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Sep 04, 2012, 02:26 AM
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hey peter vrc, i went with your idea for strenghening the front end , ply either side of the battery bay through a ply bulkhead into the landing gear bay, all glassed up, looks real good and is strong azz ! thanks peter.
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Sep 04, 2012, 09:15 AM
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Great you have to put any weight on the oposite wing to offset the weight of the cam?



UOTE=Wargassm;22632946]Flight #3
su35 left side flight 3 (4 min 12 sec)
Sep 04, 2012, 07:28 PM
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I was looking at my SU today and thinking of all you like myself who banged up the front end in one way or another. I'm currently deep into making molds of all my war birds so I can have composite versions. Then it occurred to me! I may make a composite repair overlay for the SU front end. Seems most of the write offs are from the wing and intakes forwards to the nose. What about an epoxy glass glove that encompasses the entire front end from the nose to the wing so that it can be glued on and be like a new plane? Cool or stupid?
Sep 04, 2012, 08:14 PM
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That is good Richard.....

AceSimmer..... well as long as it looked good and right, LOL.
I can't imagine something fitting 'over' the current nose and being all 'right'.....????
So I am not sure it could quite be done in a 'nice' manner.

A big messy task, but.....a whole replacement nose end, from wing forwards...... LOL
Which would need some engineering assessments on how far back to go, and how to join it all up. So that sounds excessively hard.....

So, then we have the "Entire Su-35" idea....... hehe

Or rather.... !!!..... the FUSELAGE. And it fits all the rest of the stock items exactly as they come. Wings... tail items.... retracts.... TV nozzles.... EVERYTHING else stock.
Because really, those are pretty good just as they are - though foam is a bit weak/denty. But at least doing just the fuselage is tons easier!

Yes, that is the way to go..... JUST the entire fuselage.....
And it would even give more battery space too!
Sep 04, 2012, 08:31 PM
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I would say just do the fuselage in a light composite that accepts all the detachable foam parts and electronics and you got my business.
Sep 04, 2012, 08:38 PM
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Yep!! A bit of engineering forethought, and you could churn out an excellent Freewing Su-35 upgrade fuselage that a LOT of people would likely want to get!!
Sep 04, 2012, 08:48 PM
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I would take one, sounds good!!!
Sep 04, 2012, 09:31 PM
You are a "go" for reentry
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I'm surprised Freewing hadn't made a glass fuse already. It worked with the Habu.

A sleeve if I understand you , you'd need some existing foam to support it, which may not be there after a crash, and over new the combination of foam and glass would be more weight with too many of the same weaknesses unless you took the overlay to the wing spar.

As they said just a comp body would be a better route. You could then make a continuous internal panel of glass from nose to tail (following the battery box and center channel lines) to stiffen the model allowing for a lighter exoskeleton.

The wing tube wouldn't need to span across the models back either removing the bulge in the duct. The middle of the wing spar span could be done with a few extra layers of glass or CF cloth, and cut the foam wing tubes shorter.

The Duct is where most of the work would come in. A single panel vs an inner and outer panel since you want the duct to still be optimized to a constant 3D/100- Speed/85% FSA. And in your version you could mount the ESCs in the top of the duct where the wing tube was only mounted recessed ~45* against the center channel walls.

There are some fairly good existing composite large twin turbines designs that you could use as a reference.

However, if I had the time and facilities I'd just start molds for the SU-50 or T-50 PakFa in a twin 70. The center fuse is one continuous open space nose to tail. The center channel walls are the ducts and visa versa that support each other. This reduces weight and materials. The ESCs could sit in both the center channel and the duct. The entire belly are basically doors fore, aft and nose gear making battery placement very easy. And rotational gear is easier with the PakFa as well. The only hard part with the Pakfa as a model is the separate flap and separate ailerons in the thin wing. It will be an even more impressive model that this one. And thats saying a lot since this one is already so good.
Sep 05, 2012, 01:11 AM
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That's a bit greedy Max!! LOL Su-50....
Sep 05, 2012, 07:13 AM
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Moar Su for the Su followers:

Su-35 Flights 36-37th (8 min 39 sec)

Again, enjoy!

