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Jan 15, 2013, 01:58 AM
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Piper Cub Lettering

Finally applied the cubs lettering today
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Jan 16, 2013, 07:14 PM
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New Flight Battery

Bought a :
Venom 5C 2S 2400mAh
7.4 Receier/Transmitter Flat Pack LiPO Battery

Weight: 3.5 oz (99.2 g)
Battery Type: Lithium Polymer (LiPO Battery)
Configuration: 2S1P
Dimensions: 92 x 30 x 18 mm / 3.62 x 1.18 x 0.71 in
Plug Type: Universal Receiver Plug
Lithium ELC in Grams: 1.44
Wire Gauge: 22 AWG
Capacity: 2400mAh
Cell Count: 2
Volts: 7.4
Charge Rate: 0.5C (1.2A)
C Rate: 5C
Continuous Discharge: 5C (12A)
Min Discharge Volts Per Pack: 6V
Max Burst Rate: 7C (17A)
Max Volts Per Cell: 4.2V
Max Volts Per Pack: 8.4V
Watt Hours: 17.76

$39.49 After tax OUCH! ...thats local for yah!!
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Jan 16, 2013, 09:37 PM
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My Homemade Helicopter Starting Wand

My Homemade Helicopter Starting Wand (shaft)
Fits any rubber aircraft field starter (Hobbico, ect)

Bought a Mastercraft spade bit extension 12" approx
it had a quick release end that tapers on the one end
on the other was a torx that is the same width as any torx style removable screwdriver bit

I carefully filled the sides of that end to get beteen 5.5 to 6 torx size

The tapered end (quick realease end) fits and grabs the rubber perfectly on my 12v field starter

The Homemade wand fits inside the torx hole on my Webra .35 Nitro Perfectly!!

And It's outside I go in the morning to try my heli

The chuck end was not big enough
I added a stubby rubber philips screwdriver to the chuck end and it works ok
However my 12v starter is just to worn to crank the new webra long as it has great compression
So I need a new starter before i can break in the engine
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Jan 16, 2013, 11:17 PM
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JR Venture CP 30 & Walkera Dragonfly

just an attempt to catch the maiden mishaps from onboard lol

will post maiden video here when im done

In a trade recently I got a ACE RC GT5 Flybarless Gyro & Walkera Dragonfly #36
Need some parts or work but something for a project on a rainy day

Added pic of flight controllers ,gyros ect
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Jan 21, 2013, 12:02 AM
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KK v5.5 Right Angle Connector Modification

Frday my right angle 3 row (servo) connectors came in
I figured it was time to put them to use on my FC's, starting with the KK

So far its working out well...more to come when im finished

If I only had a solder sucker or some desoldering braid make the job quicker

Added Finished Pics
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Jan 26, 2013, 09:16 AM
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Usefull Links For Builders

Misc Airframe Links for builders - I will Keep adding more links - send me anything You think is usefull too!

Good electronics info

An Introduction to the Multicopter World

XFLR5 is an analysis tool for airfoils, wings and planes

MotoCalc is an Electric Flight Performance Prediction program for Windows and is available for a 30 day free trial. MotoCalc has an internal database of thousands of motors/props/etc. and can make power/flight predictions based on data input.
Electric Motor Calculator by Diversity Model Aircraft is a free online tool for matching props to motors to batteries.
Propeller Thrust Calculator is a free online calculator to give thrust from given propeller and RPM or vice versa.
MultiSurface Aerodynamics is an airfoil and wing analysis software package. The software predicts lift and drag for multiple interacting wings.
Motor Balancing
LC Tuned Circuit Resonant Frequency Calculator
Single layer air core inductor calculator

Electronic Speed Controller Links
HobbyKing Atmel Atmega Socket Flashing Tool

Silabs ESC`s
SiLabs ESC Flashing
Update: BLHeli rev8.0 with more features and supported ESCs! sskaug on RCG:

The changes are focused towards multirotor performance:
- Added a 2 second delay after power up, to wait for receiver initialization
- Added a programming option for disabling low voltage limit, and made it default for MULTI
- Added programable demag compensation, using the concept of SimonK
- Improved robustness against noisy input signal
- Refined direct startup
- Removed voltage compensation
- Miscellaneous other changes

And a lot of escs have been added:
- RCTimer 6A ESC / RCX 6A
- Turnigy AE45 ESC
- Turnigy Plush 40/60/80A
- Origin/Oversky/HK ESCs
- Hobbywing Skywalker 40A sbec

Arduino Flashing Using •AVRBurnTool and the Arduino
Silprog hexs are at the bottom of this page under “Current firmware and software” which is currently called owSilProg v20120715 as of this posting.

