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Oct 23, 2011, 11:17 PM
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Projects that totally fail but are worth trying

Failed projects so far:
16" David Wing
20" David Wing
18" Dead Simple Wing
Divinity Wing
SewSlow Wing
Air Hogs Titan bash

I've learned a lot from building these things even though they failed.

The first one I ever built was the 16" David. The electronics I used were too heavy, it was too twitchy, and I didn't know anything about expo and the magic of low throw rates. This was a mix that doom any build project.

I learned from this one that Kryon spray paint may be foam safe but it's still a terrible way to cover your foam. The tape sticks to the paint and not the foam. And spray paint don't hold on too well. Now I use a good airbrush to decorate my foam and spray adhesive to make the tape stick.

As for the 20" David, it was very fast but I couldn't get it to track straight ahead. It was very prone to deviate off course if left unattended. Not what I'm looking for.

The Divinity was my second wing build. If I tried it again today I'm certain it would do so much better than it did that day. My problem was I was new to scratchbuilding and had no idea how to do things like make a motor mount out of foam or plywood. I didn't know about all the various plastic mounts out there or triangle stock plywood. So my motor was barely glued onto the back of the wing. Whenever it came down with any speed and stopped abruptly, the motor maintained its momentum and would fly off. Of course, this was tearing the one layer of 6mm Dollar Tree readyboard. After a few times of this I gave up because I knew sooner or later the motor was gonna get damaged. I didn't want my stubborness to end up costing me a motor for naught. Now I have a box full of motor mounts that would work just fine. I also know that I could use some coroplast under the motor mount to make it harder for the mount to tear the foam. That won't happen again.

I built a SewSlow but I don't have it now. Something didn't work out with it but I can't remember what it was. Oh wait, I think it flew a little but didn't take crashes very well.

My best failure stands out above the rest. The Air Hogs Titan mod. I bought a few of these at WalMart during the summer. One of them was for my son, now 7. We throw it across the yard to each other like a football. Whoever makes it go the farthest wins. I took another one and installed a motor mount in the end of the fuse, cut a rudder from the vertical stab, and cut an elevator from the horizontal stab. I mounted some servos on the sides of the fuse near the back, taped a battery and esc on the front so it balanced at the prescribed balance point and installed a good motor on the back.

The prop was light on thrust but had some pitch to it. Once it started moving it was really fun to fly. Since this was a very simple build I didn't spend a lot of time on extras like securing the main wings in place. During one flight, the wings seperated from the fuse and she came down hard. The glider is EPS and of course there was some breakage. No problem though. I even flew it a few times without the nose.

My son came out to give it a try since he was curious about it too. I hand him the transmitter and he proceeds to go full throttle and then flies it head-on into the playground. EPS foam nearly disentegrates when it smashes into something with force and is an astounding thing to witness.

I still have one more that's waiting for me to do something with. I'm not done with the Titan bash. In fact, it was more successful than the mentioned wing projects - until it went out with a bang, that is.

PS -
I've built some wings that turned out so well I still fly them at least 4 times apiece each week, along with my store-bought planes. I don't crash these.
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