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Nov 29, 2011, 06:57 PM
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Micro Component Weight Chart - PLEASE HELP BY CONTRIBUTING!

There is no component weight index. Let's start something.

Main Components

2ch Receivers:
Rx41 0.28
Rx51-M 0.30
Micro9 Butterfly 0.38
Rx51-MC 0.42

3ch Receivers:
Rx52-M 0.31
Rx52-MC 0.50
Micro9 PnP 0.85

4ch Receivers:
Rx31 0.23
Rx42 0.32
Rx43 0.35
Rx53-M 0.37
Rx53-MC 0.60
Micro9 PnP 0.95
FlyDream 4ch 2.4ghz 1.20
HK R415 2.00

>4ch Receivers:
Rx32 0.28
Rx35-N 0.35
Rx36-N 0.38
Rx33 0.65
Rx34 0.68
Rx35-V 0.71
Rx36-V 0.75
Micro9-S-4CH 1.10
Rx36-H 1.30
Orange R610 (without case) 3.67
Orange R610 (without case, older model) 3.99

Kyosho Minium 3.21
Parkzone Vapor/Ember Brick 3.30
Spektrum AR6400 3.90
Spektrum AR6400T 4.10
Spektrum AR6400L 4.20
E-flite MCX 4.20
Kyosho Minium AD 4ch 5.70
AR6400NBL (with female JST battery plug) 5.80
AR6400LBL 7.80

Super Sub Micro LZ 0.48
Sub Micro LZ 0.675
AS2000 without wires 1.24
HK 1300 1.34
AS2000 1.47
Falcon 1.6g Servo 1.60
AS2000L 1.73
Kyosho KS-20 1.78
HK 5320 1.90
HK 282A 2.60
Generic 2.5g Servo 2.90

LZ Sub Micro Hinge 0.025
NanoAct Magnetic Actuator 0.07
LZ Micro Hinge 0.075
LZ Mini Hinge 0.12
LZ Micro ARM 150 0.15
HingeAct Magnetic Actuator 0.23
LZ Mini ARM 400 0.40
MicroAct Magnetic Actuator 0.40
LZ Standard ARM 600 0.60
MiniAct Magnetic Actuator 1.10

Brushed ESCs:
Cirrus/Nuke ESC (1s 5a) 1.88
Cirrus/Nuke ESC (2-3s 5a) 2.78
Pixie-7P (with wires/connector) 3.28

Brushless ESCs:
YGE 4S (without wires) 0.60
HK 3A ESC 0.79
- HK 3A Wiring Harness 0.97
YGE 4S (with wires) 1.10
XP-7a (with wires/connector) 4.62

Brushed Motors: Pager motors with the same dimensions have the same weights.
6mm Parkzone Vapor motor 1.90
7x16.5mm 2.90
Parkzone UM P51 Motor 5.17
E-flite 4-Site Motor 5.28
GWS 12mm brushed motor 16.7

Brushless Motors:
hexTronik 2g 7700kv 2.10
Gasparin G10 Micro 30 2.40
Gasparin G15 4W 4.60
TGY 1015 5.10
C05 3400kv 5.50
Gasparin G15 5W 5.80
Parkzone 180 8.42
Stevens Aero BL-1504 (with accessories) 12.00

GB05 (5:1) 0.86
GPS-6 1.95
Kyosho Minium 6mm 2.20
GB03 (5.25:1) 2.29
GB04 (5.8:1) 2.60
GPS-7 3.30
GPS-C03 3.60
GB07 (5:1) 3.82
GPS-8 6.90
HKP8-C10 10.00

1S Batteries:
FR 50mAh (bare cell) 1.85g
Zippy 50mAh (with UM) 2.05g
Zippy 70mAh (with UM) 2.30g
Hyperion 70mAh 2.51g
Etomic 70mAh 2.72g
Plantraco BaHoMa 90mAh 3.06g
Zippy 100mAh (with UM) 3.17g
Hyperion 100mAh 3.22g
Nine Eagles 110mAh 3.36g
E-flite 120mAh 3.63g
Hyperion 120mAh 3.70g
Parkzone Su26 90mAh 3.71g
FR 130mAh (bare cell) 3.78g
Hyperion 130mAh 3.92g
TGY 160mAh 4.24g
Nanotech 160mAh 4.54g
Hyperion 160mAh 4.76g
ThunderPower 160mAh 5.00g
Hyperion 180mAh 5.10g
Hyperion 240mAh (bare cell) 6.50g
Hyperion 240mAh 7.50g
E-flite Mosquito 250mAh 8.56g

