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Dec 30, 2011, 07:56 AM
Why so serious?
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Thread OP

Multiplex EasyStar 2012 -14 A discussion of anything EasyStar & sometimes more

Multiplex EasyStar - 2012 -2014 A discussion of anything EasyStar & sometimes more

Hello and welcome to our 2012 EasyStar thread.

My name is Gene and I have the privilege of starting the new 2012 EasyStar thread.

I take over for Kevin Hines who started the 2010 and 2011 threads. Kevin has either created or gathered and made available most all the present information in this first page. This information comes from people like you over the years who buy, learn and fly the EasyStar. This opening page will be a work in progress and be added to and modified over the next year with the newest and most popular modification for the EasyStar I and EasyStar II as they develop.

Two friends of mine on this thread, Chairwolf (Bob) and NightRunner417 (Rick) have volunteered to help maintain and update sections of this first page. I feel the more people involved the better this thread gets.

So welcome again and feel free to browse around, ask questions, give advice, run off topic with us at times and have some fun as we share and learn in this hobby.


The attraction of the EasyStar (aka ES & EZ*) is EZ to understand:
-It's a favorite model for teaching new RC pilots how to fly RC;
-It's simple to begin with, having only three channels;
-It's resistant to damage owing to it’s wonderful Multiplex Elapor foam, and it's even better since it's a pusher, so the propeller & motor are protected during hard landings;
-It's stable and thus good for beginners;
-It's stability along with it's upgradability, make it great for many types of RC flying such as AP (Aerial Photography), AV (Aerial Video) and FPV (First person View, aka Video Pilotage); and
-It has achieved an amazing following of loyal, fun fans.

The “Sometimes More” Family of ES Pilots:
We are a varied group of people from many walks of life, who all share a passion for this wonderful RC model airplane, and sometimes we get a little off-topic… but eventually we come back to what brings us together…. The EasyStar.

As Brandie mentioned in the 2006 thread:

"From time to time you will see other "off topic" items come up. From the weather where I live is..., to I am getting married tomorrow and I..., to I am thinking about this other plane and I am wondering... That is because this forum has become like a large family.

So come and join in on the fun.

Welcome to the family, the family of EZ owners".

Links to the past “EasyStar and Sometime More” threads:
2011 EasyStar Thread #28, KevinHines:
2010 EasyStar Thread #27, KevinHines:
2009 EasyStar Thread #26, Sarge, sargentw:
2008 EasyStar Thread #25, 2008-Part 2, Mark Jayne:
2008 EasyStar Thread #24, 2008-Part 1, Mark Jayne:
2007 EasyStar Thread #23, Alex, AlexEames:
Multiplex Easy Star Thread #22 - A discussion of anything Easy Star and sometimes more, Brandie, Grassy Knoll,
Multiplex Easy Star Thread #21 - What more can I say??, July 2006-Dec, 2006, rwcorleyze,
Multiplex Easy Star Thread #20 - The plane that gives so much and ask so little!, June 2005-July, 2005, Brandie, Grassy Knoll,
Multiplex Easy Star Thread #19 - Loved and respected by Beginners and Seasoned Flyers, May 2005-June 2005, Brandie, Easy Star Thread #18 - Voted By Owners To Be The Best Airplane Ever, April 2005-May 2005, Brandie,
Multiplex Easy Star Thread #17 - The biggest trilogy ever!, March 2005-April 2005, jcosta,
Multiplex Easy Star Thread #16 - The Greatest Trainer Ever Created, Feb 2005-March 2005, Brandie,
Multiplex Easy Star Thread #15 - The New Generation, Jan 2005-Feb 2005, splash99,
Multiplex Easy Star Thread #14 - Better'n sliced bread!, Dec 2004-Feb 2005, Ed, intheswamp,
Multiplex Easy Star Thread #13 - Epic Adventure, superboss, Nov 2004-Dec2004,
Multiplex Easy Star Thread #12 - Ongoing Saga, Oct 2004-Nov 2004 TreeTrimmer,
Multiplex Easy Star Thread #11 - The Next Generation, Sept 30th - Oct 25th 2004, jcosta,
Multiplex Easy Star Thread #10 - Part 10, Sept 9th - Sept 30th 2004, splash99,
Multiplex Easy Star Thread #09 - Part 09, Aug 1st - Sept 9th 2004, jcosta,
Multiplex Easy Star Thread #08 - Part 08, June 21st - Aug 1st 2004, Bad Attitude,
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Multiplex Easy Star Thread #06 - Part 06, May 18th - June 3rd 2004, Zoomzoom,
Multiplex Easy Star Thread #05 - Part 05, May 3rd - May 18th 2004, Treetop,
Multiplex Easy Star Thread #04 - Part 04, April 8th - May 3rd 2004, jcosta,
Multiplex Easy Star Thread #03 - Part 03, March 12th - April 8th 2004, tim hooper,
Multiplex Easy Star Thread #02 - Part 02, Feb 17th 2004 - March 12th 2004, tim hooper,
Multiplex Easy Star Thread #01 - Part 01 - New from Multiplex: EasyStar, Aug 21st 2003 - Feb 17th, 2004, Jürgen, Jurgen Heilig,

