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Feb 15, 2012, 03:06 PM
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Middle ads & New Ads

Besides the middle ads, being REALLY Annoying. I switched back (yet again) to the old theme no matter how sad that stupid xmitter gets..

But I am not really liking the fact that my firewall is blocking some of the "new and improved" ads. Not sure where they are coming from, but I run the firewall and have it set VERY Conservative . It only blocks KNOWN bad sites, or code that may contain a virus or malware. See attachment....
This is not for all pages, and not all ads. Obviously I can't see what it is blocking (well I guess I could enable logging on the firewall, but it my job to audit the safety of ads for the site). I used to get these every now and then, but recently it is occurring A LOT MORE, particularly since I tried the beta theme again. But there persisted since I switched back to classic, so it may not be related...

I read in other threads (that have been closed) that there are less ads. Well maybe, but I'm seeing more ads, and ads that are hopefully being server from another server....but apparently not exactly the safest ones. Until this no longer shows up here at work, I won't be accessing from home.

I understand the need for change, but it needs to be done in a more controlled manor; this site may be hobby related, but is not run as a hobby.
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Feb 15, 2012, 09:15 PM
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I will get a tech to take a look at your post and concerns with malware.
Feb 15, 2012, 11:09 PM
RCGroups tech support
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The ads in all styles are exactly the same, just showing in the different positions.
Unfortunately it's impossible to tell what's going on without seeing more details about the blocked ads. If you could provide a few URLs of the blocked banners, I could start looking into the issue.
Feb 16, 2012, 11:44 AM
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YEa, that's the thing.. The blocked banner just takes us to the Astaro site... We have it set up this way on purpose as we don't want to be everyone's nanny. This is by design, my CIO does not want us to track as he feels it should be up to the supervisor and individual. If supervisors find out we are tracking usage they will ask too many questions therefor we can honestly say we don't track. I don't feel comfortable lying to anyone so this way I can be honest.

From past experience I can say that the ads were coming from an ad server, and I don't know if the serving company vets the ads they accept or what, but we were getting a lot of malware and such from legitimate websites ( hotel, airline, weather, etc). This was before we got the firewall we have. It came in spurts, and the users swore they didn't go to any questionable sites (I know what your thinking ). A quick peak at their history agreed with it. I was able to prove this was the case by taking a fresh VM of a machine, hitting weather.ca, and within 4 page views I had malware. Same with United Airlines's site. Those were the common sites I was seeing in everyone's PC that had the malware so I tried them. I'm pretty sure those sites were not aware of the issue, at least at first. It only lasted a few days so probably the ad services pulled the ads. That's my guess anyway. I checked into the malware we were getting ( I forget which one at this time) and the known point of entry so to speak were rouge ads on various ad services. You didn't need to click on the ads as they were drive by installs

FWIW I forget when it was, but I started to receive non-R/C ads on RCG. Examples were Ford trucks, and Dog food among others. ( Don't drive a Ford, and don't have a dog so I don't know why they were targeted) I can't say I have seen one recently, but I can say for sure they were there.

I am not implying that any of this is intentional, or making any kind of accusation...I am not saying I received malware from an ad here. I am just reporting what I am experiencing, and relying on past experiences. I don't remember any of this before the themes were monkeyed around with. (if you can get rid of the sad transmitter nagging me to use the beta that would be great )

I really don't want to turn off the disable feature of my ad blocker for this site ( one of the few I don't block ads for) as I like to support the local folks who support this site. This is one of the VERY few places I will view an ad, but do so selectively. I may have to re-think this.


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