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Mar 03, 2013, 06:26 AM
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Thanks for the Sundowner scans Algy. I've got a couple of Pee Wees and I'm always on the lookout for a suitable build for one of them.
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Mar 05, 2013, 06:20 AM
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Aeromodeller free flight plans

Staying with 1971 and this time the August issue of AEROMODELLER with the cover featuring German visitors to the UK Nationals SCHWARZ/KAUL.

They caused a minor sensation by beating all the local opposition to win the F.A.I. team race event.

In the centre could be found a free full size plan for TRI-STAR a A/1 glider for the novice modeller.

By DICK TWOMEY who said although for the glider novice it meets all the A/1 International specifications and is straightforward to build and great to fly.

Itís fitted with a dethermalizer and auto rudder.

Full details are in the article.

Finally to something special a classic scale rubber design by KEN McDonough. Itís his 40 inch wingspan DOUGLAS O-38

The original biplane was used during the 1930ís by the U.S. ARMY AIR CORPS as an observation machine.

Reading about it flying in Aeromodeller it performs extremely will at a slow scale speed.

I was so struck by the plan that I built it a few years ago but unfortunately the complete uncovered model dropped tail first onto a cement floor while I was photographing it and destroyed most of the fuselage.

Will soon remake a fuselage and get it together again. The plan is 1/6th scale.


Mar 08, 2013, 05:10 PM
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Here is the Douglas O-38 plan offered above restored. Looks like a nice scale rubber biplane, has a long nose for balance.

Mar 08, 2013, 06:12 PM
skumgummi dave
Thanks Rufus:

You did a lovely job, as usual...

Regards, Dave-
Mar 08, 2013, 08:17 PM
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The Tri-star! That was my first really successful glider. I built it around 1980. It's hanging in my garage at the moment. I've often thought of re-covering it as the tissue is pretty much gone on it. It was a great flyer.
Mar 09, 2013, 09:16 PM
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Aeromodeller free flight plans

We go to September 1961 AEROMODELLER this time in search of Free Flight Plans.

The cover shows FRANK PALMERS magnificent scale free flight GREAT LAKES BIPLANE from Calgary in Canada and HARALD KRIER’S air-show special in which he won many acrobatic championships. More inside.

In fact the centre pages has a free full size plan for the GREAT LAKES BIPLANE by KEN COOK. It can be flown Free Flight or Control Line.

It is of very simple construction and when powered by a COX TEE DEE in free flight mode you were advised to put the propeller on backwards.

The article and plan has all the details.

To SURE FLYER the perfect subject for your next rubber powered model.

This is the work of KEITH LAUMER and is a very attractive 30 inch cabin model with sheet tail and fin.

It will take you through the traditional fuselage and wing construction techniques and when finished and trimmed out reward with some nice relaxing flying. Plan is 1/5th scale.

I would be inclined to fit a D/T. It would be easily arranged to add a pop-up tail.


Ian thanks for the feedback on the TRI STAR A/1 glider previously posted and how well it flew . Time to get the tin of dope down, a small soft brush and a few sheets of tissue and head out again the the flying field.

Seems to be a bit of interest also in the DOUGLAS O-38 rubber scale plan I also posted.

Mine as I said crashed with a loud crunchy sound tail first onto a cement floor destroying the rear of the fuselage when I was photographing the finished framework.

Found just two of the photos left from that photo session and have posted them here as an inspiration to other would be builders. It is a lovely model to make.


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Mar 10, 2013, 02:23 PM
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My wife built the "Sureflyer" one of only two models she built. We never got much success out of the sure flyer as we constantly had warp issues with the wing. The structure of the wing was a little different too which may have been part of it. Today, after many more years of experience, I probably could build one that would fly fine - don't think I'll be doing that though - too many other projects.
Mar 11, 2013, 07:53 AM
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Aeromodeller free flight plans


To May 1970 AEROMODELLER with the cover showing World Champion ELTON DREW with his A/2 glider LIVELY LADY.

In fact the LIVELY LADY was the first plan featured in this issue a glider that gained first placing in the Swedish Glider Cup in 1969.

Elton said it was named after a round-the world Ketch. There is a very full construction article to assist any would be builder.

The plan is to 1/16th scale.

Next heading indoors and a well known Hand launched Glider from that era the SUZY Q.

This is a 14 inch wingspan design by BOB STALICK.

To AIRCRAFT DESCRIBED and A.A.P Lloyd takes a close look at the AIRMARK CASSUTT.

Finally to NOVEMBER 1970. The cover shows the UK Control Line Speed team at the 1970 World Championship.

AIRCRAFT DESCRIBED in this edition features the Russian ANTONOV AN-2.

FELIX PAWLOWICZ both describes and draws the aircraft.


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Mar 11, 2013, 04:17 PM
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Excellent issue! Thanks
Mar 12, 2013, 07:55 PM
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Aeromodeller free flight plans


April 1981 is the AEROMODELLER this time with RON TRUELOVE proudly holding his magnificent control - line scale Hawker Typhoon. He won the 1961 Model Engineers Exhibition.

