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Nov 30, 2011, 09:05 PM
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LRS UHF TX antenna Choices? REcommendations?

Can people please recommend specific antenna's for UHF output TX LRS to increase range/higher dbi

I would like something to attach to the unit itself. Or perhaps especially a magnetic antenna for on top of the car.

Looking for a long range antenna to increase the range of the LRS UHF device to maximize its capabilities.

I prefer to order a antenna in the US and not from China, because of shipping times mainly.

Got any specific recommendations?

What do you guys like? Should be around 436mhz from what I've read.

or I guess a 433mhz antenna also is fine? The antenna part is confusing me.

Also what about these Scanner antennas they have at Radio Shack? (only because its the only antenna store in the area)

the antenna from RS is rated from 25-1000mhz but I figure its probably horrible for this application? Thanks again!!
Maybe you could recommend something specific even if in China?
Thank you VERY much!!!
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Nov 30, 2011, 10:07 PM
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This is the one I was thinking about.
How far do you want to go? I have been out 7 miles with similar antenna without base just fixed to TX.
Nov 30, 2011, 11:33 PM
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When i purchased my EZuhf, Sander recommended a Diamond SRH771.
Nov 30, 2011, 11:33 PM
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Gundamnitpete Thanks bro. Its funny I was looking at that website at that line of antennas also.

Vertcnc: Cool dude, sorry about yesterday.

Do you mind me asking what type of video TX and what type of antenna you use on the receiver end of the Video? Yagi?

I only want to go a few miles maybe 3 for starters.

You must get a lot more range in the air then you would leaving a plane on the ground and driving away and testing range from one flat point on the ground to another. seems like a lot less interference up there

Thanks everyone
Dec 01, 2011, 09:09 AM
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I normally use 1 watt 1.3 GHZ Lawmate TX with Lawmate RX. Homemade Vee Antenna or dipole on TX and $12.00 ebay Yagi on RX.
I have also used 2.4 Ghz video with similar results. I haven't ran out of video range yet, batteries (flying time) is limiting my range right know. I also adding a tracking device, not fun walking through 7' tall corn looking for a toy.
Dec 01, 2011, 09:16 AM
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Originally Posted by vertcnc
This is the one I was thinking about.
How far do you want to go? I have been out 7 miles with similar antenna without base just fixed to TX.
This antenna is a pole mount, and is so large and directional, I do not think it will work very well. It will loose a lot of performance a few degrees above the horizon. The antenna I shipped with your unit has very good perofrmance, aside from that I would use a magnetic car mount antenna if you want an external antenna. You are correct, the wide band antenna from Radio shack is great for a scanner, but would be horrible for a Dragon Link. My question is, how far do you want to go ??? The antenna you have will probably outperform your video system and plane already.

Dec 01, 2011, 10:40 AM
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I currently use stock 1/2 wave antenna with the DL. I aslo have a magnetic sma base so when flying from within vehicle or under tailgate hatch I move the stock antenna from the TX to the base.

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