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Dec 04, 2011, 02:50 AM
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Worst Post Office, FedEx UPS... waiting for your package thread.

I didnt know where to put this but since what I am waiting on Electric Heli parts I would put this in the Electric Heli Talk forum.
I may have just experienced the worst ever delivery from any professional deliver service, that I have to post it here.
I retired recently and started my own firm. Which means i am at home ALOT (right now I run it out of my home office). So I know Fed Ex Comes before Lunch. The Post office comes around 2PM and UPS comes when ever he damn well pleases. usually around 3 to 9PM Depending on how close to Christmas.
(3-5PM normally until aorund Dec 14 then it gets later and later)
Do any of you guys get excited when you hear the UPS truck coming down the street? I do it so often my Dog gets excited now.
So anyway for fun and trying to transition to full 3D I bought a Blade mCPx. I have had SO much fun with it I started hopping it up piece by piece, bought a 2nd one and have hop up parts for it. I like crashing these things because you are back up in an hour IF anything broke, which normally doesnt happen.
So Last monday I bought what I thought was the best hop up kit for a mCPX money could buy, $130 for the motor tail motor and the Steve PCB etc. I am pretty excited about this when I placed the order on Tues, Nov 29th.

SO I get the tracking # and this is where it gets good. I live 170 miles north of Anaheim where WOWHobbies is. I dont know, thats kind a far, in the 1840's.
We go to Angel games every once in awhile and drive the round trip the day of the game. So Finally my Package shows up on Wed Nov the 30th in the Anaheim Sort facility. I dont know exactly what my package was doing on the 29th and 30th there in Anaheim. Maybe it went over to Disneyland because the Angels are in off season.
So My package is now sitting in the Anaheim Sort facility, I guess now with a Mickey Sweat shirt and a Mickey the Mouse Club hat. UNTIL on Dec1 it is PROCESSED THROUGH the Anaheim Sort Facility! I guess maybe it was waiting on a physical or something like when I joined the service. But check this out, just BECAUSE you are THERE at the sort facility doesnt mean you are going to get SORTED anytime soon! AND THEN when it DOES get sorted, it has NOTHING TO DO with DEPARTING the Anaheim Sort facility. Because my package, now gaining weight didnt depart the Anaheim Sort facility until Dec 2 1200 AM!!!!!!
At this point my package had been there for Wed, Thurs and Friday. A 3 day stay at Anaheim is great for a family! But no so much for a 4oz package. Its probably beat up and sick of Starbucks! So FINALLY it starts making headway to its rightful owner. It goes all of 60 miles to Santa Clarita and gets there at 8:14 PM. So since its 60 miles up there and going the wrong way it took them 20 hours to go that 60 miles. Thats up there around 3 miles an hour. I admit thats a tough drive on the LA Freeways but even on 405 you should be able to do more than 3 miles an hour. Santa Clarita is the last stop before out for delivery in Ridgecrest. It should have sailed right through and got here today NO Problem. Its in Santa Clarita at 8PM Fri. It should EASILY go through Santa Clarita. Get to Ridgrest early and get out for dleivery But NOOOOooooo IT just departed Santa Clarita on SATURDAY Late enough to NOT make it to Ridgecrest
with NO Problems unless you are using horse and buggies. So Still NO package

And we pay THEM!!!
Any worse that this?
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Dec 04, 2011, 03:20 AM
that's gonna leave a scar
KCinNC's Avatar
well this explains why the Anaheim Angels never make the playoffs !!! hows the shipping from WOW Hobbies ? they have stuff i need for my mCPX
Dec 04, 2011, 05:37 AM
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this should be moved to the vendors section.. good luck otherwise,, i look daily for the mail loser.. every once i awhile, he comes through,,usually not,
Dec 04, 2011, 08:35 AM
Axes & Blades-Cutlery & Helis
mail loser, I love our mail man. I live a blessed life, my packages are all coming in and it looks to be a wonderful Christmas
Dec 04, 2011, 11:41 AM
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For myself, the order that I rank the mail service (from best to worst)

Purolator (canadian only courier)


There are spaces between DHL and UPS because UPS just deserves to be in a category of it's own for being soooo bad.