Atmel ESC`s
SimonK ESC Flashing
Spreadsheet For Firmware Files & Corresponding ESC's
SimonK .hex flash files can be downloaded here
USBasp Drivers
Khazama Programming Software
Light Controller ESC Mod

Flashable ESC List

Thin Ultra Light Heatshrink

Battery info
Nickel Cadmium (NiCd)
Energy/Weight: 40-60 Wh/kg
Nominal Cell Voltage: 1.2V
Fully Charged Cell Voltage: 1.2V
Depleted Cell Voltage: 0.8-1.0V

Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMh)
Energy/Weight: 30-80 Wh/kg
Nominal Cell Voltage: 1.2V
Fully Charged Cell Voltage: 1.35-1.4 V (unloaded)
Depleted Cell Voltage: 1.0V

Energy/weight: 160 Wh/kg
Nominal Cell Voltage: 3.6 / 3.7 V
Fully Charged Cell Voltage: 4.2V
Lowest Cell Discharge Voltage Before Damage: 2.4v to 3.0v

Lithium-Ion Polymer (LiPo)
Energy/weight: 130-200 Wh/kg
Nominal Cell Voltage: 3.7V
Fully Charged Cell Voltage: 4.23V
Lowest Cell Discharge Voltage Before Damage: 3.0V

LIPO Capacity @ Voltage per cell (cell voltages, multiply by cell count for pack voltage, i.e. for 3S pack multiply x 3)

4.20v = 100%
4.03v = 76%
3.86v = 52%
3.83v = 42%
3.79v = 30%
3.70v = 11%
3.6?v = 0%

Capacity below 3.7V "resting" is not usable for flying, it's where the battery voltage dumps and damage begins.

Avg Resting V % Remaining Capacity (for 3S pack, divide by 3 for cell voltages)

11.0V-- 17% (3.67V per cell)
11.1 --- 26 (3.70V per cell)
11.2 --- 30 (3.73V per cell)
11.3 --- 37 (3.77V per cell)
11.4 --- 46 (3.80v per cell)
11.5 --- 50 (3.83V per cell)
11.6 --- 57 (3.87V per cell)
11.7 --- 63 (3.90V per cell)
11.8 --- 69 (3.93V per cell)
11.9 --- 77 (3.97V per cell)
12.0 --- 83 (4.00V per cell)

Flight Controllers
Arduino 2560 Based AeroQuad
Naze32 - Adroid GUI Config Tool Apk - Windows GUI Tool(GCS) Atlernate Windows GUI
Google Chrome Plugin Baseflight Configurator
Cirrus AIO
KK 2.0
KK 5.5
& LazyZero KKmulticopter Flash Tool
Open Areo (KK2.0) Files
Ardupilot (legacy)
Open Pilot CC3D

Radio Links

The Spektrum trainer port only gives either PPM-in or PPM-out, not both at the same time.
There's no power supply from the port and channels from the trainer can not be reassigned in a Tx menu.
Spektrum DX6i trainer: Inverted 6ch PPM, 3.0V idle, 0V active. 22ms fixed frame-length. 400us peaks. Signal width spans at least 930-1930us.
Insert trainer plug when Tx is off to output PPM (trainer).
Start the Tx first to input PPM (master).
When sending PPM to the Tx, at least 6 channels must be present (6-9 verified to work).
Frame length must be shorter than approx. 28ms.

9X Mod Forum
Futaba Module Adapter For 9x
9x Solderless Programmer Board with LED Backlight Support
This add-on board was designed for the Flysky 2.4Ghz 9-channel radio transmitter model number FS-TH9B,
commonly referred to as the "9x". It is also sold under various other re-branded model names and numbers,
including (but not limited to): Flysky FS-TH9X, Eurgle 2.4Ghz, iMax 9x, and Turnigy 9x

9X Thread

9XR Module Bay Pinout = top pin 1 is PPM out, pin 3 is VCC and pin 4 is gnd.
PPM signal is set to 22.5ms and 300us, 12 channel.

Open LRS

FPV Links
E-OSD From HobbyKing
E-OSD Mod Thread
My Pics/Post Of Mod
E-OSD Good Closeup Pics Of Mod
NTSC Files Links
PAL Files Link
MinNazaOSD & Modifying the MinimOSD Charset
Radio antenna info & abbriviations

Pan/Tilt & Gimbal Related

OlliW's Micro Brushless Gimbal Add-On (arduino pro mini)

Motor Calc

Overseas Tracking

According to the regulations of UPU number rules, each number consists of 2 letters, 9 digits and the last 2 letters are standard ISO-3166 pointing to the origin of sender. Partial countries might have special number rules.

