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Jan 21, 2012, 02:27 PM
I'd rather be flying!
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Blade mQX micro quad

Hi everyone,

Just had to add one of these to the hangar, as I've never flown a quad before! Wow - this little guy is a blast! Different than, say, the Beast 3D or mCP X, but every bit as much fun - even in a light breeze! Indoors, it is surgically-precise. Nearly as stable as a coaxial heli, yet nearly as agile as my mCP X. I find it far more fun to fly around the house than my mSR or mCP X, and it is an absolute blast to fly in my backyard! It carries a 15g keychain cam with ease - however the extra weight is very noticeable when it's breezy. Most intermediate fixed-wing pilots will have no trouble flying this bird. Especially those who know how to use their rudder for something besides taxiing - such as making coordinated turns. She is very responsive, however. More like a CP heli in this regard. With the response tamed down on low rates, anyone with some coaxial heli experience should feel right at home. This bird is also quite tough. Maybe even close to being 'mSR-tough'. She's a keeper, for sure!!

Here are a few videos.

Hatcam video - maiden flight in my yard. My very first time flying a quad!

Blade mQX maiden - my first quad flight! (8 min 40 sec)

Camcorder video - second flight in my yard. Tried a few loops. I kinda pulled 'em off, but it wasn't pretty. I definitely need to practice!

Blade mQX - 2nd flight - trying some loops (6 min 44 sec)

On-board video in a bit of a breeze. AS3X had its hands full - as did the pilot, at times! Was still fun, though!

Blade mQX - on-board video (6 min 32 sec)

More hatcam video - flying in a 7-11 MPH wind. No payload this time. The little quad handled the gusty conditions better than I had expected. At times, I found it a bit challenging to compensate for the sudden changes in translational lift. Still - this is a very fun little bird to fly - even in a light breeze!

Flying the Blade mQX in a 7-11 MPH wind (7 min 6 sec)

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Jan 21, 2012, 06:40 PM
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Nice videos! Iv'e never had a quadracopter, but this one seems fun! Those loops were cool, but kind of sketchy!
Jan 21, 2012, 07:33 PM
I'd rather be flying!
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Thanks! Yeah, that was my second-ever quad flight, and those were my first attempts at doing a loop. The bird can flip & roll just fine in the hands of a more-experienced multi-rotor pilot.

I've thought about getting a quad since back in the last 90s when Draganflyer pretty much invented the modern multi-rotor. I've always thought about using one as an FPV platform. I've flown fixed-wing for nearly 30 years, and taught myself how to fly CP helis a couple years ago. But I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a quad just to find out if I'd enjoy them. This little guy is so cheap, I figured what the heck. I've been known to spend that much on glow-fuel in two weeks of flying my larger stuff. Well...I'm already looking at the Gaui 333X, along with stab/nav systems that have altitude & position-hold, RTH, and OSD outputs. Guess I'm addicted after about an hour of multi-rotor flight-time!

Jan 29, 2012, 03:00 AM
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I am loving mine also Joel bloody addictive little thing isn't it hehe
Feb 09, 2012, 01:45 AM
I'd rather be flying!
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Originally Posted by Kris...
I am loving mine also Joel bloody addictive little thing isn't it hehe

Yes, it is addicting! I'm loving it! My mCP X hasn't seen much action since the mQX showed up! It's amazing how stable it is, yet how agile it can be, and how well it deals with wind. Richard's new canopy with the camera mount sure looks interesting. I'll definitely be wanting one of those!

We're having one of the mildest winters on record in this part of the country. Temps should have been in the -10 to -30 F range throughout most of Jan and into mid Feb, and we should have a few feet of snow on the ground. Instead, it's been in the 30s & 40s most of the winter, and there are only a few spots in the yard with snow. So, I'm getting in more outdoor flying that ever this winter. I love being able to just walk outside with the mQX & go for a flight - without having to worry much about the wind.


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