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Jan 25, 2012, 03:03 PM
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TufFlight Bouncer 40" EPP

Motor: Eflite Park 480 1020Kv
ESC: Thunderbird 36A
Battery: GENS ACE 3S-1550
Prop: APC 11x5.5
Servos: Hitec HS 65 (all)

This plane has a number of fans. I am not one of them. The plastic control horns that you have to fabricate out of sheet stock have caused my ailerons to bind-up twice! Replaced with fiberglass horns. The tailwheel as designed will not track straight. Added a fuel tube collar CA'd on the inside and a lock nut on the outside, and built up the axel with shrink tube to eliminate the wobble. And don't get me started on the motor mount.

Update: O-ring mounted plastic motor mount replaced with plywood firewall/motor mount. No more broken o-rings in flight from vibration and/or fatigue.
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Feb 24, 2012, 10:22 PM
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I really like my Bouncer!

Well I have to respectfully disagree. I think it depends upon what you are looking for. For me this was exactly the bird required to advance my skills for 3D.

It turned out to be a really nice plane; lightweight (1 pound 6 oz including battery) made of EPP foam. Fantastic power to weight ratio.

For now I chose not to install the landing gear to save weight; plus I don't think its necessary since it flys at the corner park so landing gear is useless.

The build was in fact more difficult than a 40 size glow arf: Lots of cutting and glue; and you cut your own hinges out of mylar. The horns had to be cut with a tin snips out of 'G10 material' and horn holes for pushrods are drilled with a sharpened metal rod. But thats what keeps the price down I think. Paint is sprayed on, the plane comes blank in all white.

With that said if you take your time you wind up with a really hot plane. Very innovative motor mount: Its mounted with 'o-ring rubber bands' so when you have a propstrike from "hucking down on the deck" usually the rubber gives before the airframe or motor shaft.

She swings an 11 x 5.5 prop with a 3cell 1500maH battery.

Remember what its made for. Its not a balsa plane; its a high power lightweight bird with over size surfaces...

And, no, I neither know anyone at Tufflight nor work for them....
This PC is to old to upload pics; will have to do that from another computer.

- Jason
Feb 25, 2012, 11:17 AM
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Jason, I purchased this kit for the same reason you did and have not been disappointed in its flying characteristics. My frustration has been with the build and function of motor mount. As an architectural engineer I thought the motor mount and landing gear to be a fantastic idea. Cutting, shaping and routing the motor mount was a pain and when an O-ring failed on the second flight and the prop shredded the nose I began to have second thoughts about the motor mount design. With the motor hanging on by two of the motor connectors I managed a safe dead stick landing, a testament to the Bouncers airworthyness... and my piloting skills After that repair I discovered that anything approaching 3/4 throttle caused the motor mount to vibrate. I tried heavier O-rings but got the same result. In frustration I eventually rebuilt the firewall/mount as shown and have been enjoying the Bouncer immensely; does great knife-edge spins, elevators and harriers.

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Feb 29, 2012, 12:15 PM
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I have 2 of them and love them. On the motor mount I use the o-rings and also rings of tubing that are used to hold foamy props on. The motor mount is solid then and works fine. I scrape the landing gear and go without or make my own out of piano wire and attach them at the fuse.
I use Hitec HS 65 mg servos and a Microdan 1300 kv motor or Supertigre 10 and Tbird 36 speed control. With 3 x 1300 cells or 1600 this is a great combination!!! A 3ding machine. Repair if needed is easy on the spot with some "sure grip" and a little time to set up. If you have a chunk missing you just glue in spare chunk of EPP and then shave it to shape with a razor blade. The entire front of Bouncer 1 was replaced like that and you can't tell.
Mine flys better than most I have as far as pitch roll coupling. No mixing required.
I love mine. I love the balsa planes but I hate crashing and repairing them. For that reason I love the fact that the bouncer will take more abuse and repairs are easier. I learn more 3D aerobatics once some of the fear factor is gone.
Feb 29, 2012, 01:39 PM
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Jerry thanks for commenting. It's nice to get feedback from other Bouncer owners/flyer on RCGroups because there seems to be little representation here.

I will admit that the more I fly the Bouncer the more I like it. It will do some of the nicest harrier landings... making me look better than I really am. Seriously. I may have to update my 'like-ability' status on it.
Mar 16, 2012, 07:03 AM
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Hi there, I just wanted to put in my 2 cents worth.
I also bought a Bouncer a few months back, and there is quite alot invovled in the build, though i was more than happy with the finished results. I love the way it flies and the recommended power set up is spot on for me, i prefer the SF prop as that is why i have this....... The only bug in the ointment for me has been the motor mount ...... i too have landed it with the motor dangling a couple of times......and twice the prop has chewed the front off ( once on takeoff and once with it hovering ) I'm suspecting the O-rings are slipping off somehow. Hopefully i will get the mount to work ok.
Otherwise it is a fantastic flying plane and the guys are really great to deal with over at TUFFLIGHT.
Mar 16, 2012, 05:48 PM
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m1kal, thanks for adding your comments on the motor mount. I was beginning to think it was only me. It would be interesting if the designers, who have been flying this longer than we have, have had similar issues. Not that they would freely admit to it and scare off potential buyers.

Before I took the motor mount off completely and installed it as shown in my photo I CA'd fiber washers onto the ends of the rods to keep the o-rings from slipping off and beveled the sharp corners on the back of the motor mount so that they would not chafe the o-ring and cause it to fail. I'd like to think that that helped but anything above 5/8 throttle and the whole motor mount started to vibrate. You could hear it even over the sound of the nitro planes at the club field!

I fly mine at lease 3 mornings a week and run 4 batteries through it each time I fly. It's a great 3D trainer and I can't fault its flying characteristics. And now that I'm beyond the build and modify phase I can truly enjoy it.
Mar 17, 2012, 10:14 PM
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Thanks for your reply RB. Do send the guys an email with picks, my experience is that they are very open & appreciative of feedback.
I've rebuilt my nose again , put some stoppers on the rod ends like you and put four batteries through it this morning so far so good. I'm keen to get it sorted before I get another one.
Michael D
Jul 14, 2013, 07:50 AM
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new to bouncer

I recently completed a bouncer and am having all the same vibration issues reported here. When the prop, shaft and motor are perfectly balanced it is great, no vibration. Even the slightest out of balance and it shakes itself apart. I finally had everything perfect for one flight. Made what I thought was a soft landing. I did not install the landing gear to same weight. On the next flight the vibration was back. Careful examination revealed a slight wobble to the spinner.

I would guess that even the slight prop strike of my "soft" landing bent the prop adaptor enough to cause the wobble.

I guess that I will have to install the gear to keep the prop from ever touching the ground, or learn to land softer

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