Sep 05, 2012, 10:02 AM
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Max... Good input. I took a look at the T50 and must say I do not care for its lines. That and an F22 would be so much easier to make rather than the 35. However, the 35 has really nice lines/curves and looks so good in flight. I have two more birds to finish the molds on then onto the 35 composite version. The first version will have interchangeable hardware with the foam version. Weights on prototypes so far come out at around 15% more than the foam originals. For example my T28 foam fuse comes in at 670g so the composite is not that much heavier. I can trim all kinds of weight off various sections like the cowl that I can save 50% using composite. These foam birds have so much plastic hidden in the foam for gear, engine mounts etc that the additional weight may not be much higher than the foam version. One area that I have been experimenting with last week is the use of 2oz cloth with epoxy resins to create the surface skin detail. While the skin is still in the mold I pour in high density yet light weight urethane foam that expands to an hard outer shell with hardly any compression of the surface once cured. The foam comes in at 2lbs per cubic foot. So the use of these two combined make for a strong detailed yet quite light airframe. This method also removes the need for internal formers to support the skins. The 2oz finished skin comes in at 70% of the original foam model prior to adding the foam. So it is a balance of strength to weight and durability. So far looking good but very expensive for the original prototypes.
Sep 05, 2012, 11:48 AM
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Would love to see the PAK-FA in a freewing version...


Today I've received my Haiyin 6S 5000mAh Li-Pos (Both 25C and 30C) and I'll be posting results to add to the "Sukhoi battery table" (video included).

My Gens Ace 5300mAh pack failed me the other day on the 11th cycle. It lost power during takeoff and I had to land. Tried it again and the same. Did a ground test and saw one cell was droping to 0,5v when loaded. I'm very disappointed now, and very pissed off. Will contact Gens Ace and see if they give me a solution, I always used the battery within it's claimed specs and this is not the life cycle should I expect of a 97 Battery.

Sep 05, 2012, 12:06 PM
Should've, Would've, Could've
v8truckin's Avatar
I had my gensace 5300mah fail on me also, although I had more than 11 cycles. I'd say around 50+ flights with it and was also disappointed that it didn't last that long.

Geez 5 pks! That's a lot of flying fun! Let us know how they are. My Gforce elite 5000mah 40c (supposedly use nano technology) are holding up great and don't get hot so I'm really liking em right now.
Last edited by v8truckin; Sep 05, 2012 at 12:12 PM.
Sep 05, 2012, 12:37 PM
You are a "go" for reentry
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Originally Posted by acesimmer
... 2oz cloth with epoxy resins to create the surface skin detail. While the skin is still in the mold I pour in high density yet light weight urethane foam that expands to an hard outer shell with hardly any compression of the surface once cured. ....
Sounds interesting! Is the glass the outer shell or is the Urethane? But that's the right direction personally.
Sorry guys while this should all be in the composites or scratch build forums, I think a single layer of glass (2X or 3X where needed) with a foam type inner form is they way these should have gone for some time. They obviously have the outer mold. But glass comps get heavy with Gelcoats etc.
The flip to this spray on coat discussed earlier in the thread. But the idea, thin hard shell, light soft inner structure.
Never understood why they don't have an outer mold (detailed), lay up glass against it and pressurize this with a thin blue foam structured inner mold. Light hard and stronger than standard foam. Oh well....

Originally Posted by SU-4ever
Would love to see the PAK-FA in a freewing version...


...Haiyin 6S 5000mAh Li-Pos (Both 25C and 30C) ...posting results ....
My Gens Ace 5300mAh pack failed ....
I look forward to their rendition of it. Its a modsters dream frame where not so with the F22. There is just so much more space to work with and the gear and servo placement (except the ailerons) is soo easy. Even the all moving rudders could be driven by the TV with horns on the opposite side of the TV unit still pushed by a 17g servo.

A 90mm would limit their market for just being too big and beyond the standard price range. And they won't do it simply because they would have to develope a new TV unit to fit a 90mm. I see them exhausting the 60mm unit first before they make a 76mm TV unit.

Funny you should mention the GensAce. One of my Genesis 5000 batts also is showing a fault in cell 4. Its constantly LVC before the others even after every balanced recharge. This is where the posted numbers of C count and mAh is useless if it still comes down to a poor paste batch and the manufacturer mixing the good cells with the bad. Not sure if thats whats being paid for in the more expensive type batts... better QC confirming each and every cell pairing them up accordingly, but I wish they wouldn't sell what can only end up being crap.

My 5800s to my surprise are doing well. I'm temped to get at least one or two MaxAmp batts though. They guarantee (3 yrs 300 cycles) any battery faults with an immediate replacement it the batt doesn't stay up to spec. And they should cause they are crazy expensive. The 5450 mAh weighs only 693g and after reading those that use them, they say they actually work a step above. $250 each is what will kill you though.
Sep 05, 2012, 12:39 PM
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GForce and MaxAmps, Don't know if those are sold in Europe.
The nice thing about Gens and Haiyin is that they have European Warehouses.

V8, it's 5 packs + 3 more Zippys (But those are agonizing) and the dead Gens Ace, hadn't destiny laughed at me, to share between 3 models: T-Rex 600, Su-35 and L-39.

So it's not that much... unless I go flying with just one of them, that's when the fun begins!

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