The first plan is for something a little unusual in the form of the FLAMINGO by RAY MORSE.

The Flamingo is a Hot Air Electric Powered Airship.

Ray calls it his ďRare AvisĒ and expects a few eyebrows to be raised at first sight.

He said however although large it is basically quite simple to build. Itís kept in the air by just a pastry cup full of methylated spirits and of course the electric motor provides the thrust.

It is suggested for indoor use only and flown tethered to a pylon.

The plan is to1/5th scale.

Staying indoors for the next offering the GRAHM DAVITTíS Indoor H.L.G.

Graham said It has long list of contest placings to itís credit and is very consistent in performance.

To another chuck glider but this time a realistic looking design by Chuck Headley the F-18 HORNET then very much in the news.

Finally to AIRCRAFT DESCRIBED and the JEAN BEDEíS BEDE BD-8 is closely looked at by A.A.P. Lloyd.


Mar 13, 2013, 09:56 PM
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Aeromodeller free flight plans

This time it is the March 1980 AEROMODELLER with the cover showing JOHN LYNCH holding his HP40 powered EAGLE V flown in the 1979 Gold Trophy Control Line Aerobatics at the UK Nationals.

One free flight plan to pass along from this issue and itís NEVER FORGET.

A JOHN POOL contest winner in Englandís Lady Shelly Trophy.

John said the 50 inch span rubber driven tailless model was developed from 1968 to 1978 and is a super stable and attractive flyer.

The very comprehensive build article gives Johnís thoughts on his design and the plan, which is 1/6th size, shows many handy jigs.

It is a large model and I think would look incredible in the air.

Mar 14, 2013, 08:19 PM
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Aeromodeller free flight plans

We go to AEROMODELLER August 1982 for more free flight plans.

The cover this time features the 1982 overall Free Flight Power National UK Champion STAFFORD SCREEN with his OPEN and FIC models.

Just one full size plan in this issue. Itís another elegant Peanut design from EMMANUEL FILLON in the form of the POLIKARPOV.

Strangely no construction article was in the magazine but all the information you need is on the plan..


Mar 14, 2013, 10:45 PM
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Algy, thanks for all this. Just after you put up post #850 with the Graham Davittts IHLG, I built two, one an 8" span and on at 150% -about 16 inch, from the plans you put up. They both fly beautifully, lovely fliers. Best Regards!
Mar 16, 2013, 06:59 AM
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Aeromodeller free flight plans


This time moving to the March 1981 AEROMODELLER where the cover shows a cold crisp and clear day at the Old Warden Airfield UK for the running of the Aeromodeller International Coupe D’ Hiver event.

IAN BARRETT’S Flying High is the first build article and plan feature.

Fyling High is a simple ‘no-frills” tow line glider but one capable of a good performance. So much so it needs the automatic rudder and dethermalizer. It also looks nice.

The article gives all the relevant information and the plan is 1/7th scale.

Next to a very nice rubber scale design for the CITABRIA by JACK ARNOLD.

Jack said he built the Citabria because he was looking for a model to fly in a small field near his house.

Once again it’s a good flying model with one minute plus still air flights being common. Advice is given on trimming and the plan is full size.

Finally to AIRCRAFT DESCRIBED and A.A.P. LOYD takes a very detailed look at the BURT RUTUN QUICKIE. The “Ultimate Adult Toy”.

1967250s the two glider models you built from the GRAHAM DAVITT plan I posted sound great. Good to hear they fly so well.


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Mar 18, 2013, 06:18 AM
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Aeromodeller free flight plans

This time we go to the June 1944 AEROMODELLER where another delightfully atmospheric C.RUPERT MOORE cover painting shows the G.H.20 Wakefield in full flight high above in England’s war time skies.

The first free flight plan was for a scale rubber BREWSTER BUFFALO by J.A.F. HALLS.

The plan is full size and the accompanying article gives some interesting information on the actuall aircraft then in use in various theatres of war.

Next to the model on the cover the G.H. 20 WAKEFIELD that first flew in 1942.

Designer G.W.W. HARRIS said “It is a simple and strait forward job that is both strong and reliable”.

It has already won local competitions. The plan is 1/3 scale.

Going to an article that appeared in this edition for a balsa stripper. A lot has appeared on these over the years and this one sounds like it will do the job.

Made by GORDEN ALLEN it is the FOOLPROOF STRIPPER. Make one today!

The issue also included a scale tow line glider. The American type “TRANSPORT GLIDER” the design work of A.PIERCE.

No construction article but the 1/3rd plan has all the information you will need.

Finally to two AIRCRAFT DESCRIBED. The first is the BLACKBURN BLUEBIRD IV by E.RIDING and the other was a would be WW11 fighter the MARTIN-BAKER M.B.2.

H.J.COOPER explained all.


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