Links to EasyStar-Related Info
-Sarge's EasyStar build and modification thread:
-ScrtSqrl's Big-Wing EasyStar thread:
-The EasyStar Propeller Direction thread:
-Brandie's Elapor soup method of repairing the EasyStar's elapor foam:
-Patrick Plawner's EasyStar Review:
-Searchable PDF file with all 22 threads up to June 2006, courtesy of JediKnight:
-Jürgen's Cheap Brushless Motors for EasyStar Thread:
-ScrtSqrl's Easy Guide for Getting Started in FPV with the EasyStar: and
-The EasyStar Fan Page: many cool EasyStar mods and upgrades, & even a great transport box:
-Mr.Pibb's EasyStar Build Guide (a pdf file):
-Mongrel's Swept Wing EasyStar Thread:
-"FPV EasyStar" Thread:
-Mark Jayne's website with plenty of EasyStar mods and videos: (unfortunately Mark's web site is no longer online)

Sarge's Sage EasyStar Advice:

Sarge said this so well, that I'd like to repeat his words here...

"To me the EZ* is one of the best all round flying and the safest plane in my hangar. The EZ*’s soft foam body, rear facing prop, light weight, break-away wings, and relatively slow flying speed gives me a level of comfort to fly in parks, the ocean front, and electric RC fly-ins.

Based on experience it’s my opinion that new flyers/builders should start with the “stock” Ready to Fly (RTF) EZ*. Simple, slower, and safer are the better way to go when starting the hobby with an EZ*.

Whenever I post in the EZ* thread I try and keep new flyers and youngsters in mind. Even though we talk about advanced modifications and flying in the thread all new flyers should feel comfortable posting any questions..."

Sarge, Thank you for keeping the spirit of the EasyStar family going through 2009... we all owe you for the work you have given to the community.

We also owe a lot to so many other people as well, like JoeKnight, Brandie, Jurgen, MarkJayne, AlexEames ... far too many people to mention... I have learned a lot from all of you EasyStar veterans over the years ... Thank you!

Where to Buy an EasyStar:

or, and shipping is only $4.95 for kits, recommended by Rickochet
or, use coupon code "bestservice" for a discount, recommended by AJBaker & by Sparken57
or an Aussie distributor:, recommended by Mr.Krinkle

-Ready For Radio:

-RTF (Ready To Fly):

If you own an EasyStar
... then please join in the fun and post... perhaps ask a question, help a new pilot with their questions, attach a picture of your EasyStar, or a link to your EasyStar video... If you don't own an EasyStar, then I recommend that you buy an EasyStar, fly it, & discover how much fun it is!

New RC Pilots... and those who want to become one:
Please feel free to join in and ask your questions... we all started out as new RC pilots, and we went through the same learnings you are going through... we are a pretty friendly group, and we'd like to welcome you to this great hobby... so please join in!

Interested in FPV with the EZ Star? We cover some here but check out the EasyStar FPV thread also.

Welcome to the EasyStar 2012 Thread!
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Dec 30, 2011, 07:57 AM
Why so serious?
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Thread OP
EasyStar Photos

I will collect & post EasyStar photos from everyone in this thread ... so please post any photos you'd like to contribute or see added, & ask me to add them to this photo-compilation post. Thanks.

