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Jan 31, 2012, 11:23 PM
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DFD F106 [4-ch IR Micro] Mods?

I'd presume with all the other things being modded around here that these little toys are being modded to, so what's everyone doing?

For those unfamiliar with this model, it's similar to the Syma S107G indoor coax in that it's a small (slightly larger than the S107) IR-operated coax. Forward/back is through a tail motor section. The main difference is the addition of the 4th channel, which is the 'slip-to-the-side' motion whose name always escapes me when I need it. One other difference is the built-in light show. It comes with the usual nose-cone LED, but also includes 4 multicoloured LEDs, 2 per side, that are activated by a switch on the controller.

The controller can be configured in what the included pamphlet calls Mode 1 and Mode 2, but which I believe have more proper RC names. (I'm not familiar enough to say which is supposed to be called what.) The difference for this chopper is that if you pick Channel B on the controller, your left stick controls up/down + turn left/right, and your right stick controls forward/back + strafe-left/right. If you pick Channel C on the controller, your left stick controls up/down + strafe-left/right, and your right stick controls forward/back + turn left/right. Apparently Channel A is a 'demo' mode, but I haven't tried it yet.

The controller also has an "Accel" button that gives a speed boost. With the out-of-the-box setup, this did make a noticeable difference in the speed. Not a demon either way, but fun.

Since this is only my 2nd RC Chopper, merely a simple 4-ch upgrade from my first (Syma S107G), I've only started with the mods I know from the S107 that translated over.

Basically so far, I've stripped the tail struts and wing, kept the vertical tail, flipped the boom over, and swapped the old blade for a picooz (Thanks Klippie!). The F106 even comes with a screw-hole in the top of the support for the tail boom, so you can screw it into place upside down. The hole for the tail wing/strut combination wasn't available on both sides, so I kept them off.

I also took out the front LED (which is on a very handy connector), and the lower pair of the screws holding on the canopy. I intend on performing Dayroon's Quick-Release-Canopy mod tomorrow when the children are awake and I can use the power tools.

With those mods, the Accel button is too fast. I certainly won't use that button when I fly it in my apartment. Even in the games room downstairs it eats up real-estate too fast for my newbie brain! On normal mode, it's still nice and speedy, seems obviously faster than even Accel mode out-of-the-box, which is what I was going for.

Tomorrow I'll setup the obstacle course and see how well I can handle it in there.
I'll also try and get some pictures up.
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Dec 06, 2012, 11:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Scurvy
I'll also try and get some pictures up.
I would very much be interested in seeing a picture of your F106 with your mods. I like the seemingly strong parts this bird is made with but not how mine flies. I prefer the JXD 340 drift for a cheap, indoor time killer as it seems to fly faster and overall be more controllable. My F106 is slow forward/backward even in <accel> mode, and it seems to dips fast on turns and drifts. I'm wondering if your mods with a faster forward would make this guy fly better overall.

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