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Jan 23, 2012, 07:16 PM
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I started an rc club at School

So I started an RC club at my school, and it will not die (because many clubs have "died" because they had no goals or structure, like the stop motion club, the Robotics club, and who knows how many others)

I'm going to use this thread as a blogish type thing to track our progress and get club advice and such.

We've only had one meeting so far, but it was surprisingly productive.

I'm currently the only person in that club that knows the slightest bit about RC, and That's why I limited the number of members to 4 and me. And the four are people that I picked, so I'm confident that I can teach and trust them (relatively speaking.)

The club goals for this quarter are prioritized as follows:
Get a freshman <---Incredibly important actually
Get at least one plane
Learn how control systems work (servos, brushless, brushed motors, RX/TX, batteries, etc)
Learn to fly a 3ch (or possibly 4) proficiently
Get everyone registered on Rcgroups
------I'm sure I'm forgetting some goals, but you get the Idea.

At our first meeting we unanimously decided that everyone is going to joining the AMA, and discussed the possibility of creating an (AMA) MASC club but that's in limbo for a while.

Funding... For some strange reason, our school forbids us (specifically us) from any government grants, so we will be largely tax credit funded.I was incredibly happy when I found that for two parents the maximum donation is $400, so between the 2 or 3 members that are able and willing to do tax credit, it's at least $500 (probably more ) which will set us for a while. But we don't have access to the money until December 2012
If funding permits, I would love to have 4 or 5 "club planes" that are free to use within the club, but that's for a later date.

I'm hoping to have the electronics for the plane ordered in the next 2 weeks, and construction will begin probably Thursday afternoon(?) The club decided that the basic trainer will be a scratchbuilt foamy, so it shouldn't take too long (meeting 2-3 times a week)

I hope to have them flying on a buddy box within 3 weeks (which should be just long enough for shipping from HK and to teach them the basics of flying and electronics etc.

Though it would have been preferable to teach them on an ARF foam plane or something, I am obliged to use their preferences on some parts, and It's not all that big of a deal. (I don't normally do ARFs anyway)

Once these 4 and a freshman can fly well enough to be able to take care of someone on a buddy box, we will expand.

So for long term goals:
Get 4+ planes
Expand in small increments
Balsa and bigger planes
the possibilities are endless.

And the reasons for me starting this club were to share the hobby, and to make a club where a person's income doesn't limit the types of planes and styles they can fly. (Like FPV, UAV, learn to fly 3D, and learning to fly in general).

If you have any questions fell free to ask, if you have any input just post it, and if you want to donate, I'll put a link to the pdf, you don't even have to be local!

And to clarify, this is a High school club, I've been in RC for quite some time now, and I am skilled enough to be able to teach. (And the club will have access to Aerofly on a laptop ) And if you know anyone that goes to Perry High in Gilbert, AZ, just have them PM me

---And another note! This will not be a club that will spend alot, It's going to be one that saves alot and does most of it's stuff. Think DIY modelers, like me. It's going to be one that, for example, rather than buying an awesome radio like an x9503, instead buys a Turnigy 9x and reflashes it, Or hacks a trainer port into an old radio, or uses titebond instead of CA
So so I'm donating the TX/RX until we get donations sorted, and we're all going to "pitch in" like $15 apiece to start.

I'd say this post is terribly structured.
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Jan 23, 2012, 07:46 PM
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That is amazing! Im impressed that this club has survived. Personally I had to go to another high school to join a club.

Be sure to keep us up to date on whats going on.

Jan 23, 2012, 07:54 PM
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Good luck

If your going the 9x route, here is a link that you mite want to do
a short talk about your club and the 9x.

Maybe something good will come from it.

Don't forget about your Local Tech School They can help you on the Mods
of the 9x that require some soldering for program updates.

Our Club has a fun day fly in with the ROTC students from a local school.

It a one day event with pizza / Hot dogs and with two or three on buddy boxes. I do the FMS on a laptop to a short training before the real flying.

Good Luck
Jan 23, 2012, 10:39 PM
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I'll definately keep this updated.

And for our first update, we should have a flyable trainer by the end of next week

I'm going to pick up our electronics at the AEF show Saturday, so we're already ahead.

And thanks for that 9x link, definitely something to read further into. I was planning on doing that, hopefully we can get a 9x or two once they're back in stock at HK.
Jan 31, 2012, 06:05 PM
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Had another meeting today, we should start building a BBAP2 thursday afternoon
Feb 07, 2012, 07:26 PM
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Another Update!

So rather than building a BBAP2 and starting last thursday,
we were forced to start today and for some strange reason teachers wouldn't let us pring the PDF, so rather than wasting time I started a crash course in scratch building

The plane looks pretty nice, I'd say about 30" fuze and 60" wing. It is abit wide boddied and looks somewhat "Piperesque."

Pics later

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