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Nov 01, 2011, 09:06 AM
Crashing but learning...
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First impressions about rc in Brazil.

Hello friends,

Today, finally I received the news that my rc air force was unloaded at Santos Harbor. It took 2 long months to arrive, now I need to wait 15 days more for our customs to clear them...

I have been checking everything about rc here in Brazil and my first impressions are:

*They are very organized, in a city like Sao Paulo you can find many groups dedicated to rc,
*Places to fly: This is a big problem here. Sao Paulo doesn't have a lot of places to fly, there are too many buildings, transit, and people, thus it lacks open spaces for rc practice, but, they manage to fly in stadiums parking lots, indoors at the Ibirapuera stadium, and in some soccer fields.
*The rc practice here have another problem: the security. You should never try to fly alone in some places here, they advise that you should have a group whenever you fly so the others can watch your six preventing assaults and robberies (so no more tests at fields alone for me). Some people here had all their equipment, car and money stolen while flying alone, or sometimes even groups had some equipment stolen...
*Prices: Planes, equipment, radios, batteries are way overpriced here, for instance:

Aurora 9 tx, price in Brazil R$1.639,80 (us$ 910.00) in the USA $359.00.
Battery 3s 2500mah in Brazil R$214,00 (us$ 119.00) in the USA $28.50.
Minimoa Glider in Brazil R$877.00 (us$ 487.00) in the USA $189.00.
hobby shop in Brazil:
Oh, you can import the goods from Hobbyking, but the customs tax here are another absurd, and an import tax can vary between 20% to 120% over the price of your product, so still not very affordable.

So, in a country where the minimum wage is R$600,00 (us$ 333.00/month), RC is not exactly a popular hobby, but a very elitist one since it is not everybody who have the spare money by the end of the month to spent in model airplanes.

Concluding, I would have never started rc practice if I wouldn't be living in the US, for here in Brazil the prices and difficulties are way too high. I will continue in rc now and for as long as my equipment that I bought in the USA keep working fine, after that maybe I will be only a spectator.

In my next post, I will show the good side of the Brazilians, and how they adapt their materials to compensate the lack of products and/or overpriced products to build very nice models.

From South Hemisphere, trying hard to adapt, still very confused and missing my USA field,

Nelson and Adriana

obs: I'm now exactly 4 months without flying, I managed to put two helicopters and 2 planes in my luggage but the friends from TSA didn't like the idea of my lipo batteries on my carry on baggage, and with the product overprice here I'm forced to wait my rc stuff to get here.

Difference between men and women regarding RC hobby -13 (2 min 8 sec)
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Nov 01, 2011, 01:24 PM
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Brazil RC

Tuda Bem?

I moved to Salvador brazil with my family 2.5 years ago for work, and went through the same process- waited 3 months to recieve my planes... after going through that hassle, I have found a very dedicated and resourcefull group of flyers up here in Bahia to hang out with. The experience here has been great, lots of new friends.

We are lucky in bahia to have lots of open space to fly Have a look at the rcgroups/maps---- I placed 4 markers for fields around Salvador.

Take care,

Nov 01, 2011, 03:34 PM
Crashing but learning...
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Brother!! (DG You have been through the same ordeal so I will call you brother)

Nice to know that in Salvador you have nice places and groups to hang out, soon I will try the same here in SP!
Just one question for you, did you have any problems with the customs here in Brazil regarding your equipment? (I'm very concerned with my 30 batteries all used that I have in a box...)

I will check the maps in rcgroups, and when I pass by Salvador, I'll visit your group, let's keep in contact ok?

Nov 01, 2011, 05:15 PM
Crashing but learning...
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1- Contact paper or vinil to cover planes

When I was packing my stuff in Alexandria, I was very careful with my helicopters and planes, but I did something wrong at the airport, I requested that stupid little red tag that indicates that the bag has something fragile inside, TSA and airline employees love bags with that tag, so they throw the bag on every manner possible, they seat over the bag, put the bag under trucks, use the bag to lock the landing gear of the B 777 while at the airport and so on... well my planes arrived in Sao Paulo in really bad shape..., wings, fuselage like a puzzle... but at least I have here my beloved hot glue and I learned with some brazilians that a good thing to cover and reinforce the planes is...... contact paper or vinyl.
Well I will try it and let you guys know but here is a video about this... they have three videos that are very illustrative, the weight have not a big difference if you use a very thin contact paper/vinyl (they recommend ORACOVER).

