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Feb 01, 2013, 02:49 AM
Scotsman in Germany
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Originally Posted by Grumpy Vet
Thank you all for a warm welcome - I appreciate it. Keep in mind I'm a major novice...

BobTop -

I'll check out Techntoys too. I've heard of most of those mods....do you recommend doing them before really learning how to fly? I understand the soda can shim mod. Is the blade balancing just a weight checking? I read most of this long thread and I don't know what the dogbone guide mod is. Any info anyone can provide on that - I'd appreciate. Edit - will check reply from tigertoo later in thread.

Tigertoo -

I agree that both spare motors would be smart to order now....somehow just popping around in the basement I already managed to break one of the upturns on the skid. I'll add the other parts as well. I'm guessing the whole tail assembly includes the tail motor?

--- following up on Tiggertoo's post on chargers. I saw some good chargers that balance cells. What I don't get is what kind to buy. I saw the AccuCell referenced earlier in the thread - but I don't understand how the two prongs that come out of the AccuCell can be used with what I can only assume is a proprietary 3 wire plug on the charging part of the stock battery.

I think I saw earlier in this thread that someone went to a SS skid that will survive my inadequacies.....going to search for that now....and get those skid bumpers on order....

Here is what I know....I suck at flying this helicopter - but I'm having fun trying to learn.

Hi again Grumpy

Don't bother messing about with a soda can. It has since been discovered that the round plastic reinforcers you use to stop paper ripping where it's been "holed" work great. I start with one at a time on the top side of the blade and work my way up if necessary. Blade balancing in my case is just a weight check. Got a parts delivery yesterday and the blades ranged from 12.25g to 12.95g

Rather than modding the guides (it's a real PITA) mod the dogbones. Look back about 3 pages for comments from myself and arrowshooter.

Simple skid reinforcement if you're tight on time... cut a wire coathanger to length and slip it into the bottom part (the bit you actually land the heli on). Complete tail assembly has the motor fitted.

Cheers and happy flying
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Feb 01, 2013, 03:48 AM
Scotsman in Germany
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Well that's the 2nd coffee down my neck. Calm it is not, but I reckon the wind is down enough to baptise BB II as long as I'm careful - let's see how long that attitude lasts

Wish me luck

Feb 01, 2013, 05:02 AM
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Well, I just ordered a the HobbyKing charger and some pinions (those I forget to order in my "brushless conversion order set"). If anyone want
Buddy Code for some pinions or the DC4S charger, PM me.

I really hope it doesn't burns down my house, and the pinions will fit to EH200. I ordered 9,8,10 and 13 teeth 2,3mm. pinions.
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Feb 01, 2013, 05:10 AM
Eternal beginner
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Originally Posted by Zarrick
So if I dont charge this disbalanced battery with stock charger, a charger with balancer should still save him, right?
Yes, there are good chances !
Anyway, I ordered some 1600mAh Zippies, as I heard they mostly arrive fully charged and balanced, so if I charge them the stock charger, they shouldn't disbalance themselves, or yes?
The different cells on a battery are never EXACTLY the same (capacity, internal resistance), so they can become unbalanced after some charges.
But if you charge your battery just 2 or 3 times that won't be enough to have a big difference in cell voltages.
Test it with your voltmeter after each charge (a difference of about 0.05 volts between cells is acceptable)

About the power supply, You think that 12V 1A wall charger should work with HobbyKing DC4S? I dont care about the time it will take, just work
I don't know how the DC-4S charger regulates the charging current, but given it charges with a current between 1 and 1,5 A, you can try it with your supply.
Or connect your charger to your car's battery, that will be fine.
Feb 01, 2013, 05:14 AM
Eternal beginner
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Originally Posted by BThirsk
You can pull the servo apart and reverse the wires on the motor. Nothing to lose if you screw it up and many have done this same thing to reverse servos.
He will also have to invert the 2 wires on the ends of the servo's potentiometer, otherwise the servo will not be happy at all.

Another way (maybe less difficult) is to invert the wires on the end of the potentiometer of the concerned channel on the Tx.

Feb 01, 2013, 05:27 AM
Scotsman in Germany
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@ Brent & Roland

Thanks guys. I think I'll try doing the servo rather than the tx. Might be more difficult, but I have an F645 servo on the way and don't want to have to redo the tx once I fit it .

