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Dec 12, 2011, 08:08 PM
Dream Build Fly Scale
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2011 in Review, and looking to 2012

As 2011 winds down I thought it would be interesting to hear from others what their EDF 'highlight' for 2011 was, and what they are most looking forward to in 2012?

For me, the hight light had to be attending e-Jets and meeting a lot of people who I had only read about, or talked to online/phone beforehand. The other hight light was getting a number (make that 6) new planes finally flying this year.

Next year I'm looking forward to getting the Learjet project flying and finish it with a decent scale finish, and I can't wait to get back to e-Jets 2012!
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Dec 12, 2011, 08:28 PM
Senior Member
Arngeir Blakseth's Avatar
2011 was a slow year for me, I spent most of the year working an extension to the clubhouse, the upside to this is that my local club now has a new very large isolated and heated workshop (72m2) including a paint room so working on new projects during the cold winter will be so much better in the long run.

But I have high hopes for next year, my plan for the next year is to get a few models ready to fly before the season starts in May, this will primarily be the JHH F9F Cougar that is halfway along construction, and then I have a F-5 I really want to get started on after that. And I plan to attend a few large meetings, making it to E-Jets 2012 is the main goal I'm working towards.
Dec 12, 2011, 08:52 PM
gunradd's Avatar
After loosing 2 F16s the years before Ejets it was nice bringing not only my F16 home in 2011 but also bringing the AM scale 1st lace trophy home.

I also had a crap load of fun with Jack and Pablo at many shows this year.

Was nice hanging with Kirk and Sean at Ejets!

Made many good frineds this year.

I loved Ejets for the flying but SEFF was the most fun I have ever had at an event.

Now here we are at the end of the year and I sold the F16 and bought a turbine along with the yellow F22. Cant wait for next year!!!
Dec 13, 2011, 12:10 AM
Pursuit of Happiness
Ron101's Avatar
I've had some ups and downs this year, but still really had a blast

Flying with my buds.. number one!
Two good flights on the 1/6 Jet Legend hawk with the DS-94 hst
Two good flights on my GS P-51 (getting an award for it)
Flying the Habu (then dropping in the SM-80 review)
working on my F-18
Many many flights on all my planes (spark, p-47, p-51, 30% extra)
getting comfortable with my Heli's

Fire in my Hawk and two burned controllers
Castle recall grounding a few planes

but all in all it's been a great year for flying!
2012 I'm really looking forward to the AMA Expo in a couple weeks. Getting my Hawk and GS P-51 back in the air now that I have ESC's.
Getting some odds and ins done so I can get back to my F-18 building.... more jets, warbirds and heli flying!!
Spring is going to be a blast!!!! also looking forward to training my son and my best friend... my friend since kindergarten had always had some interest in R/C planes but has never gone for it. Well we just orderd him a couple planes, chargers, new controller, and lipos... so that's going to be great!!

looking forward to a great 2012
Dec 13, 2011, 02:22 AM
Registered User
LuvEvolution7's Avatar
it's been a slow year for me. not as much flying as I would have liked and not as much work as I would have liked, which also is directly related to the lack of flying time. it's a viscous circle really. LOL.

next year should be much better for me. I've got the Scooter near completion, the Yellow F-18 will be on the table shortly and I've got the Cressline F-20 coming soon. the Jaguar should also be completed for the 2012 flying season too. amazing how 12 months can make all the difference in the world.
Dec 13, 2011, 03:49 AM
Registered User
OneHundretMoons's Avatar
Well this Year had a lot of Highlights and some negative stuff such like everyone else experiences.

Here is my Part:

My most successful Year in this Hobby, yet!
Build and flew my first Composite Jet(Habu32)
Finally found my Batteries of Choice(Hyperion,DesirePower)
Got a bit closer to Ron101 which makes me happy
Never had a Crash/ Bad Landing since August 2010
Surpassed my Mentor in each "Discipline"
Found nice People on RCGroups
Purchased Tams new F-16 for 2012
Purchased all Components for my Spark
Working with Ready2Fly hand in hand and improve the Relationship.
I learned a lot this Year.

The Spark is still not finished.
The Battle between me,XPS, Jim Drew just cause my Mentor expected a 60kw EDF Unit.
My Hobby Burnout for almost 4 Months
Not enough Airtime this Year.
Annoying Guy at my field now which used to be my mentor.
Sold some Jets which I should not have when I look back.
Could not attend any Special Events here or in the U.S due to, to much work.
Haven't met Ron101 yet.

What will 2012 bring for me?
Well first of all my 1 Year Project the Spark should finally see in Spring it's first flight.
I am also happy to have purchased Tams F-16 for my 2012 Season.
So that makes 2 new big Jets for me with another on the Horizon.

Also for 2012 I am changing from my JR DSX9(JR9303) to the JR 11X Transmitter to Control my 2 Brand New Jets.
Also I will work further with Ready2Fly to develop some new Jet Stuff.