On 2 seperate occations they left packages worth over $2000 on my front door step and I have NEVER signed that waiver of theirs because I KNOW I order packages with high values. Packages from them are ALWAYS in the worst condition, I think the best condition package I have ever received through UPS is still worse than the worst condition package from anyone else. The fact that a package can come from CHINA (for a few dollars) through the regular mail service and be in better shape than a package from the US to Canada and cost me $50 baffles the mind.
Dec 04, 2011, 03:04 PM
And here..we..GO!
Dont feel bad, I have a Blade 400 that I bought from a member on here that shipped (USPS)on the 23rd..."Expected delivery date Nov 29th". Well, the last "update" was Dec 1st...and Its in Baton Rouge LA. Only problem is, it was shipped from WI to me in AR....from 1000mi north of me to 400mi south of me. Hey USPS, I got an idea why your going broke..its called lack of LOGISTICS!!!!!
Dec 04, 2011, 06:24 PM
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I was a GPS systems engineer when Logistics was being redefined by GPS. With todays computers, GPS, and vehicular systems development, its almost difficult to screw this stuff up. The only way you CAN screw up is to continue to use out of date systems because you are afraid to or (TO CHEAP ) to update. sorta like Windows Still has elements of DOS in there because Microsoft is incapable of doing a clean sheet re write.
Dec 04, 2011, 09:02 PM
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I happen to be a driver of the brown truck and I can tell you that right now, all hubs are way over capacity with black friday. There were trailers that never got unloaded and packages that didn't get delivered because it was simply too much. You package was sitting in a trailer in that hub and not being moved around probably. We're caught up now but volume is still sky high. Last Thursday after finishing my route I met another dirver to help him. It was 8pm and he had 80 stops left. There was no way we were going to finish in the dark with that much work left. We did what we could but we were called back in at 10pm. There are DOT regulations and we have to be at work the next day. So there were a good bit of packages on this route that showed as "out for delivery" that day that did not get delivered until the next day. What are we supposed to do? Work till 1am? It's illegal. There are only so many drivers even with the seasonal drivers and you can't hire rent a drunks to drive the trucks. And as far as leaving packages..... if it's not signature required and it's a house, I'm leaving it. I have no idea what's inside nor do I have time to care. Who it's from and what's inside is frankly none of my damn business. So if it's flagged as a high value or signature required by the shipper than I treat it as such. Otherwise it's getting left. That's what we do. You can sign up for my choice and get it rediredcted to a UPS store or address it to be placed on hold at the hub, but do you guys actually have time to go get it? That's why I mail order stuff, to get it to my door. You don't want anything left, just file a claim on something and we'll never leave anything again, and that's no fun for customer or driver. Damages, that's frankly a management issue. Trying to cram too much through too fast causes this. All my packages arrived from across the country in great shape. Everything I order UPS travels fast, efficient, and on-time. It's amazing what gets done. I hate seeing damaged stuff and hate delivering it, but a lot of times it's bad packaging. A heavy object that moves around is going to destroy the box from the inside. People pack stuff where the tape barely holds enough to pick it up in one piece and then expect it's going to make it across the country. This stuff is not handled gingerly, it moves from trailer to trailer and on belts, rollers, and slides, and if it has void space inside it's going to get crushed. I have shipped pottery that my kid made to my parents via UPS and it got there fine.

