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Jan 19, 2012, 01:38 PM
scale microlights
mark675's Avatar
yeah antonio's microlight flies very nice

very different aircraft to mine though in terms of size, weight, the way it flies and the wing design
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Jan 19, 2012, 02:33 PM
vtol fan
nadine's Avatar
Originally Posted by KNEEBOY
yeah antonio's microlight flies very nice

very different aircraft to mine though in terms of size, weight, the way it flies and the wing design
Wing design?! For me,is the same....or,almost.
The wing span is 1100 mm Antonio's delta!...But the weight is for sure smaller then yours!..Fly verry nice your deltaplane!
Is,verry intresting for me,if you post the details drawing at the sail of your delta,to see differencies of the tipe of wing!For example,in your wing ,do you have angle of tunnel!?
ps.where do you buy the material for the sail?
Jan 19, 2012, 04:25 PM
scale microlights
mark675's Avatar
ok, for starters this wing was made to 'look right' on the trike (ie right size) not made to a fixed measurement as the trike was made first.

mine is almost 2 metre wing span, each leading edge measures 1m in length.
antonios wing is made from some type of plastic material for the sail, wood for the frame spars, no battens, no keel pocket (fin), string for cables, single flying wire instead of double and hang bracket is totally different.
also my wing has a far tighter wing sail (less 'billow') than antonios
only thing the same is the nose angle of 120 degrees,
this is seen as the optimal angle for real size hangliders and microlights though so thats what i went for.

material is from kites r us in the uk

hope antonio doesnt mind me posting a pic of his but pics are worth a thousand words

edit: sorry- have just learned that antonios nose angle is 110 degrees so even that isnt the same

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Jan 19, 2012, 05:59 PM
AntonioF104's Avatar
Hi guys,

First I want to do my most sincere congratulations to KNEEBOY for its wonderful Microlight.
Microlight is the two are very different from each other, as has already told KNEEBOY, there is a reason why there are differences oqueste. My model is smaller and lighter, this required the design of a wing that was "softer", and consequently with increased angle of the tunnel (a lightweight feel more variations in structure, so you must use a sail less rigid).
My sail so did not require the use of battens.
The difference between my prototype and the current model lies in the optimized model and made ​​it easier.
Nkeeboy has made ​​a real play well cared for, go to him applause. It is not easy to make a microlight, to boot then played with care. In my case, the final target was to have a model as simple as possible and that it was realistic and easy to drive.
But enough of my model, it would be inappropriate and disrespectful to Nkeeboy to which I wish to address my congratulations once again. BRAVO!
Jan 19, 2012, 06:15 PM
scale microlights
mark675's Avatar
Thanks for clearing that up Antonio and for the kind words regarding my microlight
as you say.. both of these microlights are very different ways of achieving the same goal- to make a realistic and nice flying weightshift model and i feel we have both achieved this and can hopefully get others interested in these brilliant and unusual models

best regards,
Jan 19, 2012, 06:28 PM
AntonioF104's Avatar
Kneeboy dear, you deserve all the praise, not only is it easy to launch a microlight ... well reproduced, but realize it is even more challenging.
Clarify is a must, the two models are very different, you did a great job and deserve to receive the congratulations


Originally Posted by KNEEBOY
Thanks for clearing that up Antonio and for the kind words regarding my microlight
as you say.. both of these microlights are very different ways of achieving the same goal- to make a realistic and nice flying weightshift model and i feel we have both achieved this and can hopefully get others interested in these brilliant and unusual models

best regards,
Jan 20, 2012, 01:39 AM
vtol fan
nadine's Avatar
LOL....I did'int know that,the wing span is allmost 2m!!??...Indeed, is a big difference
Good luck with your work!
Jan 21, 2012, 04:30 AM
scale microlights
mark675's Avatar
Been having a discussion with the guy that has took my ideas and made his own weightshift microlight with no credit at all going to me.

im sick of the back and forth arguing and him not being able to answer simple questions i ask him so im gonna put these facts on here,

after making his microlights since the 80s he started with a 8ft wingspan with weightshift, battens etc. no pictures or videos have been released of this aircraft actually flying and judjing by the comments he made on my build thread 'weightshift isnt effective' and 'heavier microlights dont work or crash well' im guessing this didnt go well for him. he even had the cheek to say it 'makes him smile' when newcomers try and build one

this guy being as arrogant as he is believes that if he cant do something then neither can anyone else
and if he'd got these microlights to fly realistic he'd have videos plastered over the internet with titles like 'worlds first' (totally untrue) and 'world most realistic' like he has with his others.
also would he not still be developing them if even vagely successful.. no he resorted to making smaller lighter ones instead with direct control.

