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Dec 04, 2011, 07:32 AM
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Annoying track experiences

What is the most annoying thing youev had happen while racing, on the track or even in the pits?

To start mine was on friday night at my local track with two of my best mates all driving in the CORR class with our slash's, and besides there being a 80kmh wind so we had to roll over the jumps that were into the wind or otherwise as i found slash becomes a rocket and flies about 3m verticaly upwards lol. It was the final race and i was in second a decent way behind the leader as i accidently knocked a guy off the track pretty badly so i waited for him to get back on the track and lost 3 places but got them back, and then it was the 5th last corner and i was boxed in by two guys and as i rounded the corner i gave it abit more throttle and started getting away from them and as i did this one of my mates who had gone wide decided to suddenly come in from the outside and purposely pit me and keep driving leaving me spun out, i managed to overtake the other two guys who got ahead of me but because of that he finished second and i finished third .
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Dec 05, 2011, 12:01 AM
why am i here???????
one thing ihate is when you are trying to dial a truck in during the week and you get new people that dont give you the right of way. I have had parts broken because of that. was coming out of the final turn to a 200 ft straight away they were already half way down going very slow. well i we met at the first turn when i went to go in at nearly 20 mph they cut in front of me. atleast they had the same truck with the same parts so he gave me the parts that he caused me to break. saw him again last week and this time he let me by with out any incident. other than that havent had any problems.
Dec 05, 2011, 05:46 AM
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^i actualy feel bad as i accidently broke a guys blitz before the races had even started as i spun out dialing in my slash and my automatic instinct for getting out of a spin is to gun it and turn to whip the car around, the guy though i would stop and wait and ran into my tail as he cam past snapping a part of his chassis =s, he wasnt to upset as he had a spare blitz but i still said sorry a few times as it was my fault.
Dec 05, 2011, 01:15 PM
why am i here???????
atleast i also had spares when going to the track. atleast the guy gave me some parts to make up for them. they were stock parts but he was honest at least. I have delt with a few people that dont give a crap that you are trying to tune your rig for racing. Since I race in a pro mod 2wd sct class i have to be on the top of my game since i race all around my state. I am still trying to tune in my truck for one track i am always having problems with.

For each track i have a seperate gearing and shocks set aside for each track i race at but one always seems to slip away from me for the perfect setup. coming out of the final turn it is a 90 degree bend but it is a wide sweeping motion. I always seem to spin out. It always happen when either on power or off the power it always spins out.

I have found a few people that think they are top crap when they are running a sct with a brushless system only. no lipo's or anything. It is alwqays funny to challenge them to a race during the week on practice just to blow them away. really pissed people off doing that. After a while peope didnt want to challenge me again except for other racers that i have competed against.

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