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Nov 09, 2011, 06:30 AM
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Hobbyking Sniper pushy Cat - Build Blog

I was looking for a plane that has a potential to be really fast and have some sort of landing gear since we don't have grass to do belly landing here.

I found the Hobbyking Sniper Pushy Cat Its size means that i can just chuck it at the back of the car with all my other larger gas planes and it doesn't need dismantling. and the best thing about it , is that It has a potential to have retracts installed on it. this Plane is almost identical to v-diamond from Hobby Lobby .

Below are the specs of the plane
Wing span: 36in (910mm)
Wing Area: 248sq.in
Length: 33in (830mm)

For the power and servo setup:

Motor: NTM Prop Drive Series 35-36A 1800Kv / 875w or Turnigy D3548/4 1100KV
ESC: TURNIGY Plush 60amp Speed Controller
Props: 7x6 or 8x8
Battries: Nanotech 35C 2,200 mAh 3S and Nanotech 35C 2,200 mAh 4S

Servo: HXT900 9g / 1.6kg / .12sec Micro Servo 2x Aileron, Turnigy 1800A Servo 8g/1.7kg/.10sec 1x Elevator, 1x steering

The plane came with all the required accessories to build. the good thing is that it also came with a a motor mount for in-runner motors. but since i was using a out runner i opted to mount the motor directly on the mainframe.
The reason why I went with such a large esc is so that I can use the same ESC when I Hike up the power with a larger motor.
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Nov 10, 2011, 08:42 AM
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have you weight the jet yet? AUW? ZUW? I'm building a scratch build version of the same thing. Proballly won't be as fast as yours though.
Nov 11, 2011, 05:08 AM
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Originally Posted by eccvets
have you weight the jet yet? AUW? ZUW? I'm building a scratch build version of the same thing. Proballly won't be as fast as yours though.

my final weight with a 2,200 mAh 3S with fixed landing gear is 890g.
Nov 11, 2011, 05:57 AM
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ok I have done have completed the build of the plane, and it too me around 2.5hour to get it ready to fly this is including waiting for the CA to dry. this plane is really easy to get together.

The stock setup of this plane is to have one Aileron servo. but since Im planning to get this plane to do more than 100mph i used a twin setup using the HXT 900 servos. I have to cut open the servo opening abit. but everything is fitted really well. below are a few pics of the servo setup.
Nov 11, 2011, 06:20 AM
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The 60A ESC fit well in the fuse with a lot of space as well as motor X mount fit perfectly on the fuselage.

I had a bit of concern of air cooling of the battery and the ESC so i made an air scope using a plastic a spoon on the battery cover. The exit air will come out of the hole under the motor mount at the back this was there will be a vacuum as the prop suck the air.

you can also see my Elevator servo setup which was very straight forward and Luckily I had yellow electric tape that I can tape down the servo wire.

Bellow is the details of my power train setup:

Prop: 7x6
Voltage: 11.1v
Amps: 39A
Watts: 400W

Prop: 8x8
Voltage: 11.1v
Amps: 55A
Watts: 581W

on the static setup the both these props push the plane really well. Since the Amps isnt that high with these setups I will have a 4S 2,200 mAh with me to also try out.

The total weight of my setup with the 3S 2,200 mAh battery is 890g so under 1Kg.

Im now going for a test flight and let you guys know
Nov 23, 2011, 06:02 AM
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a quick update on my sniper cat.

after a few flights with the fixed landing gear the plane has been flying really well I decided to go ahead and install the Micro air retracts I also order with the kit.
Micro Pneumatic Retract Landing-gear set

I also used alloy struts because my flying field is a a compacted dirt airfield and there are alot of bumps that the springs on the struts can absorb and of course during hard landings. yes there is a flight weight penalty to install these but hey they look good.
The reason why I chose air retracts is because i have never built an air retract system and it was something new to me. but after completing this system i think this will be my only air retract kit. there are so many more complications with air retracts compared to the current servo-less systems that are on offer. but hey it was fun building it

I spent around 6 hours installing all the items including the testing.

I first started with the front nose gear since i thought it would be the most complicated one . I cut open the front portion of the nose of the plane and cut up a small piece of thin plywood to fit the front nose gear. I adjusted the depth of the plywood so that the front nose strut will not show when the landing gear was retracted.
then came the length of the front nose gear. I was restricted because of the center bulk fuselage support that i didnt want to remove. so i adjusted the length of the nose gear to be just right.

then came the steering. I used a 900hxt servo and placed it at the bottom of fuse away from everything. I used fishing line instead of the supplied steel wire because it was easier to work with.
Nov 23, 2011, 06:32 AM
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Now the Main Landing gear.

I wanted locate the landing gear slightly behind the CG of the plane so that the nose of the plane wouldn't bounce during landing and also for takeoffs the nose wouldn't raise up till there is sufficient lift on the wing ( well that was my theory) .
It was easy to cut open the main wing . because it was a thin sheet of balsa with foam internals. after doing some measurements the length of the struts I was luck that the plane will level out with both main retracted in between the elevator supports. i was glad....
If you guys look at the pictures attached you will notice that the retracts are slightly miss align. unfortunately that is purely my fault when i was cutting the other hole . I aligned if with my sight only

again the micro retract with these struts was a perfect depth when retracted if the wing was any thinner if would of stuck out. I was lucky. i kept the wheel wells bare till I decided what i would do with it (paint or cover it)

my only worry with the rear retracts is the strength of the mounting, I hope it would be able it withstand harsh landings. if not i will find a way to reinforce it.
Nov 25, 2011, 02:02 PM
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Boost, your plane looks great.. How did if fly and did you end up going with the 4s battery pack? I like the retracts,what struts did you use? have you tried it since you've installed them? w.
Nov 28, 2011, 12:59 AM
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The plane flies great even with a 3s and a 7x8 prop.but for a screamer I put a 4S but you need to be very short with the full throttle bursts and give a chance for the motor and esc to cool or alse they will go up in smoke is you constantly keep it at full throttle.
im using the 7075 Alloy Shock Absorbing Strut Set from hobbyking

they are actually really good quality items and there are two different spring tensions supplies so you can change the tension according to your requirements.
Aug 03, 2013, 10:17 PM
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Sorry for bumping this old thread but hopefully there is still some interest in this great little bird.

Today I had my first real flights with it. As with the op, I went with the 35-36A 1800KV propdrive motor and plush 60 ESC, but I'm bungee launching mine - no gear. I'm using 4S 2200mah 65C A-spec lipos, these bastards are thick, barely fit.

With a 7X6 APC clone the motor got very hot, so I put on a Graupner 6X6. Great prop and a decent speed setup, vertical is really nice as well. Didn't do a watt test, but I think it's only drawing 55amps peak or so static, maybe 800watts?

4 minute flight, battery is just slightly warm with 25% left. Would like to go faster but not sure if it's worth it, as this is a fairly draggy airframe.

Great flyer and can do any aerobatics with ease.

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