talking of direct control im guessing this guys got so caught up in his precision flight control system that he hasnt seen a real one fly for quite some time if he thinks thats realistic, they dont steer like jets.

just over a month ago he released yet another video of his 'precision flight control system' microlight (wing warping) with no battens, short chord and high aspect ratio wing with huge dihedral for stability (no wonder weightshift wasnt effective for him)
hes been developing this for quite a few years and it hasnt changed dramatically in this time period

i released my first video and detailed pics of my microlight around the same time this video of his came out,
TWO WEEKS later he released a video with a microlight that has resorted back to weightshift (even though apparently its not effective and he still prefers his wing warping- why not use it then? )

has gone back to a realistic shape wing after years of developing his high aspect ratio wings

is using battens again after stating on 28 nov 2011
'While designing RC Ultralights and Trikes back in the lat 80's and early 90's, and trying to make them just like the real thing in every complex detail, I discovered that the extra weight and complexity for all this detail negated a more performing and more crashproof model, so I did away with the batens and instead calibrated the wing shape using a creative simple control method to hold the sail in place while allowing only the wind to form the actual lifting airfoil and allowing the wing to flex and give according to air pressure differential. '


'This is not a kite modified to be a Trike lookalike. This is the real deal in model form, with a wing designed from ground up, but without the complexity of real Trike wing designs, which use wing airfoil shaping batens.'

the layout of parts (wing steering, hidden servo positions etc) is incedibly similar to my wing even down to the little bracket at the back to allow sail shift

rear A-frame wires stop short of the back of the wing like mine
hes even used twin flying wires now!
come on you cant copy every design of my wing thats just taking the mick

when releasing his video hes either filmed in the dark or done an artists impression- im guessing to try and hide these details

'The great thing about designing, building and testing models this way is that there is so much information obtained. At anyone time I work on a specific design , there will be more than one, on my tables, varying in degree of design complexity, material selection and assembly. So from time to time you will see slight variations from one video to the other if you have a keen eye.'

slight detail changes? hmmm.

this guys 'get out' is always "you copied real microlights"
yeah of course i did else it wouldnt be scale would it! duh you wouldnt build a scale spitfire and make it like a mustang would you
what i did was turn the real thing into a model by using my own brackets and ideas,
miniturising everything doesnt give you a working model and in most cases this cant even be done so custom brackets need to be made and time put into material selection for every part.

as ive stated before im not fussed about people building my microlight but just give me some credit for it,
blatantly copying my design and then claiming you had it first doesnt wash with me else you could prove it with pics or videos which you obviously cant.

blabbering on about other aircraft youve made- good as they are- doesnt mean squat as these arent planks,helis or even autogyros

if anyone needs more proof than this list ill be happy to post pics.

Jan 21, 2012, 08:51 PM
Whats a search engine?
inventing_man's Avatar
Well, at least you can talk to him , Just wait for the chineese get ahold of it and start mass producing it , Try to talk to them LOL!
Anyway Do it for the joy of building something that flys . As we have historically seen the RC market is a cut throat business with a lot of copy cats lurking about that have the pockets and man power to mass produce it . These types of hobby related web sites are a gold mine for them to plunder.
I've had my share of stolen ideas and my ass booted to the curb afterwards. No joy ! So now I'm very selective about what I publish over the web or even talk about . If I hit on a winner ,I'll go to the lengths to protect it and all that, to get it to market. Right now I'm working on a indoor micro PPG . I started a thread , but for now I'm not saying anymore about it except it does fly .
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Jan 21, 2012, 08:51 PM
Registered User
britinoz's Avatar
G'Day Mark
I hope you sat down and had a nice cup of tea after your last posting. I am sure it helped a little. I am very new to this type of model ,although not new to modeling. I purchased my first copy of ''Aeromodeler in June 1965" and have never stopped building.
I think that I must have tried just about every possible flying machine that is around and at the moment I am pretty heavy into autogyros.(tricky little devils),and I have noticed a few of my autogyro friends looking at you work with envy,
So if you wish to inspire us,I for one am very happy to learn. Just because I am an old fart ,doesn't mean that I don't get the urge to try something new..( just some of the body functions are a little Sus
Happy Landings
Jan 22, 2012, 03:50 AM
scale microlights
mark675's Avatar
Yeah ive built something that i know is genuinely not a copy of anyone elses design in the rc model world, you only have to read my very first thread to understand this https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=916293
other really scale microlights ive seen have ready made wings.

