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Apr 30, 2012, 09:55 PM
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Originally Posted by BThirsk
What is you opion of the Titan. I am looking for a 450 class as I don't have time to complete my builds right now. Too busy at work. I looked at that or the KDS.
I have the Titain 450 Pro Carbon and it is very good fantastic quallity easy to setup and very stable to fly. The TX is programable via the computer using the T6 config program, and the TX has a nice feel to it and the sticks are hight adjustable and have a realy nice feel to them and they are very presice in their movment with the heli. I am very happy with it and I would recomend it to enyone without question.

In my searching I had a very hard time as Mick knows about my missfortunes in this long sarger to finaly get my 450.

Well here goes, after getting my first one that the wife brought me for christmas that was dead so I sent it back and it wasn't a Titain it was a cheap copy so I got my money back eventualy so I orderd a Titain direct from China, that didn't get here after 40 days of waiting so I contacted the seller and he refunded me.
I then orderd a 450 pro from rchobbyestore it arived in 3 days and I was happy it even came with an aluminium case and everything. But then I opend up the case and sitting before me was a Mystery 450 ver 3 and a crap TX and when I took it out the whole tail assembly was loose and it was of very poor construcktion. So I rang them up and they wern't going to refund me or even let me send it back to get it replaced, after many phone calls I finaly got the manager and she wanted me to send her photo's of it to prove that it wasn't what I orderd. So I sent the photo's to her and rang yet again, then she still stated it was the correct one so I argued with her that it wasn't until eventualy she stated that I now had to take photo's of every part of the heli that I thought was wrong and state in detail about each part and why it wasn't right.
In the meantime while this was all going on over 4 day's as soon as I got of the phone they took down the listing so this woman wanted me to have pictures of both the advertized and the one I got, luckily I don't empty my history and I could go back in offline mode and bring up the page and copy the images and put them together with mine to compaire the two. After yet another long phone call and even more arguing she agreed that it wasn't the same heli and said that I could return it for a full refund, so I demanded that she gave me that in an email allong with a postage paid retrun address so she did and I returned it. Two weeks later I finaly got my money back.

( I advize STRONGLY DO NOT BUY from this store )

At that time over at my suppermarket was a rep from Bigboyztoys runnig a stall selling r/c stuff and he had a Proper Titain 450 Pro Carbon which was what I had wanted all along so I brought it from him and I was realy happy again everything was fine untill I went to program the TX the rudder trim was broken (aghhh) buy this time all the shops had shut so I had to wait till the morning so got up flew over there and the guy said that he would take the tx and get the office to express me one tomorrow (cool) by the end of the week I was fumeing as I had not recived it and I could not get in touch with the guy, finaly I got in touch with the company and they said that they couldn't do anything until they recived the broken one from him so they could do the paper work and send me a new one. After the weekend I finaly got in touch with him and he said that he had given it to the store manager at the office to have a new one sent, so he got off the phone to me and rang the office after about an hour the office rang me to say that they have sent out the new one and it arrived the next mornig by courier.
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Apr 30, 2012, 11:56 PM
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I found my swashplate wasn't level, so I decided to level it. Looking at the aileron servo on the left side the servo arm looked like it was pointing downwards from horizontal, by about 1 notch. I removed the arm and repositioned it, all looked well...until I moved the controls! The servo didn't move, but started buzzing. I pulled it apart and found about 3 teeth on the servo shaft (Better description?) were flattened

I took all precautions I could think of, yet this still happened. The only thing I can think of is they stripped when I undid the screw I did put my finger under the arm, to support it, and yes, the power was off on helo and Tx, so not sure what caused it. Anyway, I swapped the 2 servos and the right side works perfectly on the left.

So anyway, I think I will replace both servos. Any suggestions on what I should use? They're only small, measuring 20mm x 8mm x about 14mm deep (Mounting flange to end). The shaft is about 11mm proud of the mounting flange.

