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Jan 14, 2012, 06:34 PM
Team Hello Kitty
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Juan's Frozen Chosen contest, Jan 14 2012

Here's a copy of Juan Mota's club email announcement sent out on Jan 10:

Juan Mota productions will host the first fun fly/feed of the year.

The Frozen Chosen will be a 3 round TD contest with a lunch break followed by an informal ALES contest

First non-contest flights begin at 0800

Small award for longest flight between 0800 and 0830

Another award for longest flight between 0830 to 0930.

Pilots meeting at 1000.
3,5,7 in any order. Standard landing tapes.

Lunch time demos
Electrics Helis and cross country

ALES starts at noon

Free Radian stick time for any visitor with club instructor

The other lou is in charge of the food.

You don't want to miss this day
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Jan 14, 2012, 09:11 PM
Team Hello Kitty
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Day's Summary from Juan Mota


Jan 14 and we had just an awesome day!

Mang it was all there pardner.

Early it was just Kipp, Mike and Juan. Kipp and Mike won just for flying early in the very cold but still morning air.

Great help from all. Too many to mention here.

The TD contest. Bad CD, too easy. Great air all day.
Lots of fun.

Wonderful food! Thanks Lou.

The Demos were cool.


Mang that mass launch was so cool.

For Jan 14 we had lots of visitors and kids.

Today is how I remember SVSS

Thanks to all

Juan Mota
Owner and Pilot of
The Great Pumpkin
Jan 15, 2012, 12:10 AM
Team Hello Kitty
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ALES scores from Aric

First, this was a great day for flying at the Davis field. We had more visitors today that I have seen all year. After the contest I gave a ground school class to two families with about 6 kids. While they arrived after the final mass launch of the day, they were thrilled to see individual winch and ALES launches. They learned about rudders, elevators, servos, receivers, the basics of airflow over a wing along with a chance to see inside a plane and watch the servos moving. One recommendation. Before doing a demo, I removed one connector from between the ESC and motor to avoid any chance of a motor start while kids were close by.

I have been asked about the scores. This was a fun-fly and many cards I got back were blank, so while there were a dozen pilots, there were only scores submitted for six pilots.

Rank Pilots          Final Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3
1    Scott Woodward  3103  1035 1030 1038
2    Carl Vega       3031  1000 1045  986
3    Ron Kucera      3009   978  993 1038
4    Aric Wilmunder  2988   978 1027  983
5    Lou Fox         2893   972  933  988
6    Bill Curry      2775   726 1018 1030
Aric Wilmunder
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Jan 15, 2012, 09:44 AM
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Kudos to Juan Mota et al

Yesterday was the most fun contest that I can remember. So much laughter. I judge the success of an event not by it's scores but by the amount of laughter amongst it's participants. That one broke the mold. Two contests, lots of fun flying, scads of visitors, a gorgeous day and a lunch fit for a king. We need to do that again!!!

That's how I always want to remember SVSS.

Events like that don't just happen. Certain people take it upon themselves to set the stage for a fun time for the rest of us. First and foremost is Juan Mota. He called in a favor from the Big Guy and arranged a perfect day for flying toy airplanes. Did you notice all the visitors at the field? There were dozens because of Lou Fox. Lou contacted the Davis Enterprise and they published an announcement of the event. Half a dozen members scrambled to address our "wardrobe malfunction" when the winches went on strike. Chef Lou, (I'm sorry I don't know your last name) you were the star attraction. That was a five star lunch. I case you don't know Lou doesn't fly he just enjoys making people happy. That lunch came from one of my all time favorite restaurants, Buca di Beppo.

Thank you all for making yesterday one of my most memorable days at SVSS!
Jan 15, 2012, 11:04 AM
Team Hello Kitty
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TD Scores

Here are the (not so) Frozen TD scores courtesy of our scoremaster Dudley:
Pilot            Class    Round 1  Round 2  Round 3  Total  Normal for YTD     
Chris Bajorek    Master   1090     1083     1093     3265    100.0 
Scott Meader     Master   1096     1073     1091     3260    99.8 
Scott Woodward   Master   1071     1095     1091     3256    99.7 
Bill Curry       Master   1084     1074     1092     3250    99.5 
Dudley Dufort    Expert   1083     1096     1070     3249    99.5 
Kipp Geisler     Master   1095     1032     1090     3216    98.5 
Neil Nolte       Master   1064     1060     1083     3207    98.2 
Aric Wilmunder   Sports.  1076     1018     1059     3153    96.6 
Mike Myers       Expert   1063     1027     1031     3122    95.6 
Tom Carmody      Expert   1023     1036     1061     3120    95.5 
Ron Kucera       Expert   1029      983     1070     3082    94.4 
Lou Fox          Sports.  1041      949      993     2983    91.4 
Joan Nolte       Expert    997     1010      943     2950    90.4 
Bill Rinkleib    Sports.  1061      870      848     2779    85.1
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Jan 15, 2012, 01:41 PM
while I kiss the sky
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Thanks SVSS!

Thanks SVSS, for your hospitality.
Tammy and I had a great time at the field today.

The ALES mass launches, were very impressive.
I enjoyed participating in the open class TD competition a few years ago,
but I think ALES will be a better fit for me, as I am more comfortable/relaxed flying
the new breed of foam gliders, than the carbon fiber planes.
I also like the convenience of flying/gliding without a winch.

This hobby sure has come a long way, since I first got involved with it 20 years ago

I want to thank Ron Kucera, for the Radian stick time today.
Tammy and I liked the Radian Glider, and Ron was very helpful and kind, to let us fly his.
Tammy was impressed by how friendly the Club was,
and greatly appreciated the opportunity to try RC flying today.

Ron was a great teacher, and made Tammy comfortable learning how to fly.
She was thrilled by the experience, and is interested in doing more,
so we stopped by RC Country on the way home, to look at the fun stuff there.

Saturday was the one year anniversary since we started dating, and
I have to say that, Tammy is the best girlfriend ever

Dave Finberg
Tammy Helenesky

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