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Feb 12, 2012, 09:43 PM
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SS / Bixler wing spar mod/fix

Make your carbon spar for your SS or BIXLER, or fuse square FG tube like the Slowstick super strong and if broken stonger than new.
Do it on the cheap, works fantastic. Save the $ spent on a new carbon tube for more props, a six pack, a sub or something!!!

In the attached pictures, you will see a badly broken wing spar. Was received like that! It is now better and stronger than new!
The pictures also show the spar after the fix, and you can see
Save all your broken carbon or FG rods. Fix them, use them or kepp them as spares or on other builds...
Bamboo is very strong material and very resilient. It is my material of choice for reinforcements. (There is a picture that will tell you why I like bamboo!)
For bigger tubes I have even used bass wood dowels or even balsa when weight is a problem.Once set with GG, you will be surprised by the results.

For Slowstick mods, cheap covering and how to make portable hot wire cutters, routers, and hot wire gravity foam cutter for next to nothing go to my blog. just click my avatar.The SEEBEE vids will show how to build the router and the gravity foam cutters.
See Poor man's monokote for covering on the cheap.
That is what I used to cever the bottom of my Slowstick wing, and the results are just wild. Such better performance, I even pushed the slow stick with a 2408 18T and a 9x 7 or 7.5 prop full bore and the wings held just fine.

Here is a link to another build of mine using bamboo skewers as the only source of reinforcement for my "ZWINGGIT" $4 wing project. Still being built!
Did it without plans on the fly, on the spur of the moment, and there is only one measurment taken!!!


# 1- Trim the pointed ends of 3 straight bamboo skewers. lightly sand the ends and there should not be any splitting. Not necessary if you use a wooden dowel.

# 2- Wet a paper towel and wet the 3 skewers or the wooden dowel along their full length. Set aside.

# 3- The new Gorilla glue 2oz bottles have a twist off cap with a metal needle. The tip of the bottle fits perfectly in the opening of the wing spar tube.

# 4- Pour a little bit of 70% or 90% rubbing alcohol in the carbon spar, and twist and try to get the par as clean as possible on the inside. Blow hard in it a few times, this will get rid of the excess liquid and help the inside dry rapidly.

# 5- Let the spar sit until completely dry inside.

# 7- Use some scotch tape or other tape to wrap tightly around the ends of the spar. In case of a small crack which happens when cutting carbon tube, this will keep the spar from opening or splintering while the glue expands in the tube.

# 8-Insert the tip of the Gorilla glue bottle in the spar end, it should fit, if it does not, DO NOT FORCE. Squeeze out some glue in the tube. 2 or 3 good squeezes should do it. Hold the tube vertical pouring in the glue from the top and twist to get the glue on the walls of the tube.

# 9- Your bamboo skewers/wooden dowel should still be moist, not soggy wet. Insert the first skewer in the tube about 1 inch. Pour a little glue on the skewer and slowly push it in the spar while slowly using a turning motion.

NOTE: Work over a piece of cardboard as excess glue will come out of the other end of the tube!
*In time, the wing spar will no fit as tightly and wings could come apart in flight.
See below for wing mods.

#10-Proceed in the same fashion with the 2 remaining skewers until equal amount of the skewers show on each end of the tube. Then lay flat and every few minutes at first push the skewers from both ends together as they will be gaps forming while the glue expands. Do that 2 or 3 times until the glue starts to set and the skewers remain in place. Excess glue will come out of both ends, so don't ruin your table or your carpet!

#11- Let the glue set for at least 2 hours undisturbed, then carefully trim the excess of on each end. The spar will no be reinforced, and totally fully cured in 24 hours.
lightly sand the ends of the spars so they will not cut or catch the foam when inserted in the wings.
*It will be useable before 24hrs if you really have to fly!

*I you already have broken a spar, wrap it tight in shape with clear tape,
at an angle to produce an overlapping wrap.
Extend the wrapping well past the broken part of the spar. Then proceed as above.
You will have a spare in case of emergency!

You now have a Super Skysurfer/Bixler wing spar!
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Feb 13, 2012, 12:11 AM
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Feb 13, 2012, 12:11 AM
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