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Sep 23, 2003, 03:01 AM

Duratrax Evader ST with street tires

I completely wore down the rear spike tires on my stock Evader ST from
driving on asphalt. I bought this truck just for fun, for me and my boys
(3&4 yrs old). Since I live in the city and will probably not have the
luxury of driving on dirt, I ordered a set of street truck tires from Tower
Hobbies. The tires have the same inner diameter, 2.2" so they should fit
the factory wheels (ordered a new set of those too) but they are smaller
outside diameter.

Can anybody suggest what changes/adjustments I need to do to the truck once
I install the new tires/wheels?


Sep 24, 2003, 03:01 AM
Juan Lauda
Juan Lauda

Re: Duratrax Evader ST with street tires

"Juan Lauda" <> wrote in message
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The new pinion should therefore have 20 teeth or as near to 20 as possible
> If you want to increase the acceleration at the expense of lower top speed
> then use a smaller pinion (less than 20 teeth in this case).
> If you want to increase top speed at the expense of slower acceleration

> use a larger pinion. (more than 20 teeth in this case).

If you change the pinion then you will almost certainly need to move the
motor to maintain the proper mesh or gap between the pinion and the spur
Cut a long, thin strip off a sheet of printer/copier papier and place this
between the pinion and the spur gear.
Adjust the position of the motor such that the paper is nipped firmly
between the pinion and the spur but loose enough such that the paper can be
pulled all the way through without snagging or binding at any point.

Sep 24, 2003, 11:01 PM
Registered User
Being that you're just driving for fun, you shouldn't "have" to make any changes to your truck just because you're now using street tires. You can try the gear changes if you like, but no real need. Make sure the new tires are glued (with tire glue) to the rims. You can use those plastic X games ramps all the kids have now for a ramp, or build your own with some scrap plywood etc.. Your Evader ST will handle non monster truck jumps just fine. (I routinely sail my emaxx 20 ft. long and 4.5 ft. high off of my ramp, but that's monster truck jumping.) Even a small jump a foot or so off the ground will be entertaining. Just make sure the ramp is atleast 1-1 1/2 times the length of the truck for smooth take offs. If your not jumping already. Have fun. I'm thinking of getting either an Evader ST or an Evader BX for my daughters. (4 and 6)
Also for mostly parking lot racing with some plywood ramps. They love the jumps!!! When the Emaxx is out, all they yell is "Can I drive, and will you drive over the ramp?"

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