2S Batteries:
Eflite 120mAh 20C 8.99g
Nanotech 180mAh 25C 11.45g
Eflite 180mAh 20C 12.75g
EFlite 200mAh 25C 13.92g
Rhino 360mAh 22.64g

Contributions by: UNGN*, phil alvirez*, David T*, Freddie B*, Andy2No*, g_kandylakis*,
Terry Rigden, miatamama, coriolan, RNAF, scruffy1, starscream4002, and don't forget me (bim*)
(* - larger contributors)

Thanks to Graham Stabler for keeping this thread visible.
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Nov 29, 2011, 06:57 PM
Micro Boat Forum Founder's Avatar

picco z tail prop 0.06
aero-ace 0.28
PS vapor 0.85
GWS 2510 0.45
GWS 3020 0.94
M.I. 3222 0.165
GWS 4025 1.25
M.I. 4027 0.20
E-Flite 110x80mm 3 Blade 1.40
GWS 5043 1.59
E-flite 4-Site 130x70mm 0.975
Parkzone Vapor 140x45mm 0.833
GWS 6030 2.20
GWS 6050 SF 2.10
GWS 7035 2.90
GWS 7060 SF 3.40

Gearboxes (No Motor):
Vapor (6mm) 0.55
J3 (6mm) 0.70
Flyzone Albatros (7mm) 0.95
Parkzone Um Gearbox (P51, SU26 - 8.4mm) 1.20


Prop Spinners:
Parkzone Um P51 Mustang Nose Cone 0.20
HH Nose cone (light) 0.23
Parkzone Um F4U Corsair Nose Cone 0.28
HH Nose cone (heavy) 0.32
Albatros Nose cone 0.42

Landing Gear:
Parkzone P51 Mustang (with mounts) 1.63
Parkzone T28 Trojan (with mounts) 2.22

Parkzone J3 Cub 0.45 each
Albatros 0.79 each

Building Materials
Weighed in g/m

EPP White 3mm 70
EPP White 6mm 124
EPP Grey 27mm 737
EPP White 150mm 3000
Kneeling pad Green 24mm 2111

Polystyrene White 6mm 94
Polystyrene White 12mm 189
Polystyrene White 18mm 14.7kg foam (1226x715 248g) 283

Blue foam 3mm 92
Blue foam 6mm 184
Blue foam 10mm 307
Styrofoam I.B. Blue foam 75mm 2306

Correx 2mm Clear 293
Correx 2mm Black 303

Great Planes Pro Formance (1mm) 49
Durobatics (1.3mm) 63
Depron; white (0.5mm) 51
Depron; white (1.1mm China - film removed 1 side) 80
Depron 'Selitac'; green (2mm) 82
Depron; white (1mm) 100
Depron; white (2.2mm) 112
Depron; grey (3mm) 121
Depron; white (3mm) 135
Depron; white (5mm) 217
Depron 'Selitron'; white (6mm) 232
Depron with skin; white (6mm) 353
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Nov 29, 2011, 07:16 PM
Andy2No's Avatar
Thanks for starting the thread,

Might I suggest you change the thread title to reflect the fact that it's about micro gear? Or did you want to make it a thread about the weights of absolutely everything R/C related?

I have some new micro gear on order. I'll get my scales out and contribute some figures when it arrives.
Nov 29, 2011, 07:29 PM
Micro Boat Forum Founder's Avatar
Good call.
Nov 29, 2011, 07:46 PM
derk's Avatar
i think you should list the deltang receivers up there because they are spektrum compatible.
and also, is the brushed motor weights including any gear drives they may come in? or maybe list weight of the gear drives empty?
at least the very common ones like the mustang, sukhoi, and piper cub.
Nov 29, 2011, 08:04 PM
Andy2No's Avatar

These are the DT (DelTang) receivers:

Originally Posted by
4ch Receivers:
Rx31 0.23
Rx42 0.32
Rx43 0.35
Rx53-M 0.37
Rx53-MC 0.60
Nov 29, 2011, 08:19 PM
Power Wheels Guru
UNGN's Avatar
The Actual Weight on an AR6400 is 3.9g

An AR6400L Weighs 4.2g

An original PKZ3351 Vapor Brick weighs 3.3g

Mustang Sukhoi Gearbox weighs 1.2g
Nov 30, 2011, 06:43 PM
Micro Boat Forum Founder's Avatar
no one... There are a lot more than four people in this forum.
Nov 30, 2011, 07:09 PM
Andy2No's Avatar
What servos are these? :

Super Sub Micro LZ 0.48
Sub Micro LZ 0.675
I'll try to post some weights tomorrow. I've been distracted by trying out some new bits, and it's bed time, really. I think I can only give 0.1g accuracy though.

