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Oct 02, 2003, 05:33 PM
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wings & wheels venue under threat

i`ve just recieved the disturbing news that the former Battle of Britain fighter station North Weald aerodrome has been earmarked as a possible sight for housing :(
North Weald is used amongst other things for the superb annual wings and wheels radio control show. PLEASE DON`T LET THIS SUPERB AIRFIELD DISSAPEAR INTO OBLIVION. please take a look at the link below and register to help fight these plans. North Weald houses many superb historic flyable aircraft and is used for many leisure purposes including the local R/C club. please if you can send a letter registering your dismay at the possability of losing the airfield, we only have until the end of october. i know it`s a long way from most of you guys in the states, but i`m sure many of you have watched the film `battle of britain`, well most of the footage was shot at duxford and North Weald and it played a major role during the actual battle with spitfire and hurricane sqaudrons being based there. PLEASE write now. many thanks.---martin
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Oct 03, 2003, 06:36 AM
Said Captain Said What
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Its a great venue and a piece of history. I've just registered - its very easy.
Good luck to all at North Weald with the campaign
Oct 03, 2003, 09:30 AM
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Is this airfield operated under air traffic control? Looking at the video there seems to be a lot of private aircraft there. Are there any airlines or charters flying out of there?

Looking at the pictures of this airfield there seems to be a lot of property around it that is open that could be used for development but I suppose it's privately owned and whould be more expensive for the government or developers to purchase.

Who would benefit from the sale, the local government?

It's a shame to destroy history like this just for the sake of putting up a bunch of crackerbox houses but I understand housing is very tight and expensive in the UK. Of course when you put thousands of homes in an area like this then you've got increased traffic, schools and services have to be built, pollution, noise, crime, taxes go up etc. What about the residents in the area. Are they concerned about all the problems this type of growth will bring to the area and are they fight it? Maybe an alliance with them to keep out uncontrolled growth would help the cause.

A difficult situation.

Oct 04, 2003, 07:40 AM
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Sadly that whole area is up to be transformed from London fringe rural to extended suburbia, courtesy of the Stansted airport expansion.

The local residents and model flyers will inevitablly get shafted in the process.

Money talks. I, and another neighbour here - who don't have listed properties, had to fight tooth and nail to get planning permission to extend, and in my case, replace, our unlisted and quite modest properties.

In walks an American fund manager, buys up a *listed* farmouse up the road, and proceeds to get planning permission for what now looks like the Gingerbread house with a Supermarket car park, complete with about 50 spotlights, tacked onto what is best described as a planked shipping crate with a picture window.

I may walk past and take some pictures today.

2.5M to do it. I wonder how many of the local planners are now holidaying in the Caribbean?

Oct 04, 2003, 09:13 AM
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answering some questions, the airfield is mainly used by the historic aircraft based there, these are owned by various groups and individuals. some light aviation does take place but not commercial flights as far as i`m aware, although i have no connection with the airfield i`m speaking as an outsider who has a deep passion for this particular airfield going back to the 70`s when my father used to compete in motorsport events there. it was just us and the gliders then. now the airfield has many aircraft restoration projects going on and many other activities take place including the R/C club and various events including wings and wheels.i`m led to believe it`s not a problem with stansted airspace it`s purely a housing thing and they obviously feel this is an easy option. the local residents of North Weald Basset (the village which sits next to the airfield ) don`t want the housing, i`m led to believe they want the airfield to remain in operational use----how many airfields can claim that of the local population?
i know it might not do any good, but if we don`t TRY to do something NOW it WILL happen.
PLEASE visit the website, register and if you can fire off a letter to the address`s listed we maybe able to do something. many thanks---martin