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Feb 05, 2012, 11:51 AM
Quads & Planes, cant beat them
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These are great videos!
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Feb 05, 2012, 02:41 PM
Ed @ Experimental Airlines
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Originally Posted by msev
Or you can strap the gopro to your head
True indeed. Then I gotta practice flying right up in my own face! I might well resort to that.
Feb 05, 2012, 11:37 PM
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Wow. This is perfect timing thank you very much. I'm going to try building one of your wings to strap to a BB.

You did an excellent job with descriptions & instructions!
Feb 07, 2012, 04:50 AM
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just an idea, but on your wing design I think I see an area where you can increase strength. When you cut the spacers that stack inside the wing cut them narrower by the width of the foam board. Then cut a third piece. The size of this piece will be determined by how many spacers your using on top of each other. if your using 2 strips make the thrid piece as wide as the two strips are when stacked on top of each other. So, when you glue your two strips in just like in your video you then take that third piece and glue it in vertically butted up next to the two strips. When you fold your wing over you will now effectively have a foam "I" beam that in theory will add more rigidity to the wing. There shouldnt be any extra weight because your using the same amount of foam, your just placing it differently. Its an extra step that may or may not be needed but it seems like it would allow more wing loading or at least offer more insurance against a folded wing mid flight.
Feb 07, 2012, 07:59 AM
Ed @ Experimental Airlines
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Originally Posted by DEBAY777
just an idea, but on your wing design I think I see an area where you can increase strength....... you will now effectively have a foam "I" beam
No doubt about it, the more members that bear force edge-on, like an I-beam, the stronger it would be. You could expand your idea and make the entire former out of vertical units. It just might be a tiny bit more tedious.

I've stressed a 30" section to 8lbs before it wrinkled. I might now try a test with the I-beam for comparison. I usually throw a carbon arrow in there if it needs to be really sturdy.
Feb 07, 2012, 12:52 PM
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try getting a hold of Vic "AceMigKiller" (e-zone name) for your video work. He is quite good. Vic lives in the Phoenix area and is most active in EDF
Feb 11, 2012, 01:25 AM
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You are a true and genuine hobbyist !!
I feel like I have a new lease on this hobby after viewing your videos!!

I was wondering if you will be doing any step by step builds in the near future of any aircraft?? I'm partial to doing a foamboard clone of a Twinstar II... I'm sick & tired of trying to find a Twinstar II when I need one.. They are out of stock everywhere I look... Scratch building is the only way to go...

Feb 11, 2012, 03:03 AM
define("BEASTMODE", "1");
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Hey Ed! Thanks for the videos! You already saw my Peace Drone built following your ideas and methods, I just placed an order tonight for some more hardware to get started on another plane or two in the near future! I know Pat's working on a cargo plane right now, I'll probably follow suit and build one too. Dumping things out the back looks like too much fun to pass up...
Feb 12, 2012, 01:04 PM
Space Coast USA
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I put a post on Site suggestions requesting a Sticky. This thread is a jewel and needs to be up where modelers can find it.
Feb 12, 2012, 06:33 PM
Registered User
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Thanks Ed for the foam lessons ,i have built with balsa all my life and now have decided to try some dollar tree foam .I dont like flat wings so when i caught your wing build it is going to help me alot. Thanks again Ed for the hard work and videos to help us with foam. joe
Feb 13, 2012, 08:55 AM
Ed @ Experimental Airlines
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Here's the newest aircraft I've built using the described techniques. A semi-scale SC.7 Skyvan for cargo dropping.

SKYVAN Cargo Dropper (12 min 23 sec)
Feb 13, 2012, 10:06 AM
Space Coast USA
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Very NICE Ed!

Here's my WACO UPF-7 biplane with a 48" span using your wing design.
Build thread here

WACO UPF-7 RC 48" $Tree Foam Board Windy Day flight (3 min 4 sec)

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Feb 13, 2012, 10:31 AM
Ed @ Experimental Airlines
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Hoppy, that is an AMAZING looking plane! Hard to imagine foamboard coming out so nicely. Great work.
Feb 14, 2012, 10:09 PM
Space Coast USA
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Thanks Ed, your wing design made even those big wings a snap. Glad to see the management decided to sticky this thread.
Feb 16, 2012, 04:44 AM
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Wow, these videos are amazing. A billion stars to you

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