This EasyStar artwork created by HeyMak says it well:

Please post & contribute EasyStar photos you'd like to share.

Some photos from the 2011 thread at this link:

Photos from 2012 will be posted here.

I'll start with mine.
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Dec 30, 2011, 06:43 PM
I think it'll work this time!!
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(my spot to bust Gene)

Actually, this entire thread is my spot to bust Gene, but you have to start somewhere.

By the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR, everybody!

Hi, My name is Bob. Rick (NightRunner417) and I consider it a privilege to have been asked by Gene to help kick off the next chapter in Easy Star history. Gene and I like to give each other a hard time, but it's only because he owes me money and I have to keep up with his whereabouts.

But seriously, this thread is a continuation of many years of great threads about the Easy Star. But it's also a meeting place for friends from around the world. And I am honored to be counted as a part of this fine community of people. It's amazing how a simple model airplane can become the link that connects so many different people from so many different places and walks of life.

So, let's kick this thing off, and have a GREAT EASY STAR NEW YEAR!!!!! WOOO-HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Your buddy,

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Dec 30, 2011, 06:43 PM
I think it'll work this time!!
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General EasyStar Advice for New Pilots

First of all, STAY AWAY FROM GENE!!! He will corrupt your mind, drink your beer (root beer in my case ), and try to date your sister. Not necessarily in that order. Just kidding Gene-O, my sisters already know about you...

This is a spot where we will post EasyStar advice for new RC pilots, which you'd like to see included.

This post has also been unashamedly copied from Kevin's opening posts from last year, mainly because (1) Gene is too sorry to do it himself, so (2) he asked me to do it, and (3) I'm also too sorry to do it, so I just copied what Kevin did. More or less.

In particular, we all would like to thank the following folks, for advice that has been copied from some of their posts, to post here: SargentW, MarkJayne, AlexEames, Galaxiex, ScrtSqrl, 2500Gene, JoeKnight, TheOtherCliff, NoFlyZone, ShaunHendricks, AJBaker, MichaeHay, Chairwolf (wait, that's me!)... and many other folks... Thanks!

Build Logs of Stock EasyStar Kits:

H2SO4's EasyStar Build Log (with excellent photos and tips):
-Part #1:
-Part #2:

Kevin's EasyStar Build Log:

Two years ago, I led an Easy Star Conspiracy to give Kevin a brand new Easy Star kit. It was for 2 main reasons, (1) because we wanted to honor him as our newly crowned Leader, and (2) his Easy Stars looked like they had been "through the mill" a few too many times!

So Kevin did a "Build Log" on his "Gift Easy Star" as he called it.

Here it is, starting from the beginning:
The Stock Kit:
The Build:
Maiden Flight,with stock setup:
Later on, hopped up with many upgrades, including brushless power & FPV:

Michael's RTF Advice (RTF means the 'Ready To Fly' version of the EasyStar):

"I know all the mods sound tempting, but they have their following of horror stories with inverted channels, swapped channels, etc. that caused many people many hard crashes. Why do that? Start by having fun, leave the crashes and the inextricable troubleshooting for later
So my advice is: go STOCK, buy an RTF *EZ and have fun after just an hour out of the box."

I know this post is long, but pay attention here kids, there's some GOOD STUFF here!!

First RC Aircraft Model Advice:

Regarding the model airplane to start with... Many models are not a good first model (even though it may look cool or fly well for an experienced pilot), because many models would have to fly too fast for a reasonably-sized park area ... and much too fast for learning to fly. When starting out, slower models are much, much better, as they are less likely to fly away, less likely to get damaged, and you learn faster with a slower model... so with a slow model, you get a lot more time flying and you learn faster.

Actually, the very best first RC airplane "model" to get is an RC flight simulator, like this one, RealFlight Basic RC flight simulator, (this one uses "Mode 2" which is standard in the USA & Canada; I understand "Mode 1" is standard in Europe):, or the free FMS simulator.

There are many good first RC airplane models, such as:
the Vapor RTF:
or the Ember RTF:
or the Slow Stick kit: (this kit would require a number of additional items)
or the EasyStar RTF:

The "RTF" (i.e., "Ready To Fly") packages normally include a battery and a Tx (transmitter), while a "kit" does not include these items... nor servos and sometimes other parts ... so getting an RTF set is usually better for a first model.

