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Oct 08, 2003, 09:44 PM
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Using a Jeti Phasor 30-3 in a 60" fighter?

Below is a flight shot of my 42 1/2" span Sea Fury. I run it on 12 cells, with a 10 X 8 M/A plastic e-prop at 10000 sustained static RPM. It's just silly at full throttle. 650+ Watts input power. The 20 A Phasor, and the 40 amp Jeti controller have not complained at all, even though the battery pack gets hot enough to soften the shrink-wrapping.

The current draw at full throttle tells me that I have gone off the deep end, in terms of efficiency, as the input power is far greater than the output power. flight times are in the 6+ minute range, with 1700 CP cells, and several trips to full throttle. This tells me that, as soon as I throttle back a bit in the air, the efficency shoots up to at least the level of a good geared cobalt motor being run in the optimum range.

Because the Phasor is putting up with this abuse so well, I am considering, for next year moving it into my bigger, 1/8 sized Typhoon (when I fix it - crashed at Ann Arbour last year), with a higher cell count, slightly lower current, and a nice belt reduction, to drive a bigger prop. I know the Typhoon flies well on a 12 x 10 APC glow prop at 8000 RPM. I figure 15 cells, 1.75:1, will give me a little bit better performance to what I originally had in it , and yet stay within the RPM limits of the motor, and keep current down to similar levels as the Sea Fury. I had a borrowed, much bigger brushless in it before, running on 18 cells at a lower, more efficient current (now repaired and returned to its owner). Though the 15000 RPM limit (likely conservative, if anything like the current limit) of the Phasor prevents me from gearing/cell counting it to get the same level of efficiency, I figure actual flight times will be fairly similar, as I only used full throttle on take-off with the old set-up, and was getting remarkable flight times (for a Ni CD fighter).

I can give up 1 minute of an 8 + minute flight if my power system costs half as much, and gives similar performance.

I could also go down from the 24 sub-C sized NiCd's to 15 1900 mAh "A" sized cells to save weight, and reduce some of the need for power. LiPoly's are a bit out of my reach, right now.

Any thoughts?

Ron Daniels
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Oct 08, 2003, 11:45 PM
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Sadly, based on a number of reports, the Phasor RPM limit is not as conservative as the current limit. One possible solution is to take it apart and wrap the rotor with Kevlar thread before it has a chance to throw a magnet.

Talk to Tom Hunt when you order the belt drive about doing this.....
Oct 09, 2003, 12:32 AM
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Go with a Mega 30-3 instead.

No comparison in workmanship, performance, durabilty and quality.

I have a Jeti 30/3 in my Spit, it flies well but wished I put a Mega 30/3 instead. The magnets are getting weak and the endbell keeps falling off:

On the other hand in my Reno I have a Mega 30/3 and it cooks at 800+ watts:

I have flown the Spit for two years & the Reno for one, hundreds of flights on both .

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