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Jun 20, 2013, 07:50 PM
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By my understanding the X-1E was a kit build.
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Jun 20, 2013, 11:59 PM
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Thanks for the data about the Honey Pot all, appreciate it.
Jun 21, 2013, 05:13 AM
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Hi Peter,

No there was no construction article for the X-E1 in the January 2001 issue of Aeromodeller.

There was however an article on converting old Jetex powered model plans to using the Rapier units no longer available I believe.

The article, the first of two, was by Richard Crossley and entitled LIGHT “EM UP”.

In the second article in the next edition, February 2001, Richard looks at motor mounts and trimming and features his plan for the German Bachem Natter vertical launch rocket interceptor for a Rapier L1 unit.


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Jun 21, 2013, 02:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Modelholic
By my understanding the X-1E was a kit build.
Thanks for that information. I do have a kit for the original X-1, which I would like to R/C with a removable 5 or 10g motor with a clear plastic prop in the rear.

Pete G.
Jun 24, 2013, 05:16 AM
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Aeromodeller free flight plans

We go this time to the December 1999 issue of AEROMODELLER.

The cover features MARTAIN CROSSLEY’S Blohn and Voss Bv141 climbing for height in the 1998 Free Flight Rubber Scale Duration event at the UK Barkston Power Nationals.

The first plan was WAFFLE 11 for indoor rubber designed by Candian MIKE THOMAS reliving the nostalgia of his model flying of the 1950’s.

It’s an unorthodox design but he got over 3 minuets and it’s super stable. The plan is full size and the construction article gives all the details.

There was another plan reproduced in ALEX IMRIE’s Vintage Corner segment.

It was the 19 inch wingspan Curtis Wright CW-15 Sedan which sold as a kit for 50 cents in 1934 from the TOMASCO Tolido Model Airplane Supply Company.

The instructions are on the plan and it would build into a nice scale rubber model.

Next to how they used to work out areas and wing loadings in the 1960’s. You pulled out your nomograms. These and a ruler will solve your problems.

Finally to AIRCRAFT DESCRIBED and the MILES MARTLETT. This attractive single seat sport 1929 Biplane was made from surplus parts and one still existed in 1999.


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Jun 29, 2013, 04:05 AM
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Aeromodeller free flight plans

This time it’s the February 1998 issue of AEROMODELLER.

The cover shows a brace of “WOT HO” foam indoor flyers. Full size plans were to be found inside.

Wot Ho was designed by DAVID LOVEGROVE and is a great little flyer. Wingspan is 13 inches.

Davis said it is constructed from wall insulation foam freely available in UK DIY shops.

Easy to work with the foam can be glued using Bison Clear Adhesive though I believe that PVA glues work just as well.

Finally to the ever popular ALEX IMRIE’S VINTAGE CORNER section.

In this edition Alex devotes his entire column to C.A.RIPPON’S pushers tracing their history and development.

Also included was a rare C.A. Rippon plan for the PUSHER PUP. Wingspan is 32 5/8”.

It would look great in the air.


Jul 03, 2013, 06:41 AM
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Aeromodeller free flight plans

Going to the August 200 AEROMODELLER with the cover showing ROY ASHBY'S model of the SOPWITH TABLOID bi-plane.

Two full size plans to be found in this issue the first being a scale No-Cal P-39Q AIRACOBRA designed by MICHAEL MORROW

This is an attractive model of the 1946 Thompson trophy winner and the comprehensive build article gives you all the information you need to make and trim your own.

Michael got his best time of 4minuetes and 23 seconds under an 80 foot ceiling. Gulp!

The final full size plan is a model of a model.

Pistachio master DAVE LINSTRUM goes back to 1943 and does a “Pistachio” number on the classic MIKE FATHING outdoor rubber lightweight.

Dave said Mike’s model had all the right dimensions and the result is your ideal first Pistachio.


Jul 20, 2013, 11:42 AM
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Quiet thread

I know i am a lurker, but this thred seems so quiet all of a sudden. What has happened?


Cape Town
Jul 20, 2013, 01:16 PM
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This is one of my favorite haunts, mostly because of the "Aircraft Described" features. However, I also enjoy the British take on FF plans etc.

This thread is quite a gift, thus far, and I am quite grateful. Hope everything is OK with algy, as he seems the main sparkplug of this substantial and enjoyable effort.

