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Nov 06, 2011, 11:08 AM
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Anyone use Phoenix rc simulator ???

Hi everyone I am a newbie to this forum, I have been into small micro electric heli's for a few years now then got the phoenix rc sim where I soon learnt to fly planes on my laptop and consider myself now pretty good.

Having never flown a plane before for real I bought a cheap p51 mustang which I attempted to fly with no experience other than the simulator use lol ...........

I quite surprised myself by succesfully not only flying it but landing it too just from the sim practice so feeling really happy with myself I went out again the next day where I did same only this time my sons had messed with the servo reversing switches on transmitter so she took off just slid left a touch so some trimming was required but to compensate I gave a little right aileron stick input and she leant even more left as servo's were reversed and before I could recover it hit the deck with whole nose and motor assembly being thrown a good 10 ft from rest of plane being only made from lightweight z foam

Anyway I did repair it and it did fly again but sold to a friend and currently have no planes just my 2 small blade heli's a cx2 and a msr.

I do want a parkzone p51 mustang bl dsm as its same size as my old one but much uprated with 2.4ghz and brushless motor etc but do you think I should of started with a trainer such as a cessna or cub ? and has anyone else taken straight to a plane just from simulator practice ? if so what happened ............

Cheers in advance Deano )

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Nov 06, 2011, 12:09 PM
Yea, I fly dusty planes..
zeezee's Avatar

1st good plane

Hello, Deano; After 22 years out of RC I got Phoenix myself and relearned. I spent alot of time making touch and goes to the point of boredom: go to practice landings on menu. I had several different failures setup also. I had decided that I wanted my 1st plane to be a high wing plane but something cool. I decided on the Stinson and set upon flying it quite frequently, daily. I bought the PZ Stinson and love it. It is a big plane,50" wingspan and totally scale. It is beautiful to look at when making slow flybys at about a 5' altitude with full flaps. This plane is powerful, fast, slow, agile and able to do just about any type of flying a guy like you and I need at this point. It will always be a good plane to have in your hanger. I just installed a gyro in mine to help stabilize the wing in windy circumstances, on the ailerons. Works great on takeoffs and landing when wind gust pickup. Dave And BTW, this is from simulator to the field, just alot of sim time, great place to learn new stuff without wallet "wife" pain.....
Nov 08, 2011, 12:47 AM
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I don't mean to totally contradict you, Zeezee, but I had the PZ Stinson Reliant and I absolutely hated it. Given what you said about yours, perhaps I had a defective one, but here it is: Mine was DREADFULLY underpowered, clumsy, handled like an overloaded dump truck with under-inflated tires, and had the most abysmal ground handling of any tail-dragger I've ever had. After about 8 horrible flights, I couldn't sell it fast enough. But it was pretty, I agree with that.

Back to the original question posed by Deano69: Yes, I had the Phoenix Flight Simulator, and I sold it and bought RealFlight 4.5 (current version at the time). I liked RealFlight's physics better (particularly the wind physics) but Phoenix Flight Sim is fine for getting the feel of R/C flying. If you can fly any of the airplanes on Phoenix REALLY well, then I would say you're ready to go solo on a TRAINER.

I was in your shoes when I was starting; I had dozens of hours on a Simulator, and was really good with any and all of the planes on the Sim. I got too confident and went straight to a sport plane for the real thing. It lasted about 8 flights before I totaled it (which the guy at my LHS told me was somewhat of a miracle that it lasted that long!) I went to another sport plane, and it lasted about 6 flights before I totaled it... Finally having learned my lesson, I bought the Eflite Apprentice 15e and flew it and flew it. Learned proper real-world handling, landings (harder in real life than a Sim) and other such. Still have the Apprentice.

I would STRONGLY recommend getting a trainer (I'd suggest the Apprentice, a 4 channel decent sized trainer, which I think is still fun even though I currently have a scale, an aerobatic, and a 3D plane in addition to it) and "getting your wings" with the trainer before going with your coveted P51.

Another thing, you need to do your range checks and control surface checks BEFORE you fly... this would have exposed the servo reversal problem that cost you your first plane. Doing range/control checks on my planes has saved my 3D plane twice, and my Apprentice at least once from disaster.
Nov 08, 2011, 08:19 AM
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wparsons's Avatar
Simulators are great, but their biggest "flaw" is their inability to reproduce your nerves like flying a real plane for the first time does. They also don't give you a good sense of speed on landing approaches (especially if you fly in smaller parks!).

I initially learned to fly with a 2m glider (goldberg gentle lady) about 15 years ago, but then didn't fly anything for about 10 years. Once I was out of school, I dug out a pico tigermoth I picked up a few years prior and started flying it. I picked up real flight and flew a bit with pattern / 3D planes and then picked up a GWS Formosa. That was about 4 years ago, and the only plane I've crashed is my um 4-site, usually into concrete posts in the parking garage when I'm doing stupid things.

Even with that, and flying new models in the sim before a real maiden flight I still find I get the shakes a bit at landing time for the first couple flights.
Nov 08, 2011, 08:38 AM
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In short, sims cannot reproduce the "pucker factor" you get when flying a real plane. When you see the model you just spent alot of money on go airborn, and you realize it's up to you to land it in one piece, you'll see what I mean. It's always a good idea to have an experienced pilot with you as you learn.
Nov 11, 2011, 02:03 AM
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teflon97239's Avatar
Yeah, the Phoenix has saved me lots of grief with my Champ (plane) and 120SR (helo). I'm a lot better with both now. And I can stay sharp when it rains and blows here in wintery Portland.

Lately, I've learned to fly with ailerons too, and I have much better instincts, reacting automatically to close calls, things that would've been total crashes a couple months ago. I can fly it away until it's just a dot, then carefully figure out which way it's going and bring it back. Inverted flight is getting easier. Varying crosswinds and sudden random gusts. Planes edited to the toughest settings. Trying stall recoveries on short final that I'd never risk with my actual RC. Rolls, loops, tiny patches to land on, etc.

So will my first aileron equipped RC plane next summer be different than a simulator with real-world quirks? Absolutely. Will I have some basic eye-thumb skills and advantages over someone else with zero sim time on the maiden flight? No doubt. Worth every penny.

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