I was thinking about HK Metal Gear ones (I'll do both, as the OEM ones are obviously crap!). Is there anything I need to order? I guess these will be digital?
Sorry, RC stuff is all new to me

Edit; These ones seem to be the same size;
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May 01, 2012, 12:02 AM
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...metal geared digital ones are ok.

All the time I've had mine I've never damaged a servo, so I reckon you guys are just rough on your gear
May 01, 2012, 12:22 AM
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I can't seem to find a metal gear one, just the one I posted the link to. Would that work ok? I don't know much about the specs of these, just whether they'll work or not lol
May 01, 2012, 01:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Angrydad
I can't seem to find a metal gear one, just the one I posted the link to. Would that work ok? I don't know much about the specs of these, just whether they'll work or not lol
No Tim they are to deep and won't fit the body

This is where I get mine from and most of my parts as well.
DH 9116 servo and thats the cheapest I can find or you could take one into your hobby store and ask what would be a good replacement and then search ebay etc for the same one as it would be alot cheaper than the store. A bit cheeky but what else can you do as it would take forever to search the net for a replacement
May 01, 2012, 02:44 AM
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I've updated the link - Dimensions seem similar? I'm at work tho, on my phone.
I'll re-check when I get home. Don't want to use genuine ones, they are obviously crap!
May 01, 2012, 03:06 AM
I need a bigger shed..
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Originally Posted by Angrydad
Don't want to use genuine ones, they are obviously crap!
And expensive!
I have posted links to Turnigy servo's a while back, they served me well
Do a searchy in this thread
May 01, 2012, 03:12 AM
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Howdy, Everyone! I finally made it all the way through this "thread." (More like a transoceanic cable!) I feel like I know many of you already.

A little about myself:
Name: Richard
Location: Bremerton, Washington (15 miles west of Seattle)
Helis: Art-Tech Firefox (indoor flying); Double Horse 9116 (outside - Too dangerous in the house!); Most of an EXI Pro SE 450.
Simulator: Heli-X for my MacBook. (Couldn't get the Windows simulators to run in my virtual PCs)
9116 Modifications: Rare-earth magnets and Velcro for canopy; air frame modification to accommodate longer Tenergy 900 mAH LiPo: Velcro on the belly to loft a micro camera.

I've learned quite a lot from my month-long reading of this encyclopedia. Too bad I didn't get to Stormy's tips before I reinvented the wheel and repeated his trial-and-errors! On the bright side, I didn't get around to oiling every moving part before I read about the motor fouling. In this case, procrastination paid off!

Unlike you fanatics here, I can't afford to buy every heli that strikes my fancy… I'm on a budget. Got hooked on the hobby after I received a tiny IR coaxial for Christmas… Wore the motors out in a month. Got the Firefox cuz it was under 80 USD. I thought that one more channel can't be much different from 3. Crashed and broke the Firefox the first day and continued to repair and crash it for about a month. I was a rookie pilot, but I got up to speed as a flight mechanic very quickly! I've now progressed to the point where I can effectively harass the dogs at will.

Shortly after the Firefox, I wanted a heli I could effectively fly outdoors. Got the DH 9116 because, it too was under 80 USD. Took it out to a local park and ran out of juice over someone's back yard. She seemed a bit confused, at seven in the morning, to have a man at her front door asking to retrieve his crashed helicopter from her property. After work, I thought I could do better. When I got home from work, I took it up again. This time, I lodged it firmly, 20 feet up in the neighbor's noble fir. She seemed a bit confused, at seven at night, to have a man at her front door asking to retrieve his crashed helicopter from her tree! Took me about 45 minutes with a 15-foot orchard ladder and an 8-foot PVC pipe to knock the errant aircraft from its perch in the branches. Practice makes perfect and I no longer have to knock on other people's doors to retrieve my bird.

Being on a budget, I've been slowly building-up a 450-class heli. I've got the body, TX, RX, and tools. This coming payday, I'll get the remaining items to actually start putting it all together. Once again, I arrogantly thought that 6 channels can't be much different than 4; the simulator proved otherwise.

