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Apr 13, 2012, 05:48 PM
Everyday, I wake up to a very imperfect world, including the way large mail order companies do business. But, they didn't get large by being total jerks as some people think the staff at NP is. I have personally had direct dealings with the owner of NP, Michael Raiden, and I know that they do their best to keep customers happy and they are quick to show their appreciation to customers like me that give them lots of room and time to work within. The only flaw I can see in NP? It has customer service people that know very little about the issues with the ARFs they sell, and trying to explain this part bent or that part missing is oftentimes fruitless. You simply have to start over by sending back the defective order so you don't muddy the water with trying to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Its fruitless. If customers of NP would simply work within the understood constraints, KNOWING that they do not offer "replacement" parts anywhere on their website (HINT HINT Hello!), and ship the order back or trade out for a new one, AND if unsatisfied, back that up with the threat and/or action by your credit card company if you are not happy, there would be very little problem, such as has been MY experience with them. Again, the prices they charge are still worth the problems that are sometimes encountered. I don't know about the prices on the smaller electric stuff as I fly only the big nitro powered planes right now, but like I've stated, I won't quit doing business with them just because I didn't know the rules of how they operate. The first time I had a screwed up order, I took the time (and extreme patience) to first figure them out and work within those lines, and they turned out great with no complaints from me! // This has been a paid advertisement from the customer service staff at Nitroplanes... I KNEW IT!!!! Just kidding....
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May 29, 2012, 05:07 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyingHigh324
For every complaint there are 100s of happy customers. The happy ones just don't take time to post the positive experience. I will there was a way to get the happy customers to show positive feedback somehow. Also if you want everything to come out of the box with out every doing any mods or updates then go to the dealers that charge 4 times more. When I buy I go over everything with a fine tooth come and change anything I think could be a problem. I love that part of the hobby cause I love my bench time tinkering with planes just as much as flying.

So Nitro want to encourage each one working there and want to say how much I appreciate all the work you do and the great planes you provide, (although I have bought way to many but can't resist.) So when you hear discouraging posts on here just remember there are hundreds on here for each negative post that are very happy and love what you do for us.

PS. I can't wait till black Friday again. That is when I stock up big time

Thanks again
A loyal customer
i totally agree with u. for every complaint, there r 100's of satisfied customers. i wonder what its like for horizon? 1 complaint for 1,000,000 satisfied customers?

when u factor in shipping vs going to the lhs, for some of the HH stuff, the $$$ is comparable especially if u were to compare going to the lhs as FREE SAME DAY SHIPPING vs the cost of overnight shipping

the 4x price difference is a ridiculous statement. u cannot compare a "peaks" with a precision aerobatics ultimate. its like complaining that a ferrari costs 4x as much as a ford
May 29, 2012, 05:22 PM
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Originally Posted by countilaw
It would seem to me, that if NP's wanted to satisfy their customers and want them to come back, they would check the boxes in inventory. If a kit as a damaged wing, then take the other items out and use the remainder of the box for spare parts. What is so hard about that?

Ok, so they lost a toy plane, with the parts they salvaged from the box, they gained several satisfied customers.

Seems like a good business plan.

NP must have razor thin profit margins. for every kit they cannibalize they probably have to sell 50 to recoup the loss. its like ford vs ferrari. it is cheaper for NP to let a few slip between the cracks than it is to satisfy everybody. ever see fight club? it's just like ed norton working for a "major car company." as for ferrari, they'll make sure that every customer is completely satisfied......but hooray for capitalism, ford is more profitable than ferrari

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