We, of course, are partial towards the EasyStar... the EasyStar RTF is a great first model RC airplane.

RC Tips:

A good general intro to RC, including electric power, is at, and I'd also read through the electric-power section of RCGroups, here: I would read at least a few hours of info there, to help you avoid many mistakes that someone new to electric power would make.

Keep It Simple:
Keep your first EasyStar in the stock configuration and power setup. Learn to fly it stock, first, and then later upgrade it if you wish.

Advice for Your First Flight:

The following quote is copied from a post by TheOtherCliff:

"1st advice - don't use a lot of throttle if you have a big motor. You will probably have to put in a little up trim for it to stay in the air with lower throttle setting.

Second advice - The first thing you do when you get in the air is trim it to fly straight and level and fly at reduced speed.

Third advice - get a bigger field with no trees (big bushes are not too bad). Those trees will be your next problem. Don't be within accidental flying distance of things you can't climb. Have a big enough area to land comfortably, a couple football fields side by side with trees on only one side is a good minimum.

Fourth advice - Landing is all about being:
- low
- slow
- the wings level
- where you want to put it

Plan ahead for these. Slow and level is important to avoid damage. Putting it where you want to is a luxury that can be done without at first. Practice flying slower for minutes at a time high up. You can't be slow if you are above tree top just a few seconds before landing. That is another reason you need a bigger field."

Advice for Your First Flight - Part 2:

-CG (Center of Gravity) Location: is absolutely critical to get right... Slightly Forward CG is Okay or even Good: If the CG is slightly forward of the manual's recommended location, that's okay, as a slightly forward CG will cause the model to be more stable in flight, which will help the pilot to fly the model successfully. I like the CG slightly forward, at the center of the spar cover... so that my EasyStars are more stable and thus easier to fly. ....... Rearward CG is Bad: If the CG is too far rearward, the model will be "twitchy" in pitch, and will be much more difficult for a new RC pilot to control without crashing. The manual recommends placing the CG at a specific location - do NOT place the CG behind this location until, at least you become experienced at flying RC models.

-Ask an experienced RC pilot, someone you trust, to check out your model before you fly it, and to fly it the first time. There are so many things which can go wrong in the model's setup, and in how one flies the model, that you will be much more successful, with fewer crashes, and less damage to your model, if you get help from an experienced RC pilot.

-Follow the manual's building instructions.

-Fly with the stock power system (i.e., motor & prop), initially... using a 6, 7 or 8 cell NiMH battery, around 2000 mah in capacity. Once you are ready for the added work and responsibility of LiPo batteries (LiPo's can catch fire and burn down your home if charged improperly), use a 2S Lipo (not a 3S) with the stock motor and prop, and be sure to use a LiPo-friendly ESC with a LiPo LVC (Low Voltage Cutoff).

-Make sure your prop is on the right way. See this thread:

-Practice a lot with an RC flight simulator, like FMS or RealFlight, before your first flight. You should practice with the flight sim until the stick movements become automatic, so you don't have to think about the sticks very much. I'd recommend about 20 to 30 hours of flight sim practice before your first flight.

-Fly in the largest, open area you have access to... with no trees, no buildings, no cars, no park visitors, no spectators, etc. for at least 100 yards x 100 yards (100m x 100m), i.e., two side-by-side football fields... preferably a larger area if available. The EasyStar glides so well and so far, that it takes a lot of room to land it. As your skills improve, you'll be able to land it in smaller areas.

-The reason to fly with no spectators for your first flights, is that you will be distracted, and you will look unskilled during your first flights... wait to invite folks until after you've practiced and have confidence that you won't fly into their car or crash during take-off ... I crashed almost every day I flew RC, for the first three months I flew RC...

-Fly on a day with no wind.

-Fly where you can land in tall grass, if at all possible, since it will soften the hard landings ... second best would be grass ... third best is dirt... fourth best is pavement ... next worst would be bare rocks... absolute worst could include: tall trees, buildings, moving road traffic ... or foam-eating pets.

-Be prepared to crash... a lot. You will crash... a lot. Did I mention that I crashed almost every day I flew RC, for the first three months I flew RC...

