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Nov 03, 2011, 08:56 AM
Hi John,

Built a CL trainer last year but have not yet had the nerve to fly it, may be next year. Also Brian built a KK Demon in the sixties but not sure if it ever got flown. Would like a copy of the claim jumper when finished and let me know if you ever build it as I would be more than willing to help out when you fly it.


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Nov 04, 2011, 05:53 AM
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I just patched together a plan from a couple of good magazine scans that I had: Dave Platt's Weaver from 1957: a 1/2A design that can be disassembeled into top and bottom halves for access to the mechanisms. 1/2A is here interpreted as 1.5cc / .1 ci, in the "English" way.

A few other 1/2A related files too...

Added the CAD version of the Weaver plan, posted by "hogal" in the Vintage & Old-Timer Plans thread.

edit edit:
aeromeddeler has posted a very good scan of the Nurk plan and article from Model Aircraft, April 1957, at:

There's also a strange delta wing racer named Nucleus, there.
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Nov 04, 2011, 02:24 PM
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I recently stumbled upon a Spanish forum thread on old Team Racers. I've already posted a few pictures from it. Here's most of the one-page magazine scans with drawings. There were also pages with text, but you can see them by going to

I'm not sure about the origin of the first one: "Dude", designed by A.D. Carvalho. The rest are Spanish designs.

I see a pretty different style, compared with the English/Australian/US/etc. designs that I usually see. Some look wild enough to doubt if they flew and how well ... but they wouldn't be the only ones to make something unconventional work.
Nov 04, 2011, 05:58 PM
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Here's another B Class Team Racer, the famous Australian Crescendo. Originally fitted with an OS 29 mk3. Actually the pdf is almost 5 meg so I can't post it. PM me with your email for a copy. Otherwise you can get a copy from Hippocket at

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Nov 05, 2011, 04:57 AM
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Originally Posted by locktite401
Here's another B Class Team Racer, the famous Australian Crescendo.
I have the PDF. Don't know why the file is so big and I didn't manage to "Save As" something smaller. I did manage a 50% reduced JPG file, for a preview:

managed to make a 1.56 Mb PDF out of it, after all. Looks OK at a quick look.
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Nov 05, 2011, 12:06 PM
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I've just got my "hands" on a bunch of photos that I'm a bit exited about

Pentti Nore, 1971 "Criterium of Europe" winner, has posted photos of his "Karbunkle" line of F2C models and some words, too, on a Finnish forum. I'll translate:

Karbunkles came in different shapes and sizes, and with different engines (ETA, MVVS, Rossi, Nelson, Cipolla, Russians). The name still remained the same: only the serial number changed. I built 29 of them from 1964 to 1991. They raced 122 times, including 49 wins. I am attaching photos of a few.

Aeromodeller originally published a drawing of a Karbunkle and only the name let me recognize it as my airplane. So, we made a drawing for the "Ilmailu" magazine and Aeromodeller put a version of that one on their pages.


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Nov 06, 2011, 04:11 AM
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Just a few other photos posted in the same Finnish forum thread:

- Nore's 1968 photo of Drazek's "Orion"
- Nore's end of 50s - beginning of 60s "Dalesman"
- Nore's 1965 photo of Guy Sundell and "Joker"
- Olof Nordlund's "Den Gula Faran" (Swedish for "The Yellow Peril") 1972
- Olof Nordlund's "Den Gula Faran" 1972 (built right next to the Karbunkles)
- A couple of racers in Tampere, Finland, 1960.
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Nov 06, 2011, 10:01 AM
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Time Traveller

"hogal" has posted a detailed CAD plan and a good magazine article scan for the "Time Traveller", Dick Edmond's 1956 FAI rules / Class A racer:

here's a picture of the article:
Nov 06, 2011, 01:03 PM
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Well I have finished the Claim Jumper plans.
This was a model I built after being a spectator at the 1963 Criterium of Aces contest in Ghenk Belgium. I built two models, the first a straight tapered 34" span based on teh high aspect ratio models of Dick Edmunds and the second was the Claim Jumper, which proved to be a very successful model.
I flew the model in Ireland throughout 1964 and 1965, prior to leaving for Canada in 1966. I still have the hand drawn original plans and earlier this year I was encouraged to redraw them in CAD by Joe Devenish one of my fellow competitors from the 60's and who is currently flying F2C at international level for Brazil.

Unfortunately, I only have one photo of the original which I am posting. I did have a very nice one of Joe Devenish with the model, but have not been able to locate it.

In the mid 90's, I scrounged the name for one of my slope racer gliders as I did not expect the Team Racer to be revived.
However here it is exactly as the original except for raising the tailplane by 1/8" for ease of construction.
The plans will fit on C size paper and can be printed out at a reduced scale on 8.5" x 11". On 8.5"X 11" it will print out at 50% scale.
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Nov 06, 2011, 02:52 PM
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I've been looking forward to the Claim Jumper plan. And it is better than I expected. Looks fast too

This must be the first proper plan for a relatively "modern" 1/2A racer that I've ever seen. I've been looking at the plan for a while and am getting to understand how it goes together. The wing looks pretty high aspect ratio but not really extreme. Span is just over 32". Wing shape looks very nice, whether it is faster than straight taper or not.

Elsewhere, I saw some discussion on which side of a V tail should have the movable elevator surface. Looks like "outside half" is the answer with butterfly tail. Things do look a little tight around the pushrod.

I see that the bellcrank is below the wing. How does that work with the leadouts that are in the wing?

When printing plans of this size, it is usually not much trouble to tape parts of the plan together, out of A4 or Letter sheets. I'd use the "Print Current View" option in Adobe Reader to print the parts I want. The fuselage of the Claim Jumper is a comfortable fit on two sheets, as is the wing. The butterfly tail seems to fit on one sheet. Maybe a couple of sheets to make cutting templates for the fuselage parts.

... Oh ... I gathered that you don't mind if your plan is distributed on other websites too. Right?
Nov 06, 2011, 03:30 PM
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Hi Perttime:
I am aware of the bellcrank below, but have not finished the detailing yet. The wire through the bellcrank is bent so that it is raised to the level of the wing. I will add this detail in the next few days. Another easier alternative is to bend the bellcrank upwards to mesh with the wing. I avoided this as I wanted the structure to be as close to the original as possible.
As for distributing the plans, I'm too old now to want any financial return and the more we can spread the plans around for free, the more enjoyment we can bring to newcomers. Just wait until I get the bellcrank detail done.
Nov 06, 2011, 04:21 PM
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I've seen designs with bent bellcranks but will be interested to see your solution. I suppose burying the bellcrank in the wing might cause other problems.

Take your time...
Nov 07, 2011, 06:37 AM
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Photos from the Spanish rcmodelistas site.

A somewhat faded photo from 1977, and models on Jose Luis Coello's table: a Keil Kraft Phantom (unfinished or rebuild?) and a racer that looks like the design could be from late 60s or early 70s, on top of some drawings.

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