Will purchase my first Electric Propeller Machine early 2012 since 2010 for a Change to all my Jet stuff.
Will continue also to further invest my money into quality batteries such as Hyperion as my first choice and then DesirePower as my 2nd choice.

My Goal is to have fun, and leave anything else behind me.

Also another Goal for 2012 is to hopefully attend for sure 1 Special Event in the U.S such as E-Jets 2012 or something similar, which will require however a lot of planning such as a Car Rental and a Hotel nearby or knocking on Rons Door and ask for a "Drive-Through"

My plan is to Extend and Exchange Electronic Equipment to my existing Fleet with High Powered Systems that both surpass Performance and Sound, even though some like to think CHEAP and different such as old Mentor.

I brought changes in 2011 to our Field and to the Club, and in Order to further show that Electric jets are not always slow and annoying loud, I will further execute my plans and extend them into 2012 and beyond.

For me, 2012 will be the hottest but also the most expensive Year yet in this so thrilling Hobby of flying Jets.

And when I left my club mates impressed with the Sound and Power of the Habu32, well....this is just the beginning....the beginning of a change.

Plus I wanna bring you guys more professional videos from my Youtube Channel in the future.

Your NS.

PS: I LOVE you all! Cuddle Time!
Dec 13, 2011, 06:49 AM
Watt me worry?
Madmax1965's Avatar
The new year will see me finishing the F-8 Crusader which I started two years ago. I used the fact my Stumax 110mm was in my Hawk and this is the fan I want to use for the F-8......as good excuse as any I guess. Really is a nice plane and too bad the manufacturer is out of business.

This past year was slow for flying.....lots of high wind here for some reason....especially on the days I had available to fly. I am looking at the new Jet-Tang Viper as a build this year too. My Hawk is still keeping on and I love the lil HAbu 32.

I think I will be moving to the 90-100mm sized planes in the future.
Dec 13, 2011, 06:56 AM
Aka: Tom Jenkins
ApexAero's Avatar
This being a hobby and a means to stay out of trouble
The up side and first for me in a foam edf was this day in the vid. I still feel the need to make the 200 mph foamy mark and thats the plan for the new year!

12 yr ago it was a Q-40 @ 227 mph
Dec 13, 2011, 07:22 AM
2018 EDF Jet Jam June 14-17
Robert Belluomini's Avatar
The high for me was having some REAL contributors join the forum.

The low was not flying enough mainly due to weather.
2011 has been a tough year all the way around.

I'm really looking forward to the New Year!
Dec 13, 2011, 08:40 AM
Registered User
kevin's Avatar
The highs for me were E-Jets (ofcourse ) and meeting some new and old faces there... and getting my 1/8th scale Tam f-16 and BVM aggressor II in the air.

The VERY low .... losing the club field ...site for E-Jets. (we are working on an E-jets site, but wont be the club field at this point)

Next year .... BVM Fury and hopefully a new TORKS club field!
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Dec 13, 2011, 09:11 AM
jean-claude Terrettaz
bidule's Avatar
For sure E-Jets with all those fantastic and talented e-Jet afficionados
And of course the Terry Nitsch family and Chris True attending our Canadian event in June in Ottawa, great souvenir.
Flying the F16 @ Ejets in the scale event
Flying the Shubeler Hawk and finally meet Daniel S @ Ejet
To bad my last flight this year I crush the nose on my Electra....
But 2011 was fun
For 2012 I hope to have a very nice sunny warm weather for our third Electric Jets event with our brand new runway...
+ building : Red Leader Eurofighter ...Spad 13 ...building the new Schubeler Hawk ...fixing Electra...flying the scratch build Mig 21 again ..and taking care of my 5 dogs
Happy new year
Dec 13, 2011, 10:21 AM
High Dynamic Thrust
stoneenforcer's Avatar
I slacked on flying early part of 2011 then got back into the scene regulary. Rest of 2011 has been fun!!! I expect to continue the fast edf pace into 2012 with the addition of UAV and FPV models. Im also attending Embry Riddle for UAV systems/pilot while attending Phoenix East for my commercial license. Embry has a full scale PredatorB I look forward to flying and training on.

For RC FPV starters I have this in route this week. http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/s..._FPV_ARF_.html

In short, my love for aviation will have huge growth for 2012

Happy Flying!
Dec 13, 2011, 11:31 AM
It wasn't me...
DanSavage's Avatar
For 2011 I was able to finalize the design of my F-111 main landing gear.

For 2012 I would like to have a flyable airplane to go with it.
Dec 13, 2011, 12:43 PM
You know nothing....
Stuart A's Avatar
High points for- finding the forum,and all the help and advice I've had-thanks to all
Low points-not being able to do much lately for various reasons,but should be back on song soon
Next year-finish my present build and get a start on one I've had rattling round in my head for quite a while.
Maybe we should have a predictions/wish list for2012-not personnel things,but hard ware/aircraft we like to see available.
Dec 13, 2011, 04:37 PM
2011 PROS: Dozens of planes, hundreds of flights, and no crashes. New FCC lab!
2011 CONS: Still not enough hours in a day. FCC lab woes.
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