-How to Test Glide & Trim out any RC Aircraft Model, written by NoFlyZone:

NoFlyZone's Advice -How to Properly set up a Plane's Center of Gravity:

AJ's Wing Attachment Mod:

Power System Upgrades:

Everybody asks about this, so here's the answer...

I recommend starting with the stock power setup, when new to any model... I flew the EasyStar with stock power setup and 6-cell NiMH batteries, for about a year, before upgrading the power system. The stock power setup works great. And a 2S LiPo battery, 2200 to 3000 mah, is just right for the stock power system.

Upgrade Propeller to use with Stock Motor:
-Prop: APC 6x4E:
-2.3mm Collet Prop Adaptor, to fit stock motor's 2.3mm shaft diameter:

The Most Popular & Highly Recommended Brushless (BL) Power System Upgrade, from Chairwolf & AJBaker:
-Motor, 2200kv, 28mm diameter inrunner, a drop-in replacement which fits the stock motor mount nacelle -
-ESC -
-Battery, 3S LiPo -
-Prop: APC 6x4E:
-Collet Prop Adaptor, to fit this motor's 3.2mm shaft diameter:
-Servo, need two - (not exactly a power system component, but recommended in any case)

Additional Brushless (BL) Motor Upgrade Advice & Options:
-See NoFlyZone's "Beginners Guide to Motor and Prop Selection", here:

-Vantasstic advises: "For simplicity, the proper size in-runner motor (28mm OD) will fit ... with no modifications needed other than running a 3-wire to the BL motor vs the brushed 2-wire config."

-NoFlyZone recommends: "A very nice generic system seems to be a motor of around 2000-2200 kV, that can handle around 20 amps of current comfortably from a 3s Li-Po, with an ESC rated for around 30 amps (always better to buy an ESC rated for more amps than you plan to put through it). And an APC 6x4E Thin Electric prop."

-2500Gene, NoFlyZone & JoeKnight recommend: E-flite, Inrunner BL motor, 28mm OD (Outer Diameter), 2000kv, Six-Series, $60,

-Prof100 recommends: HeadsupRC's 2836-22, Inrunner BL motor, 28mm OD, 3.2 oz, 2200KV, 350Watt, $24,, "$2 shipping from inside USA for one motor or a dozen. One flat fee of $2 per order."

-FlyPoppa & Upup recommend: "Suppo-type" A2212-10, Outrunner BL motor, (note: an Outrunner requires a mounting mod on the EasyStar... see the "Outrunner Motor Mount" section), 1400KV, $12, or here, $16,

-Prof100 & AJBaker recommend: MicroDan Outrunner (note: an Outrunner requires a mounting mod on the EasyStar... see the "Outrunner Motor Mount" section), 2505 "Custom" 2535Kv, $55,, and you'll need a 3.0mm prop collet, to fit this motor's 3.0mm shaft, $3, This motor can be mounted like any outrunner, on a piece of wood, or any of the other outrunner motor mounts.

Outrunner Motor Mounts:
-AJBaker's Plywood Outrunner Motor Mount: Fill the motor nacelle (with expanding foam like "Great Stuff", or balsa, or scrap foam, etc.), then glue a flat, thin plate of plywood onto the back of the motor nacelle, and screw the motor's mount to the plywood, as shown in these posts by AJBaker: and

-Universal Motor Mount, designed by JoeKnight & documented by AJBaker:

-2500Gene's Outrunner Motor Mount:

-DrKiwi's Outrunner Motor Mount, using Balsa Wood: and here:

-ScrtSqrl's Outrunner Motor Mount, using a Plastic Medicine Bottle: and more pictures here

-MicroDan Outrunner Motor Mount: fits right into the EasyStar's stock motor nacelle hole, 28mm diameter, $12,, and with this you'll also need the MicroDan GBX motor mount, (Note: the spoacing of holes may or may not match your motor, so check before buying this, or be ready to drill new holes in the metal), $7,

-Kevin's Outrunner Motor Mount, using a GWS 10mm square stick mount:

- And from 2012, here's Martin's mount using a 35mm film canister: (Way to go, Martin!)

Okay, now this part is VERY IMPORTANT!

Each year, sooner or later, we have to have some reminders about the following. So, when those times come, please CHILL OUT and read the following. Many times, if necessary! Remember, we're all here to enjoy our hobby and HELP EACH OTHER. So, here's the review again...