I have eight of these, so I'll weigh them all together and divide by 8 :

2.4ghz SuperMicro Systems - Single Linear Servo

Size: 18.1mm x 15.2mm x 7.8mm
Servo throw: 8mm
Weight: 1.1g (wires not included)
- I've never found servos very useful without the wires, so I'll leave mine on They have JST-SH plugs to work with the AR6400 or DT Rx33. I've tried a few of them with my new Rx33 and they work fine.

Incidentally, I've got a bit of an issue with using them with the Rx42, with a JST-SH socket attached to pad C, but I'm hoping there's a solution. I'll look into it more tomorrow - I'm getting little jerky movements about two and a half times a second with the Rx42, but not the Rx33.

I'm still waiting for my 1.7g and 2.2g servos from HobbyKing - they've been grabbed by customs, so there'll be more delay, and an unreasonable bill. I bought six of each so I'll weigh them together for better accuracy.

I have some carbon tissue which is allegedly 10g per square meter - the paper I'm used to using in my printer is 80g per square meter, but is a lot thicker, and doesn't come apart so easily when you pull on it.

I've used a bit of the carbon tissue as a brace on a cracked part of my 4-Site's lower wing, that was acting like a hinge. I used superhatic glue in the crack and just pressed a small piece of the tissue onto the top of the wing, where it had got tacky, I'm quite pleased with the result. I don't know what else I'll use it for though. I'd be interested to know what applications have been found for it.

I'll see if I can weigh the roll, and measure it to see if the 10g/m2 is about right. The bit I've used won't make any difference to the weight.
Nov 30, 2011, 09:19 PM
Power Wheels Guru
UNGN's Avatar
Here are som more:


Mustang Nose cone: .2g
HH Nose cone (light): .23g
HH Nose cone (heavy): .32g
Albatros Nose cone: .42g
Albatros Prop: 1.30g


Kyosho Minium AD 4 Channel Brick: 5.70g
MCX Brick: 4.2g


Kyosho KS-20: 1.78g
AS2000 without wires: 1.24g
AS2000 Short Wires: 1.47g
AS2000L Long Wires: 1.73g

HK 2.0g (with arm/connectors): 2.62g


Vapor (6mm): 1.9g
Flyzone Albatros (7mm): 2.57g


Vapor (6mm): .55g
J3 (6mm): .70g
Flyzone Albatros (7mm): .95g
Dec 01, 2011, 04:24 AM
Registered User
Terry Rigden's Avatar
Some weights Sorry if there are duplicates sclaes limited to 0.1g

Plantraco 2" (tri turbo )? 0.4g
Micro invent C/F 5x3 0.4

Micro Invent large actuator 0.9
Micro invent small actuator 0.4

7mm pager motor 2.7
Vapor motor + wires 1.1

Falcon PU05 motor & GB 3.5
Palm Z gear box and prop 0.6

Falcon Breeze block Mk2 5.4 (incl Xtal)

Dec 01, 2011, 06:35 AM
Registered User
BryanEW710's Avatar
What brand are the "LZ" items?
Dec 01, 2011, 06:39 AM
Way to many airplanes!
Bookmarked, big time! Thanks, great idea.
Dec 01, 2011, 08:05 AM
Power Wheels Guru
UNGN's Avatar
Originally Posted by Terry Rigden

Vapor motor + wires 1.1

I weighed 2 Vapor motors and both weighed 1.92g

You need to be careful weighing motors, as the magnets can mess with the scale.

I weigh them with a non magnetic spacer between the motor and the scale.
Dec 01, 2011, 10:39 AM
Registered User
Terry Rigden's Avatar
Thanks for the tip I will bear it in mind and try again with a metal pan on the scales.


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