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Oct 04, 2003, 01:20 AM
Castle's Chaos Corner
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Put a EDP motor in and at first was disappointed. Compared to the EDF motor it was slow and it seemed like it took almost full throttle to keep if flying, even with a 3 X 3 prop. But the motor lasted longer than Ĺ a battery which gave me some time to play around with the CLICK. I played around with slow flight and found that if I bled off speed and applied full back stick I could fly around at a little above walking speed without loosing altitude with the motor barley above idle. I then though about what CLIC stand for and flew in closer and closer. I started chasing the dogs around the park. I flew inverted 2 feet off the deck. I did Cuban eights starting at 2 feet. I practiced slow flight to a catch. I ran out two batteries flying around close to the ground and myself and realized I was having more fun flying than I had had in a long time. And I found out why the CLIC is so fun. It is not going a gazillion MPH with an insane roll rate. It was defying the ground with close in relatively slow flying. It is chasing dogs around the park. It is about having low relaxing fun.

Now I will have and put a J250 on my click to see how fast it will roll. Canít leave well enough alone.
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