Entelagem com vinil - Parte 2/3 (9 min 43 sec)

Obs: My wife already hid the hair dryer when she saw the video, , I will need to buy one hot air gun to do the test... R$ 180,00 (us$ 100.00), but it is for a good cause. If my wife doesn't hide my wallet...
Nov 01, 2011, 09:05 PM
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WW: I had no issues with the customs Dept. in brazil--- My stuff arrived first in SP and then was unloaded and trucked to Salvador, My Lipos were stashed in a metal box hidden in my sea shipment from the US, so I had no issues there. I had listed the contents as Re-usable batteries. so they wouldnt get hit with the extra tax for "consumable goods" It is probably best to label everything RC with MISC TOOLS to avoid any question...

I even brought a bundle of Fan fold foam and a 1/2 sheet of 2in bluecore for building. Work has been crazy busy so I haven't really flown that much. maybe once every two months. I wish I had more free time to devote to the hobby.... Best of luck to you brother! If you need anything or ever find yourself in Salvador, contact me.

By the way, did you get relocated through work? what company if you dont mind me asking? I am with Ford Motor Company....

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Nov 01, 2011, 09:07 PM
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BTW: how is your Portuguese going? I think I learn the best Portuguese at the flying field...I went through your ordeal a while ago- I know you are just in the middle of it. It WILL get better.

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Nov 13, 2011, 12:15 AM
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Hey Nelson & Adriana

Just checking in with you both. Glad you are settling in now, how's city life suiting you, apart from having no where to fly locally?
The price of RC stuff in Brazil sounds just like here in Spain, everything is overpriced and there's not a lot of customer choice in planes or parts. Thank god for the internet, it's mail order all the way for me..
More importantly, Clare wants to ask Adriana if shoes are cheaper there..
Anyway, I hope you get to fly real soon, 4 months is way too long to wait.
All the best, speak again soon
Andy & Clare
Nov 13, 2011, 05:31 AM
Crashing but learning...
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The differences are huge. This city is very crazy, but we will get used to it, just so you have an idea, cars here don't respect the pedestrians at all, if you are crossing the streets, they will speed up the cars trying to hit you, lol
Well for what it's worth, we have to become "smarter".
I'm stil waiting the customs to clear our things to go back flying... can you believe that? ... like you said it's too long to wait, I probably don't know how to fly anymore
I'll keep you posted.

Best to both of you,


Dear Clare,

Unfortunately shoes here are even more expensive than in US. Nelson is very happy with that However I didn't stop going shopping just to check if by any chance they are in sale
I'll make a new video soon, about our adventures packing to move
Best for you and Andy,

Nov 13, 2011, 06:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Wildweasel09
Unfortunately shoes here are even more expensive than in US. Nelson is very happy with that However I didn't stop going shopping just to check if by any chance they are in sale
I'll make a new video soon, about our adventures packing to move
Best for you and Andy,

Adriana, a video on your move would be brilliant, I bet there's some stories to tell there. Don't forget, it doesn't matter how expensive shoes are, because when you're at the Mall, they won't blow-up when left in cars, like batteries might do
regards, Clare
Apr 19, 2012, 09:53 AM
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Hi Nelson & Adriana,

After quite a long time away from the hobby I recently returned to the hobby with a small alfa model FW190d-9. Only just now I read your posts on the "horrors" of moving back to Brazil. I hope that since the last posts your planes have arrived and that the shoe sale has started. I'm pretty used to everything being more expensive as in the US but import taxt between 20% and 120% are very steep. I thought 20% over price including shipping and an add on of €14,- handling costs was high.... I hope you find a cheap way to continue your hobby.

Over here the new house is being build and I find myself looking for a new job. Not ideal but I'll manage. I still have income so I can continue as if there is no issue at all. Difficult story...

Just hope you have settled and found a way to fly without being robbed and such.


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