doesnt mean it will work well on everyones setup. Yes 10 or 15 seconds will be all that is necessary. After the first climb you may not even need that much.

Tim and Tic have a setup that is more effecient with a smaller prop. Plus Tim is running 10 cells.

We will have to let you slide on that lazy flying remark

Nov 01, 2001, 08:26 PM
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Adam Neat's Avatar
Hi Henry; Lazy Flying?

You Setup on 8 1700's and a 14X9.5 should get you about 55 amps and 2800 fps

Nov 01, 2001, 09:01 PM
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Man it is good to have friends like you, you have Motorcalc wired. One day maybe I can get full use out of it.

You are right, they need to get Sean's recommendations or use you to run some numbers.

We have two park benches at the field we fly at, so when I get more proficient at flying the Bandit, I will sit down. Like all the glider boy who fly, just get up to land. I am getting so use to my 1500 AU's, they almost make me Yawn!

The Bandit came alive with the 1700's, and I can't wait to try my new folding props. Which should stick on first?

Wow!!! 55 amps 2800 fps it will go ballistic.

Nov 01, 2001, 09:03 PM
tic's Avatar
I'm leaning torwards the B40-9S now... I don't want to max everything out, and 2,500fpm seems plenty. And it makes sense that partial throttle is harder on the motor and ESC
Nov 01, 2001, 09:20 PM
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If you have not made a decision on what motor to get, why not get both you can always put the other motor in a different ship. So you will have no worrys, when your Bandit finally does arrive. You can put the one you want in your Bandit, and save the other motor for an F5B ship.


Sean gave you that little snicker or laugh, when you chose that set up. So you know it will work.
Nov 01, 2001, 11:39 PM
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ScotY's Avatar
Hey tic,
If you're that concerned, why not just make up a 7 cell pack to try first, then try the 8 cell. My money says the 7 cell pack won't get used much

And Henry,
I'm not so sure moving the battery pack more forward is the cure for pitch up in a climb.
Nov 01, 2001, 11:52 PM
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Does it trim out OK for power off? If it does, you may need a little more downthrust.
I would suggest mixing some down elevator to throttle. This is the easy fix.
Are you using the Futaba 8-channel? There is a good section for trimming a powered plane. I would go through the thrust-angle section.
BTW, mine climbs under power too. I took the lazy way out and mixed in down elevator.
Nov 02, 2001, 12:43 AM
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The battery was a little to far back, when I first flew the Bandit. I was able to correct by moving the battery forward and I reset the trims. Level flight is right on, and power on it doesn't require as much down elevator.

Yes I am using a Futaba 8UAF Super Series, and I already set the trims. Thanks.

I am not sure how much elevator trim I will need with 14x9.5 prop?

Nov 02, 2001, 04:46 AM
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oded mazor's Avatar
Tim, great story !! I think it pretty much sums what the Bandit is all about...
Nov 02, 2001, 01:47 PM
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What new things are you trying with you Bandit?

I think I have pushed mine to the limit as far as I want to go. With the new battery pack it sure has a lot more power, I can't wait to see how it will perform on the new props.

So far it still is intact and flys great. Just a few dings on the wing from the hard field.

Nov 02, 2001, 05:33 PM
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oded mazor's Avatar

the Bandit still flies great, although I only have one 8 cells pack (8x1250SCR) so I can't fly it continuosly like you guys, at least until I get the new pack.

lately, I've been flying the Bandit less than before since the academic year started and I found myself sitting in lectures thinking about new Bandit manouvers and power upgrades instead of Biochimestry...

one thing I did learn is that the Bandit makes people notice electric models. when I showed up with it, no one really paid attention until it was climbing like a rocket and screaming right by...

regards, Oded.