Oh and to the poster with inconsistent delivery times... You live in an area where they run split routes. That means that your neighborhood may be on one route one day and another the next. This is done to balance loads and ensure all deliveries can be made on a particular day without overloading one driver so he cannot finish. It has the result of changing your delivery time as the route changes, but the driver is not coming when he feels like it. He is getting there as fast as he can so he can go home by 8pm hopefully. Have you ever gone to 160 places in one day? Another reason is lets say perhaps I have a street with houses in the middle of my business stops. If I have time I'm going to go down that street as I do my business stops. But if I am too tight and have to start pickups soon, I'm skipping it. Businesses take priority. There is no commit time to residential stops unless it's next day air (not saver). Now that it's Christmas we'll be out there until 9 and 10pm trying our best. I have never worked with as hard working people at any company. I hope you all get your hobby stuff in shape and on time (I get stuff too), but a human can only do so much. Happy to answer any questions. Remember, Santa Claus wears brown!
Dec 04, 2011, 09:07 PM
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Oh and right now I am waiting for a package that has fallen off the tracking cliff from swisspost coming from Leaderhobby. Probably lost or crushed. It is going to happen to a certain percentage out of thousands of packages. Sucks when it's yours.
Dec 05, 2011, 12:13 AM
And here..we..GO!
Browns always came through with my stuff, never more than a day late. Fedex is good too. But my mail carrier, contractor no doubt...is a lazy @sshole. Ive been standing in my front yard on a saturday, and he pulls up, tosses the mail in the box and drives off...I check it, theres an orange "we missed you" slip in there. I had been waiting on some paperwork for a truck I had bought, and @sshat didnt even beep the horn. Had to take a long lunch that monday to drive all the way to MY zip's post office so I could sign for it. That kind of lazy sh*t eats me up...

Oh, and I said something to the post master..his reply was "he was probably busy, running behind". Last time I checked, my tax dollars and stamps pay those clowns to deliver my mail...I dont get paid to pick it up.
Dec 05, 2011, 01:34 AM
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As a note shahram... the packages that were left on my door were BOTH signature required... do you really think I'm going to ask for something shipped without signature when the value is that high?

On the package damage... you're right about how it moves around... funny though how my packages only seem to get crushed when delivered by UPS. Sure you have a job to do... we all work for a living (except those that are required and they've paid their dues) so saying you're busy doesn't cut it for me. I'm in construction, I'll work 70-80 hours a week in the summer and I don't get paid any over time either...
Dec 05, 2011, 07:33 AM
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Well that's a no no. something I never do. I can't comment for drivers who break the rules, I would never do that. Sig req packages annoy me to, but I do what I am supposed to do. I don't think I used busy as an excuse, more just stating a fact. We are always busy, we get the job done, what has happened though with black friday is really just over the top, like I said only so much work can get done in so many hours, that goes for any job. It's terrible to not finish, but it happens. It's rare at my hub, and only happens at Christmas.
Dec 05, 2011, 07:50 AM
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Interesting comments about DHL.... here in Finland they call you to make sure you will be available to receive the package.
I always use DHL to ship from UK for Finland as its the cheapest and the quickest
Dec 05, 2011, 10:27 PM
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DHL is a huge worldwide shipper, don't let the USA experience be a gauge for how they operate. They were trying to gain a foothold in the US and were using a lot of contractors and then the economy went south. A lot of good people lost their jobs. DHL still handles international in the USA.

On another topic, recently my international parcels coming from Asia via USPS are all requiring signatures while they used to leave them in the mailbox. I understand the big stuff from HobbyKing, but today my wife signed for a blade balancer and a training gear, which is ridiculous. All my international pkgs are requiring signature lately. Anyone else having this experience.

And another comment, I have been delivering lots of xheli and hobby partz all week and the boxes are in perfect shape cross country from CA to SC. It's crazy this season. My sister told me today that UPS delivered to her with a golf cart towing an open trailer. I wish I had a picture of that.
Dec 06, 2011, 07:33 AM
heli wrecker extrordinaire
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Yep with hobby king every order i have received needs a signature. ordered a 2nd low buck battery charger a month ago (from hong kong) and got the dreaded "sorry we missed you" sheet in the mailbox on saturday. (I think I was home at the time too, never heard the horn beep)
Probably too many people saying they never received their package and sellers just wanting a record of delivery.

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