Politeness Pays - I have learned the following from my own mistakes:

Please ignore posts where someone disagrees with you.

Post what you believe is helpful info.

Realize that teasing is often misinterpreted in discussion forums.

Encourage people to be respectful to each other.

If you post something, and later you feel it could be misinterpreted in the wrong way, please edit your post to something more helpful.

Realize it's up to the people who read the posts to determine which advice to listen to.

Many times there is more than one good way to do things.

Please report all posts which violate the RCGroups rules.

Helpful Links:
-Multiplex, in Germany: Then select your language, then Products, then EasyStar.
-Multiplex EasyStar Page, in USA:
-EasyStar RTF Video from Multiplex USA:
-Multiplex EasyStar Kit Manual Download (this opens a pdf file): or here:
-Multiplex EasyStar RTF Manual Download (this opens a pdf file):
-Multiplex EasyStar Manual's Illustrations (this opens a pdf file):
-Multiplex EasyStar Brushless Motor Upgrade (good quality, but expensive):
-"Everything You Wanted To Know About Electric Powered Flight", by AEAJR:
-ESC, BEC & LVC Explained, by Galaxiex: and a picture:
-ScrtSqrl's FPV EasyStar Setup and Gear:
-Previous EasyStar Threads on RCGroups: see post #1.
-EasyStar Review in Fly RC Magazine, Feb, 2004:
-Beautiful EasyStar Build Photos post by JPHong:
-Wheeled Landing Gear Mods for the EasyStar:
1. Vantasstic's:
2. Eaglewing's:
3. and
-Big Prop EasyStar Mod & FPV EasyStar Motor/Power Setups:
-Ultalight EasyStar, by NoFlyZone:
-How to Recover from a Stalled Wing (aka Tipstall or Spin):
-Why I fly my EasyStars without a canopy:
-ScrtSqrl's Aileron Mod Tutorial:
-Motor & Prop Selection Advice, from 2500Gene:
-Current Gift & FPV EasyStar configuration:
-Servos for EasyStar, recommended by AJBaker: HobbyKing HXT900's:
-Wing-Strengthening Mods:
-Jurgen's EasyStar II Only thread - Jurgen is posting helpful data for the new EasyStar II version of the EasyStar:
-Rickochet's scratch built Servo Covers:

Have Fun!

Good Luck!

Bob and the 2012 Easy Star Executive Board
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Dec 30, 2011, 06:44 PM
I think it'll work this time!!
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What better place than this to give a special thanks to our friend and mentor, Mr. Kevin Hines. I have had the privilege of knowing and flying with Kevin for about four years now, and I can tell you that in person, he is every bit the gentleman and friend that you folks know him to be on-line.

Kevin is an engineer, and in my opinion, a genuine scientist. He has a fascination with robotics, RC aircraft, FPV equipment, and who knows what else! He also shares his fascination with his friends around the world online, and has contributed MUCH to this hobby and to us as a friend. Just check out his home page!

So without further gushing, but with genuine thanks and appreciation... on behalf of the entire International Easy Star community, I would like to say Thank You, Kevin, for your contributions as our Thread Starter for the last two years. We SALUTE YOU!


The Easy Star Groupies 2012
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Dec 30, 2011, 07:52 PM
Fly Like A Thing Posessed!
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The 2012 Multiplex EasyStar Video Gallery

Hello, my name is Rick, but you can call me NR, Nite, NightRunner417, or as I sometimes prefer, "Gene's sole source of intelligent inspiration". J/K, he sometimes gets help from Bob, too.

Here, you will find many informative, adventurous, and/or just plain fun videos featuring the Multiplex EasyStar. You can learn a lot from watching these, as well as simply being thoroughly entertained. Enjoy! :-)

Those wishing to have their own video featured here may request such by sending a PM to myself. Please don't forget to include the video's link in your PM so I can properly evaluate it for addition to the gallery!

Good guidelines for videos for the gallery:

1) Please dear God no blatant RC flight rule breaking - we need to protect the hobby where we can.
2) Foul language or imagery NOT a plus.
3) Try to keep it short and entertaining - I know... practice what you preach, NR...
4) Stick to the topic at hand, which is the Multiplex EasyStar I and II.
5) Please try to stick with videos made in 2012, although I'll make some exceptions.
6) Videos showing the exterior of the plane are definitely a plus.

