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Oct 27, 2011, 05:57 AM
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The next President of the USA - Ron Romney

Just kidding

Listened to Ron Paul on Fox earlier - now that dude speaks sense

But he's got the charisma and drive of Mr MacGoo so that's not going to sell

And Romneys a Mormon - strike two

Oh well - back to Obama then!
Oct 28, 2011, 01:21 AM
Fly Runaway Fans
What the hell is "Mitt" an abbreviation for? Mitsubishi?

He stays at the top of the polls by saying absolutely nothing decisive, while his challengers stuff their footwear down their throats one by one.

Media has determined that Ron Paul is going nowhere. Though he appears on every poll, ahead of whoever they're talking about at the time, they never speak his name.

Paraphrasing the immortal words of John Belushi on SNL, 'keep on telling me about the US public setting their own destiny, cuz it makes me puke.' Or another sage far famouser than I (thinking Mark Twain but can't prove it), "If voting really mattered do you really think they'd let us do it?"

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