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Oct 07, 2003, 10:34 PM
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Feda all in one board repairs

So, I am certain something is drastically wrong with my all in one board. I would go separates, but I just bought this thing.
Does anyone know where I can get repairs done? Does anyone have one of these boards for sale? (freq72.670)
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Oct 08, 2003, 12:56 AM
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Yukonho, I have disected my Dragonfly all-in-one board and have located sources for every component except the gyro - and here are the results:

Conclusions are as follows - mixer is inexorably tied to gyro input - use of offboard gyro is possible but not feasible due to nature of schematic layout and additional components required to make it work.

Both ESC's are of analog type - very slow response time with a TON of deadband and high latency.

Signal (input) selection/rejection portion of Rx is of substandard design and virtually nonexistant.

Verdict - board is not worth repair...
Do a search on this site for "seprates" - this does away with the integrated board and you use 2 esc's and a gyro
Oct 08, 2003, 01:24 AM
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Yukonho, check with your supplier first. They might replace you with a new one if it comes with warranty.
Oct 08, 2003, 07:30 AM
I see the future.
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Tocano Everyone who has sent these things away says it takes months to return. By then I wont even want it!

Gimbal OK. I am convinced. I am going separates. My question is this. Have you figured out a way to use just the Gyro that is built in? Or, do you know of any way to bypass the receiver part and use the mixer and Gyro. Or failing that, can I make a gyro with the parts on the board? I am going with a real Gyro anyway, but I am a tinkerer so I want to see if I can do any of these things.
Oct 08, 2003, 09:07 AM
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Yes, you can use the gyro that is built in - more of a angular velocity sensor just by itself. I looked at the output on my o-scope and it is powered by CMOS TTL compatiable voltages. Seperating the RX portion from the rest of the board is also possible, but far more trouble than its worth in the long run...interrestingly enough, the chip being used for RX actually has an extra output that isn't being used for another channel. The entire board appears to be built from off the shelf components with no custom components being used.

To answer the gyro question more fully, you could use the angular velocity sensor and a few external components (read power supply) too make a gyro, but I hardly think it is worth the effort. The sensor does have power and signal inputs and a signal output.
Oct 08, 2003, 09:09 AM
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BTW, I forgot to ask - what problem is your board displaying?
Oct 08, 2003, 12:21 PM
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He , i live in Montreal too , so if you need help you can give me a buzz ... i have a Corona , a piccolo and a humingbird , and soon , a logo10 or Eolo plus 9 planes ... hehe it's caled addiction .

Like someone said before , can you exactly tell us what is the problem ... maybe it's not related to to feda all in one .

I had a lot of problem with my picoboard ... since , i did go separate : WOW ... a lot better . Right now , i use the gyro of my Corona , but i have another one on the way . I tried to fix the piccoboard , but i trow it in the garbage after awhile . One advantage is , when you are separate , if there is a problem , you can really diagnose . If you intend to buy a new feda all in one , it will almost cost you the same price of going separate ...

Just call Etienne at www.Icare-rc.com ( he is in montreal ) , he have some nice verry small speed controler that will help you setup the thing ( and a couple of brushless motor if you are interested hehehehe ) . If you look at GWS speed control , you can try zebrahobby ( on the net ) .
Oct 08, 2003, 06:22 PM
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Thanks guys.
Here is what happened.
I just bought a HB. The previous owner had no luck flying. When I set it up and tried to fly, I noticed that the fore/aft cyclic servo was reversed. Normally this wouyld be no problem, just throw a switch right. The cheap transmitter that comes with the heli had no reversing switches. This was a RTF from the factory with this setup!! Anyway, I reversed the wires on the servo, red for black. OOPS blew the servo instantly. re wired with a hs55 and it worked for 10 minutes, and then wouldn't arm anymore. when I power up, the red light flashes, and the one servo goes to its limit. Then the red light stops flashing and the servo returns to middle position and holds there. Motors wont arm, nothing. I know I screwed something up when I switched the servo wires around and if I could turn back time for those two seconds I would be really happy.
If I could just bypass the receiver, I would be happy. Or better yet I would like to repair it.
I have a spare mixer and a real gyro on the way, but I still want to try.