Here's hoping, "Good things come to those that wait."
Jul 21, 2013, 07:43 AM
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Probably off on a vacation. I agree the thread is a gem.

Aug 03, 2013, 07:50 AM
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Aeromodeller free flight plans

This time we go to the April 1997 AEROMODELLER with the cover featuring DAVE PLATT holding his magnificent SATIN DOLL biplane. Plan to be found inside.

A flying ceiling tile was the first free flight model in this issue. It’s TILE FLI by PETER HOLLAND.

Peter said he got the idea while casually throwing a tile about, as you do. He decided it to make it electric powered and because of balance problems made it a “Slot Prop“. Delta.

The construction article has all the details and the working diagram has the dimensions.

Next was SATIN DOLL by the master Dave Platt. Satin Doll is a 42 inch span vintage style Biplane to fly at a Old Warden Vintage Weekend.

Designed to look like a 1940’s model Dave said the flight performance is far from shabby.When fully wound it easily exceeds two minuets.

No scale on the plan but it has the wingspan given plus I think an inch scale on the bottom left corner. Interesting to note that Dave made two models. One covered in Tissue and one covered in Silk. Both weighed exactly the same,

To the FREE FLIGHT SCENE Colum by TREVOUR GREY where amongst other items he looks at the PICCOLO 2 by HERMANN JENNE.

Picollo 2 is a tailless glider design that won the Swiss Linth Cup event in 1995.

The working diagram and article has all the information.

Finally to a real oldie the ANSALDO BIPLANE from POPULAR AVIATION January 1932.

This is a JOE OTT design and it was featured in VINTAGE CORNER by Alex Imrie. I scanned the article which makes fascinating reading plus the reproduction of the original plan.


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Aug 03, 2013, 08:05 AM
So I'M meant to be in control?
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Now that Satin Doll is an attractive model......
Aug 16, 2013, 10:36 PM
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Aeromodeller free flight plans

This time we go to the September 1998 AEROMODELLER.

The cover shows ERIC PRZYJEMSKI launching his EARL STAHL Rearwin Speedster at the old Warden Vintage Weekend that year.. Reported to fly very well.

The first free flight plan is an 18 inch foam sport-scale rubber powered SIAI-MARCHETTI SF-260B.

Designed by ANDREW J ALLAN who by then had built over 100 such models using ”WARMLINE” wall insulating foam sheet.

Andrew gives many useful tips on working with this material and said the model can be flown indoors as well as out doors. Plan is full size.

Next to an article on folding-prop hubs by one of the acknowledged UK free flight experts BRIAN FAULKNER.

Brian said the most significant improvement to performance you can make to a rubber powered model is an effective folding prop. He explains all.

To a nostalgic article on EBENEZERS “RAISE YOUR EBENEZERS” in which the work of BERT STRIEGLER is examined . The article also includes a number of Ebenezer plans with dimensions.

For those interested in the thinner side of model flight.

Finally Paul McIIRATH tells all in the use of a torsion bar undercarriage on small scale aircraft in his article “A NEW TWIST“.



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Aug 17, 2013, 11:58 PM
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Aeromodeller free flight plans

Hi, Staying in 1998 but this time the May issue.

The cover shows a happy group of young aero modellers competing in the events held at the 1997 Old Warden competitions.

One plan to pass along and it’s a scale foam indoor WW11 fighter the P-51 MUSTANG.

Presented by MARK SWAN the very full construction article gives all the building details and would also enable you to design and fly your own such models. Plan is full size.

It’s a small creation but on 2,500 turns Marks flew slowly and did 60 secs. Time to head indoors

Finally ALEX IMRIES VINTAGE CORNER where a detailed look is taken at Californian PETER BOWERS scale free flight model of UDETS FLAMINGO.


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Aug 19, 2013, 01:25 AM
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Aeromodeller free flight plans


Back a few years to 1993 and the December issue of AEROMODELLER.

The cover features Tasmanian Peter Lambert holding one of his RTP fanjets which he used in exhibitions.

There was also a full article and plan on the IONOSPHERE MK.2 but there was artwork on the plan so cannot post.

But being the Christmas issue there was something special in the centre. It was a free full size plan of a 1/20th scale MARTINSYDE F4 BUZZARD by top Czech Republic scale man LUBMIR KOUTNEY.

This is a delightful model that has won many rubber scale competitions and regularly does over 60 seconds on 1200 turns.

Build as per plan and instructions and keep the weight down to 35 grams.



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