ĞAğ - Mail is not insured (less than 2 kg)
ĞRğ - Registered Mail (less than 2 kg)
ĞVğ - Registered Mail (Insured)(less than 2 kg)
ĞCğ - Ordinary Parcel (more than 2 kg)
ĞLğ - Airmail E-packet (less than 2 kg)
ĞEğ - Express Mail Service (EMS more than 2 kg)

Eg: RR123456789CN is a registered mail shipped by China Post.

•HongKong Post (tracking number starts with "RT" and ends with "HK" ,i.e:RT123456789HK)
•China Post Registered Airmail (tracking number starts with "R" and ends with "CN" ,i.e:RR123456789CN)
•China Post Express Mail Service (EMS,tracking number starts with "E" and ends with "CN" ,i.e:EA123456789CN)
•eBay ePacket (also called EUB (tracking number starts with "LK" and ends with "CN" ,i.e:LK123456789CN)
•Hong Kong Post Airmail/EMS (tracking number starts with "R" and ends with "HK" ,i.e RB123456789HK)
•Singapore Post Register Mail (tracking number starts with "R" and ends with "SG" ,i.e RB123456789SG)
•Russia Tracking (tracking number starts with "RA" and ends with "RU" ,i.e RA123456789RU)
•HKIPOST Tracking (tracking starts with "RE" and ends with "HK" ,i.e: RE482540532HK)
•ZHY Express Tracking (tracking starts with "RC" and ends with "HK" ,i.e: RC123456789HK)
•PTT Turkey Tracking (tracking starts with "RR" and ends with "TR" ,i.e: RR123456789TR)

Hard Case Links (GCS/Transmitters ect)

Scale Lighting
Programmable Controller - Delight Starter Kit
L.E.D Calc

LED Calculator

It is convention to put the letter/symbol for the multiplier/scale factor in place of the decimal point. This is to ensure clarity where schematics are copied and decimal points could be overlooked. So:

0R15 = 0.15 Ohm
4k7 = 4.7k, 4700 Ohms
6M8 = 6.8M, 6800000 Ohms
1V6 = 1.6V
2n2 = 2.2nF
4u7 = 4.7uF

usb joystick

TinyTrak3 version 11

Sample station!call=a%2FVE3UEL-1&t...3600&tail=3600

Morse Code Arduino (encoder/decoder)

Prototyping PCB Boards

Cheap OSD with GPS


heres a neat project thread

EMI EMF Shielding info
EM Shielding Types

Chip Programming Sockets, Adapters & Chips



LQFP44 TQFP44 to Dip40 Test Socket Programmer Converter Adapter For AVR + ISP
usd$28.98 ( Socket Converter )

usd$28.99 ( Socket Converter
gbp$11.18 ATMEGA1284P-AU Atmel MCU,
8Bit, Avr, 128K Flash, ATMEGA1284P-AU
Atmel MCU, 8Bit, Avr, 128K Flash, TQFP44
ATmega32A-AU ATmega32A MCU, 8BIT TQFP44


TQFP32 QFP32 FQFP32 PQFP32 to DIP32 Universal Socket Adapter Converter
usd$22.49 ( Socket Converter )

QFP32/TQFP32/FQFP32/PQFP32 TO DIP32 socket Adapter
usd$37.90 ( Socket Converter )
usd$2.50 Atmega328P TQFP-32 ATMEGA328P-AU


SOIC8 SOP8 to DIP8 EZ Programmer Adapter Socket Converter Module With 150mil
usd$2.69 ( Socket Converter )
usd@1.29 ATTINY13A-SU TINY13A-SU Microcontroller K92X Original ATTINY13A-SU TINY13A-SU Microcontroller K9

Metal Detector
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Feb 10, 2013, 05:23 PM
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E-OSD Conversion To an CL-OSD

Heres my E-OSD Conversion To an CL-OSD (E-OSD GPS)

Took a while to get my windows working right to program the flash
quite a bit of reading and asking questions here

Ive posted various precompiled configs here for NTSC and links to PAL ones too

It's turned out quite well for a $13.13 OSD from HobbyKing that now has support for gps, and many more functions after the flash and some soldering

Planning on using my EM406A Gps Module
That Features:
• 20-Channel Receiver
• Extremely high sensitivity : -159dBm
• 10m Positional Accuracy / 5m with WAAS
• Hot Start : 1s
• Warm Start : 38s
• Cold Start : 42s
• 70mA at 4.5-6.5V
• Outputs NMEA 0183 and SiRF binary protocol