To start us off, here's one of my own (it's good to be the king!):

Testing my new EasyStar with clipped wings and some other new modifications. NICE!

PhoenixStar Flying Day 11-26-12: Intensive Testing At C Field, Part Two (19 min 12 sec)


Kevin contributes this wonderful FPV EasyStar "Bucket List" flight over gorgeous scenery,
finishing it off with a commentary full of that emotional rush that FPV flight is famous for.
Go Kevin!! :-)

(5 min 31 sec)


Zaurak brings us this nicely put together EZ* flight, using a GoPro camera!

Flying by The Book #1 (7 min 47 sec)


Eckace1 and Scottdearinger bring us twin EasyStars in snowstorm blind-flying
madness! Lol this one manages to be fun and spooky at the same time -
"one more snowflake?", haha.

Easystars fly in snowstorm or Crazy Blizzard Bombers (7 min 18 sec)


One of my all-time favorite videos... the MegaStar!

14' WS Megastar with Smoke.wmv - Giant RC Airplane (2 min 4 sec)


The brilliant and maniacal duo, Scott and Bob, at it again with an EasyStar paratrooper drop!

Easystar tree Adventure with Para Jumper- Drop mod.wmv (6 min 36 sec)

You can also go here to watch videos from the previous 2011 EasyStar thread:

Rick NR417
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Dec 30, 2011, 07:53 PM
Fly Like A Thing Posessed!
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Reserved to remind me to reserve another post later in the year to discuss the ever changing state of Bob's washing machine work bench and the true location of Gene's super secret beer vaults.

Thread's looking great so far, guys! :-)

Rick NR417
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Dec 30, 2011, 08:02 PM
Why so serious?
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Why so serious?
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Reserved for FAQ.

but for now, wiener dogs!
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I think it'll work this time!!
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Reserved for reasons which have been classified.

(In other words, I haven't thought of what to put here yet.)
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Why so serious?
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Prop direction.

This is one of the most frequently asked questions, for folks are new to RC building & flying...

There are basicly 2 kinds of props you can buy. A normal "tractor prop" and a "pusher prop". They are mirror images of each other. The motors direction of rotation is reversed when changing from a tractor to a pusher prop or vise versa. The stock EasyStar uses a tractor prop and the motor should spin clockwise when viewed from the rear. The convex side of the prop should always face the front of the plane no matter what the prop is.

I'll assume you are using the stock EasyStar prop... or any other "typical" prop.

1. Make sure the motor shaft rotates clockwise, when viewed from the rear of the aircraft.

2. Mount the prop so that the concave side faces rearward, & the convex side faces forward.

"Concave" means the middle is recessed, or "caved" in; this side should face towards the rear of the aircraft.

"Convex" means the middle bulges outward; this side should face towards the front of the aircraft.

-Excellent picture, below, contributed by FozzyTheBear.
-A thread about mounting the EasyStar prop:
-Post by Little-Acorn, a good explanation, using a different method which may be simpler for a new RC pilot:

And if it's still unclear... just ask...
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Why so serious?
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Thread OP

EasyStar Thread Members

Pictures of the members of the EasyStar Thread.

Here I'll try to post pics of our thread members.

Post a picture of your self with your EZ on the thread and I'll add it here. You might as well pick one of yourself that you like otherwise I'll eventually find one and it wont be "your best side".
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Dec 30, 2011, 11:41 PM
Robot, RC Pilot & Builder :-)
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You guys ROCK!!!!! Woo-Hoo!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Keep up the great work!

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Dec 30, 2011, 11:42 PM
Robot, RC Pilot & Builder :-)
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Upcoming EasyStar Mark II Build Log

Reserved for... Wiener Dog Posts ... & an EasyStar Mark II Build Log! Woo-Hoo!

Now I just need to wait for the EZ* Mk II to be available here in the USA... then I'll buy one, and post my build log here!

Stay Well,


Update: I emailed Hitec-USA's sales office, and they said they hope the Mk II will become available in the US about June...
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I think it'll work this time!!
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AAAAAAAnd we have LIFT-OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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