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Jan 26, 2012, 10:33 PM
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Jiuchon Mini Flyer - From the perspective of a Noob

The Mini Flyer pictured with a AA battery for scale
The Flyer weighs some 28.5g , and the battery some 4.3g making for a very light mini heli [ combine the two for a total flying weight = 32.8g ]

It took some 5 recharges to get the model sorted out well enough to get some meaningful flight time ..

Longest hover is about 1 minute [ some 15 seconds hands off ]

This little model as a real bear to sort out , the battery location is critical and I had to mod the canopy to bring the battery in from the front rather than the back to get the balance close .

Now I have to say , this is a tough little heli , its taken some big knocks and not been damaged , possibly due to the light weight ..

The other thing is , it turns the motor off when you crash - automatically to minimize damage = very nice feature ..

Just throttle back to zero , put the heli on its skids and go again , all automatically .. [ Resets itself ]

Charging the lipo from the transmitter , seemed to drain two cells more than the other two ? [ not sure whats going on there - was it me ? or the way it charges ? ]

The other thing is the battery drains rather fast , and the more the battery drains the harder the heli becomes to fly , so you might be able to get 2 usable minutes , and maybe 2 more frustrating ones as the throttle becomes less responsive ...

After the Chinese New Year a new [ better ] battery may be on the cards ..
[ This one is labelled 150mAh ]

I was running Turnigy AA Nimh batteries , if you dont use the transmitter to charge the lipo , they should last longer than the heli [ before you damage it ]

Hints and tips ..

1/ Put the battery in from the front [ yes even if you need to mod the canopy

2/ Use the USB charger rather than the transmitter to charge the lipo

3/ Watch out - on lift of it pulls left , in fact what I do now is gently apply power so the rotor blades are spinning then power on quickly and apply some right cyclic to counter the tendency to pull left on take off ..

4/ Larger space = less things to run into + more space to tune in ...

5/ Watch out - for some reason , some of the adjustments for the transmitter seem to be almost - can I say it - backwards or the wrong way ... [ rudder ]
Heli is slowly spinning left , so more right to counter ? not with mine , so if its spinning to the right [ tail wont hold ] then trim in the direction of spin to counter it [ very strange ]

6/ Does appear to be 2.4ghz

7/ Recharge time is around 20+ minutes , so more batteries cant hurt

8/ For $35 from Ebay - It needs one thing , a better battery and some sort of power regulation so that the throttle sensitivity and behaviour does not change so much .. Goes from very responsive to a wet rag all too quickly making it a little awkward for a Noob [ Thats me ]

9/ Transmitter settings = 2 / Noob and more skilled , start on the Noob setting [ Button above the on off button , push it to the right for Noob ]

Would I buy again ? I have nothing to compare too yet [ V911 ordered ] but with a better battery - yes I would think so ...

I am a complete 100% noob to Heli flight , and this is my first Heli , I might be up to about flight 7 now , and with a fully charged battery can keep the heli in the air for about a minute [ then the battery sags and the throttle becomes less responsive and when things get a little exciting I just throttle down for a landing or controlled crash ..
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Jan 26, 2012, 11:44 PM
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Did I say nothing to compare too ? How the Universe kicks us when we speak out of turn !

V911 arrived shortly after the post ...
Jan 27, 2012, 02:29 AM
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Swash looks like a 9958, but flybar/head look like a v911. Great way to avoid lawsuits I guess
Jan 27, 2012, 08:45 AM
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Good contribution, but there are already two other threads about this little bird with extensive reviews and info:
Jan 27, 2012, 10:34 PM
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Thread OP

Just a quick note

The main shaft , I ran as is to start , but everyone else may wish to lube it , much smoother - quieter - and less battery drain [ probably ]

You definitely want to look at a better battery [ HK sells a Turnigy ]

+ This was more a Noob Perspective [ My first heli ]
Jan 27, 2012, 10:36 PM
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Put the Mini Flyer's swash on the V911 and let us know how much better the V911 flies

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