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Dec 21, 2011, 02:15 PM
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Some questions that have not been answered

Allright, mabey some of these questions have been answered,, but in my reading of the countless pages,,, typical of most forums,, mostly what I find is fluff and links to other pages,, containing some useful info,, and alot more fluff.

So, some basic questions about quads or multis in general.

Center of gravity? Is it better to have the copter balanced "high" as in weight concentrated up higher , or "low", as in the battery and and heavy components mounted as low as possible. Im refering to stability,, which is preferable for best stability?

What is the most stable, "beginner friendly" platform? Quad? Hex? Tri? X? +? Concerned with hands off stability here,, best for beginners.

When positioning the counter rotating props on a quad,, how are they arranged?

Whats better for a beginner, SMALL or LARGE? To expand on this,, what about a long span, lightweight frame? or?? Whats best for a beginner size and weight wize?

What about high power in a compact size,, such as high power motors turning 3 blade props on a smaller frame? Is that good for a beginner? Weight would be higher, and mass more centrally concentrated. Would it be better"more stable" to spread the motors out farther?

Questions regarding arm length and stability would tie right into the sensitivity of the gyros on the control board,, so what do the popular KK and HK boards prefer? Long arm,, short arm? Does it even matter??

So, beginner multi set up: Quad? High center of gravity? Lo CG? Long or short arms? Higher or lower power to weight? Tri? if quad, then X or + better for beginner?

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Dec 21, 2011, 02:30 PM
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So, beginner multi set up: Quad? High center of gravity? Lo CG? Long or short arms? Higher or lower power to weight? Tri? if quad, then X or + better for beginner?

Quads are simlper,no, a little below center works great....arms, a little longer than your props is a good starting point for beginners....x/+?, get a radio that allows elevon mixing and it is a simple flip of a switch without making a bunch of other changes...
that choice is a personal thing, makes little difference.

hope this helps, good luck..
Dec 21, 2011, 04:34 PM
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My thoughts:

Quad + is the easiest to get right.

CG: a little below center, like OldTom said, or in center if you can manage that.

Arm length: It might be easier to get a stable KK setup with long arms, but not too long, because that can give you problems in wind. 1.5 x prop diameter is a good starting point. FC's with accelerometers and advanced PID setup are not so sensitive about this.

Power: Underpowered multis are never easy to fly. You need a reserve, so my advice is to make it slightly overpowered and switch to smaller props until it hovers at mid stick.

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