@ R.C.Man

Thanks for the PM. Looks like there's no fix without soldering after all, so I'll just have to see if my eyes are up to the job and my hands are steady enough .

Feb 01, 2013, 06:07 AM
Registered User
i sure know your feeling, Fin. I need more light... and more light lol
Feb 01, 2013, 06:29 AM
Registered User
Many years ago i would attack a servo, when they were nearly the size of a pack of ciggs lol. now days, 10 bucks for a servo is so cheap that opening one is too much. i do understand the need to rev one... the tx 'fix' is so much easier in terms of time and frazzled nerves.
On the control stick you want to reverse, swap the outside wires on the variable resistor. It has 3 wires to it, the one in the middle is the 'arm of the pot' and it is unbothered. And if you want to make that mod perm, a simple switch could make that even easier. Anyone care to guess? Hint: dpdt
Feb 01, 2013, 08:33 AM
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Originally Posted by thoroid
Very good videos.

How did you mount your gopro camera with cover to F45 please?
Just the sticky mount stuck to the bottom of it. Centered it ring on.
Feb 01, 2013, 09:53 AM
Fly Fast, Fly Hard, Fly Fun
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Originally Posted by BobTopofTheWorld
EXCELLENT vid lad. how did you do the slow-motion footage? i GOTS to know and... i wont tell how many times i packed my bird with snow lol
Slow motion? Any of that must be fluctuation in space-time. I've crashed into snow many times too, bit i have been lucky so far. This one, being totally packed was a hoot! Who knows, maybe I'll do it again today.

Baptise the helicopters! Yes that is why we always throw them into snow banks, ponds, rivers and oceans. I love the go pro videos. I hope to get one someday, but for now I'm happy with keychain cameras.
Feb 01, 2013, 10:38 AM
Scotsman in Germany
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BB II baptised

Managed to run down 2 batteries earlier on Big Bird II and between taking The Wife shopping and taking my daughter for her asthma checkup cobbled a quick vid together with free software. I really do need to buy a licence, but the charger will be next on the shopping list .

Speaking of which, I found an old power supply in a cupboard today which I had forgotten about. It is 12V but only gives out 0.83A and has a mini-jack (3.5mm I think) connector on it. If I rip the connector off I should be able to use it to fire an IMAX B6 and still be a little quicker than the 3 hours I need with the stock charger... shouldn't I?


Bugger "upload failed". Have to try again later
Feb 01, 2013, 11:20 AM
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Brushless Options

So Guys, what do you all think on the BL Options. Is the kit made for the F45 more or less power than the HK route with EH200. (BTY) Do mounting screws come with motor or separate. Oh the kit is priced a good bit higher than HK route too. Also, I would like a set of main blades that make that real helicopter chopping sound. Are there any on HK or E Bay y'all reccommend? I do not know the correct size? I believe wood with vinyl cover make the best sound combined with 10 degree pitch for better overall flight for the F45, just that they break easy from what I have read. Is that correct? I want to order before Chinese New Year because they will be on vacation celebrating. So, has anyone tried both? If so, what was the result, install ease included, because like I said when I joined the thread I prefer to Fly more than repair or maintain, although I have worked on anything and everything my whole life. Please give your thoughts and opinions. All comments welcome. Now get out and go fly, including me, Later Guys, ScottHeli Oh Yeah, it will not fly my homemade pontoons with a 9volt battery and motorcycle LED's, at least stock anyways, Enjoy!!!!!
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Feb 01, 2013, 11:45 AM
Goooo!!!! Get to da choppa!!!!
Any CONUS members:

Any problems ordering from HK's international warehouse? I got everything I needed on order from the US warehouse for the BL/LiPo upgrade, except the EH200 motor. It's currently out of stock in the US, but available from international.

Just asking before I hit the button...
Feb 01, 2013, 11:59 AM
Registered User
Originally Posted by kpinnc
Any CONUS members:

Any problems ordering from HK's international warehouse? I got everything I needed on order from the US warehouse for the BL/LiPo upgrade, except the EH200 motor. It's currently out of stock in the US, but available from international.

Just asking before I hit the button...
I don't think the US warehouse ever has carried the EH200. Order from international.
Feb 01, 2013, 12:19 PM
Scotsman in Germany
tiggertoo1962's Avatar

... and the vid

Still need some practice, but I'm getting there. Only one crash in 2 batteries .

Fin's F645 Big Bird II maiden flight (9 min 27 sec)

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