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Jan 01, 2012, 09:00 PM
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Does anyone know the Syma s107 vs s107g story?

For Christmas we got some Syma helis from Amazon. They were listed as Syma s107/s107g, so we figured the g must have made little difference. After ordering, four s107's (not g) and one s107g came. We've flown them all quite a bit, and I've checked to make sure they're not clones (yes I have checked the blades' warning labels, rounded tail props, and proper blade holders). They all work fine, but the s107g has several differences. It came with a 2 band (A-B) remote, while the s107's came with a 3 band (A-B-C) remote. The s107g takes longer to charge, and the LED that indicates a linked remote is green rather than the red flashing one the s107's have. The s107g also came with a slightly different charging cable. They're all exceptionally great quality, but I'm a bit disgusted at what I can't find online about the difference between the two. In the future, I'd like to know which one is available (they do break, you know), and why Syma's website ( only has the s107g on it. Also, why can't you buy specifically a s107 or s107g; instead of playing the Amazon lottery to get the one you want? Does anyone have knowledge on this subject? I'm not interested in repeated clone stuff, unless all s107's are clones. The s107g has an R5 board, and the s107's aren't labeled. So far, I far prefer the s107 (not g) because of the 3 band selector. The s107g also has some loose rear motor connecting wires. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Jan 02, 2012, 10:51 AM
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Try the coaxial department... they have your answers
Jan 02, 2012, 12:25 PM
You fly birds, I fly HAWKS!
Hello ammon.
The "s" in Syma stands for "syma'' so s107 means Syma 107.
The "g" stands for "gyroscope".
All genuine Syma models have gyroscope technology so dont worry if it has a "g" or not. Dont worry about the "s" either.
Syma 107, Syma s107g, s107, 107g,and all the other combinations are the same.
If your worried about having a counterfeit Syma just look and see if it has the geniune logo on the box.
Looks like this.

and will usually be located in the top right corner.

Dont really worry about how much channels you have and such. You might have the old syma or the new one, but both are pretty good.
Good luck.
Jan 18, 2012, 06:44 AM
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Fake Clone ( Blue ) / Real (Red )Syma107G

I have a Fake big difference in quality
Plus the Circuit board is Green and does not have any Syma s markings

The tail rotor housing is loose / junk literally - The main blades have sloppy Warning on it and missing letters no numbers or letters

The nose cone is just poorly made one side is shorter than the other
In general it is poor quality
I totally took it apart last night it has grinding gyro gears that overheat the 2 main motors . The wiring was pinched and nearly severed the front motor it was assembled like this ...Name: Syma S107G Real and Clone 006.jpg
Views: 370
Size: 102.4 KB

Name: Syma S107G Real and Clone 003.jpg
Views: 303
Size: 77.7 KB

Name: Syma S107G Real and Clone 005.jpg
Views: 440
Size: 101.6 KB

Name: Syma S107G Real and Clone 009.jpg
Views: 363
Size: 74.5 KB

Name: Syma S107G Real and Clone 001.jpg
Views: 313
Size: 99.3 KB
I am working on it
Ordered new gears i'll have to slightly move the Front Motor hole a little bit and try re mating the gears so they do not grind

I told the vendor who sells tons of these crap items that it does not work

He has been one of those fly by night Ebay rip offs
I compared it to one of my other Real S107G and big difference in quality

I mean Technically all these little things are manufactured over seas china etc... I guess there is always a clone rip off company out there Buylaasa is no good .

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