• 30mm x 30mm x 10.5mm
• 16g including cable

AVR8 Burn-O-Mat
Download Page

Flitetest Tutorial

Future Current Sensor Add-On

Added Screenshot of test of my Ublox 5\
Added full pic of all wiring harnesses ready
Added HK AreoRC G-OSD with GPS too

List Of Flashable Tested HobbyKing OSD's
EOSD $13.13 (If you add the pins for gps EOSD-GPS)
GOSD $24.21

Arduino tv out code page for reference (not eosd)

Arduino Video Overlay Shield (not eosd)

To Calibrate GPS In Code
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Feb 21, 2013, 02:54 PM
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Hoverthings HT-FPV Naze32 Swap to KK2.0

Finally figured I would give the KK2.0 a try
Everything came today packaged in a box from hobbyking

Removed wire harness for esc's
Added a Power distribution board

Mounted the KK

need to do something about the top plate as with the pins on the KK it wont attach ,they should be optional right angles available

possibly changing them to right angles if i cant get longer standoffs

Update ------> Finally Changed Standoffs
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Mar 01, 2013, 01:36 AM
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Gopro Live Video Feed FPV Cables

Sample pics

Some technical info:

2.5mm jack for gopro early version:
Connector tip: White wire
Second from tip: Red wire
Third from tip: Yellow wire
Fourth from tip: Green wire

GoPro HD Hero:
Green = Ground
Red = Audio Out
Yellow = Video Out
White = Audio Out

GoPro Large Connector Pinouts

Pin- Function
1- GND
2- R video out – component Pb/Cb or composite (composite video out activated by grounding ID2 and ID3, component video out activate by grounding ID2).
3- G video out – component Y
4- B video out – component Pr/Cr
5- USB +5V power
6- as above
7- USB Data+
8- USB Data-
9- GND
10- Audio out Right
11- Audio out Left
12- Pwr/Mode button (tie to ground to activate)
13- Playback mode button (tie to ground to activate)
14- Audio in Right
15- Audio in Left
16- IR input
17- Trig digital output
18- GND (?)
19- ID1 digital input
20- ID2 digital input
21- ID3 digital input
22- ID4 digital input
23- Adapter output – power output for external equipment (follows internal battery power).
24- as above, but only powered when camera is on
25- VBat+ external power input ?
26- as above
27- GND
28- DATA interface I2C
29- CLK interface I2C
30- GND

5.8Ghz Skew Planer "Cloverleaf" Sample Pic

3.6v Water generator
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Mar 04, 2013, 08:37 PM
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Can you Identify these mounts?

I have had these for sometime

World Models Anti Vibe Mount 1.2-1.4 FS
Anti Vibration mount for 1.20 - 1.40 4 stroke engines (Only for PL5911120).

looks as if the main motor mounts have been cut so they are separate now on mine


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Mar 09, 2013, 05:19 PM
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It's Getting Crowded In The Hobby Shanty

Recent pics of the hobby shanty
we use it to build & store rc gear and watch movies outside of the house
so far the projector has came down as the room has shrunk and we lost the wall space
going to need to build more storage lol

Receiver sizes??? why are some so big?
see pics
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Mar 11, 2013, 06:47 PM
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When you know your Dedicated to RC!!!

As the title says.....Need I say more!

Mar 19, 2013, 12:36 PM
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Easystar I - Build & Mods

Still deciding what mods and route to take with this

Added pics of progress....more to come

Also my 70mm edf motor conversion to an inrunner motor (using CA insta set can)
The diameter ended up being to much to fit the plane lo

I went with the stock 400 motor for now (attached by velcro)

SUNDAY UPDATE (March 24 2013)
Flew it today fies great, using the stock motor and a 3s 1800mah had to add two wieghts to the nose for GC
awesome landing too
Ordered these for it:...

XK2845-B-2000/17725 XK2845-B-2000kv Brushless Inrunner = $16.43
PA-4MM-6MM-A/19592 Propeller Adapter (Colet Type) 4mm = $1.88
MA5545/8006 Master Airscrew propeller 5.5x4.5 (2pc) = $2.62
not a bad price all together for some added power for the extra gear for fpv

Came in yesterday (April 3rd 2013)
the prop adapter was way to big on the shaft to fit the prop but I had another to use


Changed over to the brushless system (April 17th 2013)
pics added


Added covering to rudder (May 2nd 2013)
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