That should have bored you enough for now. I look forward to your future posts.
May 01, 2012, 03:18 AM
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You guys are absolutely brutal on you birds! I'm still running on the original mechanics. Then again, I hardly fly my 9116. Too windy or wet lately. Maybe on the weekends. I fly my sub-micro in the house daily... I'm on my third main motor and my second tail motor.
May 01, 2012, 04:51 AM
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Welcome RichardInBremWA, from a resident of the land of the big red rock, out in the middle of nowhere...

How's the weather in Seattle, or are you elsewhere within that beautiful state of Washington?

You should get a special medal for wading through all that cr*p to get here at page 142, you are to be commended for your efforts.

I loved the story you told of the lengths you went through to recover your bird, it make me chuckle lightly...

I hardly use Heli-X now I have PhoenixRC and will soon have Realflight to train 6ch CP heli's on.

A four channel heli is a big step up from a 3.5ch IR heli, especially jumping up to a 180 sized bird. If you are looking for a challenge, and still wish to keep up your 4ch skills, but wish to fly inside, try a Xieda 9958 or a Nine Eagles BravoSX (scale bodied MD500e), they both love to fly indoors and outside, both really scoot along in full flight forward (FFF), are fairly robust and are kind to the pocket when the enivitable crash occurs (the Xieda 9958 being the cheapest of the two, and the most crashworthy).

The only advise I can offer is grab a decent programmable charger and the Akku 7.4vdc 900mAh LiPo we have reffered to many times in this thread. You may probably be aware of what items break or fail on occasion, so stocking up on them at home eliviates the stress of waiting for parts from china.

We are all in the transition stage now of progressing from the DH9116 onto our choice of 6ch heli's. I preferred to take the difficult option by staying with the micro-sized heli's and purchased a 200sized Walkera 4F200LM "Lama" - a highly detailed scale version of the Aerospatiale SA 315-B. I'm slowly learning to fly it in between crashes and waiting for parts, but soon I'll be flying a Walkera Genius CP, as soon as it arrives here from China, which hopefully should be within the next 5 - 10 days or so (it left Bejing, China on Thursday, 26th April 2012).

Keep us informed of your progress and don't hestitate to ask a question if you are in difficulty.

May 01, 2012, 11:10 AM
Save the Pieces!
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Hi From the Land of Wet and Wind!

Thanks for the welcome, Mick. As I mentioned in the title, it's been wet and windy here as of late so I do most of my flying indoors with my sub-micro Art-Tech Firefox. Like the 9958, it scoots pretty well, is pretty robust, and is fairly easy on the wallet for repairs. I don't hear it mentioned much by the Mainstream; I can only guess that it's not very popular or few have heard about it.

I'm already ahead of you regarding a smart charger; it's one of the items I'm ordering on Friday. As for the Genius CP, it's my long term goal to acquire one and to upgrade it to brushless.

I'm loving this new hobby so much I'm divesting myself of much of one of my other hobbies; Amateur Radio. Since I remarried eight years ago, I have precious little time for Ham radio. In fact, I haven't found the time to set up my station in the house we bought two years ago. One of the things I like most about model helicopters is I can steal a few moments each day to indulge myself. None of my other hobbies are that flexible.

Thanks again for the welcome and I look forward to everyone's reviews of their latest acquisitions!
May 01, 2012, 12:14 PM
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Richard you are not the only ham on here. RC sort of bites and ham radio takes a back seat for the time being. You would be surprised how many there are here.
Bill K0QK
May 01, 2012, 12:27 PM
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"RC sort of bites?" I'm rather enjoying it.

73 de Richard, N7UFK
May 01, 2012, 12:43 PM
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It grabs your check book/credit card and won't let go
May 01, 2012, 01:11 PM
Save the Pieces!
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I don't have that problem... I have a YF to answer to!

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