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Sep 21, 2003, 01:16 AM
making it up as i go.
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too much snap in my snap roll

i have a potensky cobra with a hacker b 20 18l castle creations 25 2s 2100 kokam lithium poly pack and a 12x6 propeller. The thing will go vertical easy its so much fun, but its also a problem. With the insane control throws that the cobra has it snap rolls very well. its just that i took the plane straight up to about 150 ft, did a couple snap rolls, and on the second one i heard a pop and then to my horror the whole motor just came out! luckly the battery and bec were stil working and the motor was still held onto the esc, but it was hanging out the front of the plane!

I HAD PUT SO MUCH FORCE ON THE BALSA MOUNT THAT IT JUST SNAPPED. i realize my mistake of making it balsa, but it worked when i had the 10x4.7 prop on the plane, just it didnt work too well when i got 12x6, i guess the torque of the prop in the roll just put too much force on the mount.

anyway i did a dead stick landing and everything was there, its just that now one of the wires coming out of the hacker motor is about 1cm long. not good. how or where would i send this thing to get new wires put on it? would it be worth it? also would the mpjet 25/35 mk 2 4:1 do a good job? its stats look promising?

im going to make an aluminum motor mount in my college's machine shop! oklahoma state rocks!
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