i think anyone else could copy this and deny it and it wouldnt bother me as much,
its just this guys sheer arrogance that gets my back up,
he brags about being the first to build one of these microlights even though someones already corrected him on this in his build thread,
and brags about incredible realism.
he can get on with that as he was obviously very pleased with his 'old' microlight and i respected that as he'd gone his own way-
i just know hes going to start bragging about this 'new design of his' next and has lost my respect completely

good luck with your micro ppg inventing man sounds cool
i would definately think twice about letting out so much info in the future,
just funny that he almost wrote off my microlight before i finished it 'smiling at my efforts' and now hes copying it! haha. kind of ironic really

yeah sorry britinoz
was extremely happy with this microlight - still am and very proud of myself as are my famiy and flying mates as theyve seen it from the very start
but this kind of put a bitter taste in my mouth and is making me act in ways i dont normally which is kind of bad

ive only been flying rc planes since last april and the main reason i got into them was to get used to controlling flying models to give me a better chance of succeeding with this, almost eliminating my flying skills as a reason if it crashed again
since then ive really 'got the bug' and fly rc planes, helicopters and my LA500autogyro,
love the autogyros! theyre really unusual and always draw a crowd

thanks for the messages guys
Jan 22, 2012, 03:14 PM
Registered User
Mud Duck Bill's Avatar
Chris: The reply you gave is too big to Quote and no need to take up space But what you said in "Report # 68" is OH SO TRUE! Ya what he said
Vent baby Vent. Take a big deep breath exhale there doesn't that feel better. OK I going to be up front with you I"M GONNA COPY YOU BECAUSE --- I feel you have done your homework and I want a flying wing of my own. with credit going to you my man, and building going to ME!

Jan 22, 2012, 03:27 PM
scale microlights
mark675's Avatar
feels much better bill! lol

thats fine copying my design cus i know that you wont claim the design is yours.. u can take full credit for the build! lol
looking forward to seing some more of these flying actually,
im hoping people wont copy every single aspect of it but will try some new things with them- aerodynamic or just cosmetic so we can push the design on even more,
i like this pod shape but it would be nice to try a few others to see what they look like and maybe different wing/trike colour etc
Jan 23, 2012, 10:23 AM
It's all in the Blades!
SafeLandings's Avatar
I had the exact some problem with a guy and my autogyro designs, wanted to know all the information, copied others and called it all his own work. With promises of kits to help others, full of s@@t!.
In fact he did the same thing and said that my designs were no good for learners and that light weight was the way to go.
Then I got the same thing after helping, 'worlds first' etc on his videos, it was laughable really.

A real attention seeker who I think may have a mental problem, couldn't justify his comments and as a last resort starting publishing private messages!
He was removed from RcGroups but then another guy came along with exactly the same terminoligy and thinking. It didn't take long before this person showed their real self, just ended up digging his own grave and was removed yet again!..lol
Very low and a sad individual!! So I know exactly the sort of person you are dealing with!

Now if I were to have a wager on it or hazard a guess it may well be the very same person by the name of Mario? just be careful.

Keep up the good work mate and don't let them drag you down.

I for one would love to build one, the only thing that would be out of my comfort zone is the nylon wing.
I'm only down the road if you ever fancy coming over for a fly at my field? would love to see it in the flesh


Jan 23, 2012, 02:40 PM
scale microlights
mark675's Avatar
lol! that is exactly his name rich what an amazing coincidence!!
even threatening me with legal action now.. so he copies my idea and then threatens to sue me for bringing it up! lmao

hes blocked me on you tube now aswell.. very funny guy

if hes been doing this with autogyros aswell then it proves my point exactly!
but as i said- if this makes him feel good about himself then he can carry on because we all know the truth

id definately love to come and see your autogyros and bring down the microlight Rich, ill pm you and we'll sort something out,


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