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Sep 25, 2003, 04:49 AM
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M60: Mt. Zion Frontside music video

The story of flying up here for the first time is already covered in the last M60 DS video thread, so I'll keep it simple.

M60 flying at 46oz on the "frontside" (really the back of the mountain, but this is the more extreme slope with the cool background. This is the first video of probably 2, showing the M60 doing the big sky filling maneuvers, set to what I thought was appropriate music.
http://www.houseofthud.com/videos/mt...usic1-divx.avi (4:50, 26 megs, requires DiVX Codec)
Can actually be played full screen, halfway decently.
Next one will have some low level pylon turns and such below the horizon.

Let me know what you think.

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Sep 25, 2003, 07:53 AM
Gravity always wins!
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Wow! Thats really cool! Worth the 1:30 download on 28.8k :-(

Really great - I can't wait to see the low level stuff!

Sep 25, 2003, 10:24 AM
Just tape it, it'll fly
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Jeez. Derek's got to be loving this. This is money in his pocket.

So, when the lift quits, where does your plane go?

Love watching you fly, Ian. I would be very interested to see the landing, though.

Sep 25, 2003, 11:54 AM
Mr Jiggy Fly
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Good Lord Ian!!! That is some BIG SKY stuff!!! Made my palms sweat just watching it! Nice effect of disappearing into the clouds. Wish I had places like that to fly around here.

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Sep 25, 2003, 12:00 PM
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Originally posted by Pete-O

So, when the lift quits, where does your plane go?
Clear Creek..
No actually a few things:
Up there the wind doesn't quit like that. The day we were flying there it was crappy everywhere else. We'd attempted to fly the powerlines, west highway 93, and the switchback behind Zion. All bad.. wind up and down, lots of turbulence. Up there at the top though, it's catching WNW blowing across the tops of the mountains. What makes everything else bad (strong W winds causing mountain rotor), is what makes that place good.

That said. If the wind ever does die, the landing is basically straight to the north. Standing on the west edge there you can see the west side of the flats behind the paraglider launch.
(In the 180 degree pan video you can see it at exactly 10 seconds in looking down toward the switchbacks. And since it's 100+ feet lower than the top, that gives you time to scoot down there even in no wind, make a turn so you're pointed back uphill to the south toward you, and just fly it back up "across" the hill until you intersect the slope.

If you've got time, because the lift hasn't died completely or at all, then you go ahead an walk down to the north end of the ridge (30 yards or so), stand just to the right of the windsock, and then you've got a full view of the "flats" and can do a bit more relaxed landing losing altitude and speed with S-turns above the paraglider launch and then a nice approach straight up the north end of the hill where you hiked up, which actually is relatively free of rocks and bushes. Since the end of the ridge is rounded there's always going to be some place where there's no lift, that you can work it down, unless the wind switches straight in from the north, in which case you could land it on top anyway. I'm not saying it's easy landing, but it's doable, and I think will get easier as we practice it some more.

I will say, that it's probably not worth the hike up there in just marginal wind anyway, but I'm betting that most times it's decent at the powerlines, it'll be awesome up there. Only time will tell though.

Sep 25, 2003, 12:09 PM
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Originally posted by surferx
Good Lord Ian!!! That is some BIG SKY stuff!!! Nice effect of disappearing into the clouds. Wish I had places like that to fly around here.

Wasn't really that near the clouds. That's just a video compression artifact due to trying to get about 50x compression and staying zoomed out to give some sense of scale of the maneuvers. It's unfortunate that you can't see the glider's orientation a lot of times at distance because of that. I did 2 big outside loops in the early part of the video which are *barely* visible, and one absolutely enormous outside loop later on. There's also a weird sequence near the end where I did a dive right to left, followed by a 3/8th roll to the left then 360 degree inverted climbing turn to a half loop push out around the sun to upright flight, then straight into a dive. It's a weird looking sequence and makes a lot more sense once you realize most of it's inverted. Just can't see it in the video much, other than the fact that you never see the glider roll out at the end of the sequence.

Sep 25, 2003, 10:45 PM
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Having some fun with TerraExplorer..
Here ya go Pete.

Landing patterns.
Blue line starts high, ends low, swinging back up the hill as far as possible toward the windsock on the point (where you'd stand for that approach).
Yellow line starts at eye level and goes
down to the west side of the flats, which you can see from any of the rocky points that jut out from the top of the ridge on the west side. No denying it'll be a hike to get, but then if the wind dies up there.. then it's *dead*, and you might as well go home.
Light green lines show wind coming up the back in front of the ridge, and going past the N end of the hill over the paraglider launch.

Threw the DS groove in there just for fun.
It's as big or as small as you want to make it.

I went up tonight, and had one flight lasting from a little after 6 till a little after 7 when it was finally too dark to fly (damn, it's getting dark fast these days). Flew the Moth only, and it was rockin. Even when the wind faded a bit right when then sun went below the horizon (common phenomenon), a couple clicks of uptrim and it just floated up and away out over the valley. Then we had one of those absolutely mind blowing sunsets with the sun lighting the bottom of the rippled clouds to the west in the deepest reds and oranges you've ever seen. It was seriously distracting me from flying.
Also made a bunch of DS turns. Started doing figure 8's finally, as I've not been comfortable doing clockwise rotation (emergency reflexes just aren't quite there yet for rolling out to the left), but it was smooth enough back there that it's hard to get into major trouble.

Also discovered that some of the terrain features below the lip cause some interesting effects. There's two cliffs jutting out some distance below the lip that each cast a small wind shadow. If you make a pylon turn above each one, it actually gains some energy DS style when it pops back into the wind it just *rips* through the rest of the turn and back down the course. Looking forward to exploring that a bit more when it's not so dark out.