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Feb 06, 2012, 03:33 PM
More jets than a carburetor
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Fly RC planes is like building a drug tolerance

My first plane flight was one of those micro cessnas made by parkzone, back in 2008. This is before they were BNF and had to come with a special xmitter. I flew inside the local hobby town and had a blast. I remember that flight in detail.

I later went on to fly a slow stick. The excitment of putting the camera on it and rushing home to watch the vid. I was commited I would get up at 5am to beat the winds.

Tried a FlyZone cessna. To date this is the hardest plane I have to fly. Nearly 3lbs on 1 square foot of wing. No ground steering. What rush.

Then got my parkzone mustang (original brushed version). Oh the rush, and the way I flew all graceful and "way out". The fear of "will it handlaunch this time ok?" The feeling of sucess as it tips stalls and pulls out 3 inches above the ground right after I could tell it came off my hand wrong.

Time went on, f-27c stryker, then my first edfs, su-27 flanker and a gws me-262. With only one lipo, 35 flights was a nice milestone I clearly remember. Underpowered, energy management. Now they are just foam junk to me and I can fly them in my front yard.

Then I got my first HET f-18, moved on to a twin 90mm Mig-29 with thrust vectoring (fly fly). Later the habu 32, now a 90mm l-39 on 10s. I do have a twin 6+ lb 70mm HET a-10 that gives me some joy but who knows how long.

I tried props as well, I have 3d plane, and I had a blue nose mustang I didnt like. I have a helicopter as well, love flying the scale helis, but once again after 70 flights on it, I'm just bored.

With each step I take, I find the previous step no longer enjoyable. Sure I am nostalgic and occastionaly get out the slow stick for a flight or two, but quickly lose interest. I have been trying hard to recreate the feelings I had a long the way. The magic, the uknowns.

Now its all boring. I can pick my nose while flying my habu 32 WOT at 10 feet above the ground.

Tried FPV. Ok its fun, not too fun anymore.

I nearly got out of the hobby last year. I regretfully sold my mustang, my pogo, my e-flite f-86. Sold my scale heli. Threw away a bunch of tattered air frames.

I decided to try to revive my hobby by buying another FlyZone cessna. upgraded it. Sure I had fun for a bit and I still find that little thing a challenge, but its not enough to get me out of bed anymore, nor leave my family to head for the field. I do not have ADD, I have thousands of flights, hundreds on each airframe over the last 4 years. I do not bore easily.

Teaching my wife, soon my 11 year old to fly is exciting but I am not patient enough to really teach it. My wife is PITA, she can take off and land one day, and not even be able to do a circuit the next day.

So one last stop. Turbines. Currently bulding two turbine jets. An f-86D and an f-16. I feel the magic coming back again. It is exagerated by all the nay sayers that tell me I will fail. I love it. I hope its hard. I hope I have a lot to learn. I hope that these guys are RC ninjas and I lack everything needed to even attempt this.

Is this the end all be all that will keep me happy. Or is this the "7 gram rock" that will forever numb me to any sensation this hobby can bring? In some ways I hope so. So I can move on. But in other ways I hope I fail so I have a fight ahead of me to get succeed.

Honestly, my greatest fear will be that I go out and fly my 25 lb f-16 and land it on the numbers. Only to start picking my nose again.

I really would like to give up on this hobby, and get into martial arts again and more Bonsai. I hate picking my nose. My kids do it. Probably got it from me.

The pics below are of some of my collection, present and past. Its not all of them.
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Jul 02, 2015, 03:59 AM
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The real fun is building a flying wing from 5mm foam floor underlay. Build all the push rods and servo linkages from scratch. Only buy servos, motor, prop and radio gear.

No challenge there? Read on.........

Rip apart the transmitter, redesign the PCB from scratch, two thirds smaller than the original PCB. Write all the PIC ppm generating code from scratch. Include code for servo reversing dip switches and elevons. Figure how to multiplex 12 analogue ppm channels and extract them from a 6 channel receiver.

Try funding your hobby only from doing small jobs, eeking out your hard earned wads of cash to buy essentials. Make do with locally sourced/up cycled parts.

The curious mind will never tire......
Jul 02, 2015, 12:17 PM
More jets than a carburetor
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Theres always way to spice it up, if you look at my later blog posts you can see I used some Arduinos to make a few things.

Now I am building my own wireless trailer harness.

But in the end the flying part still gets boring! Also for a radio I would not use a PIC I would use an ARM Cortex-M of some flavor. I found PICs to be buggy especially on the I2C side. Get annoying!

I don't think I would build my own radio given the larger aircraft I fly, too risky. However, if you get into my blog on element 14 you will see I am building and coding my own automated quad copter.
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Feb 17, 2016, 03:43 PM
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Do you fly full scale , if not sounds like you might be soon. That is what happened with me and the models were just too tame after that , got into aerobatics with an old pitts I fixed up and nothing could compare to that adrenaline rush. Do you sky dive?
Feb 18, 2016, 10:05 AM
More jets than a carburetor
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I used to do many things, including fast motor cycles, but with young children I have to get my kicks from roller coasters and RC.

With the EPP plane I have, I am trying to get back to my roots and have quick fun close to my home like I used to.

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