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Oct 20, 2011, 11:54 PM
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HBZ Champ brown out issues

Hey all, just getting back into the rc game and picked up a Champ to retrain my thumbs. I want to fly in the park behind my house as it is huge, grassy and so close. I am having brown out issues all over the park... 25 feet away and I lose all motor and control surfaces. It will reset after a few seconds but sometimes not in time to recover from meeting the ground. I bought it locally and took the first one back and they exchanged the plane for a different one (just the plane, not the stock radio). After trying the new one, I have the same issue... It is not a battery problem (tried several dofferent ones) it is definitely an interference problem. 2.4 Ghz should not have these issues but I am at a loss for ideas. Even if I upgrade the stock radio, the receiver block is not going to change on these little BNF style planes. I want to fly here... It is here or nowhere - this is one of the reasons I live in this house. What would you do in my situation? Perhaps the LHS will loan me a real transmitter to try one evening? Other option is to return this plane and forget all about planes again. Thoughts?

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Oct 21, 2011, 05:50 AM
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First welcome to the Boards, and o not sweat the smal stuff.

1 some say never point Up the Tx ant, some say point out but no spot on the plane.

2. I do a range test on floor, and I do it not at your location as well.

3 Do walk in to the LHS and do tel lthe guy that exact issue, anddo make him walk outside with you while you walk teh distance.

4 deffently check your Charger, plugs on both charger and baterry, hoping no pins were bent in any direction, that will cause brown outs.

5 with no 4 hint, sometime a motor wire is lose, but you said 2nd champ same issue,

6. Tx is the same, different plane may lead to a faulty Tx, throw in a new set of batts, just incase the stock has a drop on One or all. never know on storage batts.

Do not just give up. on the hobby that fast, tehse are just tehe querks that come with it. If you think we demo such a perfect indestructable flying machine, dead wrong, been there done that and gotten over it. I am on my 7th plus champ, parts etc. Once the problesm is gone another comes up. but always keeps you learning. perfect flying takes a long , long time, and the champ is thebest plane for that trouble free.

Last Resort call HH they have a great support team if LHS fails, they'll probably upgrade the Tx to a DX3 or 4. never know. I had that op wit hte super cub. Lol
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Oct 21, 2011, 02:51 PM
Just Fly!
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Fishy may be on the right track.
If the common item is the stock transmitter, it sounds like the problem might lie therein.

Try new batteries in the transmitter, the ones that come with it are cheap and don't last very long.

Hope you get it all worked out.

Oct 21, 2011, 04:12 PM
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Thanks for the ideas... tried another field today with the same issues. I went back to the LHS and we switched out the transmitter for another one and I went back to the field I tried today. Same issues... have tried everything I can think of. New batteries in charger (checked charged voltage and was good), new batteries in the transmitter, different batteries in the plane, two planes, two transmitters each having been freshly "bound", different fields. My thinking is that this Champ thing ain't going to work for me... it is not fun to have a brown out and watch the plane out of control. Guess it is back to the LHS and ask for a return. what a bummer.

Oct 21, 2011, 06:24 PM
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I say try one more time giving back al lteh goods to teh LHS. andask him one more time to pull out a fresh box, have him charge up the batt right there. place in a new set, both you and him walk out the door champ in hand no fly, walk the distance and if it cuts out, then we know that he has a bad lott.

we know you said 25 feet it cuts out.

try rebinding tthe champ. But do not Bind it at 6 feet or less, try binding it 15 feet or more.

the DSMX has too many codes and will hunt for the best one.

Are there any Cell towers on each side they radiate signal for wifi today as through cell service. some sites throw signal downward, some accross. anything is possable. last resort another shop. sorry to hear.....
Oct 21, 2011, 06:38 PM
Fly em if ya got em.
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Ask your LHS to test a dx6I or better on her. I and others have figuered out we hate the toy (stock) transmitter. Lot of us where loosing signal at different ranges. Some even lost there plane in the distance never to return. Good luck and don't give up yet. Happy Flyin. Lee
Oct 21, 2011, 06:54 PM
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I'm loosing the plane at 25-50 feet away.... there are house all around the park and I am sure that most have a wireless router running (who doesn't these days). Cell towers could be interferring as well. My thinking is the receiver is the limiting factor and not the transmitter - could be wrong.

I have a call into HH technical support - waiting for a call back. Not ready to call this a bad batch, but dang... this is crazy. I don't want a plane that I can't fly.

Oct 21, 2011, 07:06 PM
Fly em if ya got em.
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Let me say this first...

Welcome to RCgroups! There now that the pleasantries are out of the way. haha. I still think it is your tx. Some are just problems. If you could try a dx6I, I bet your troubles would be gone. But, I realize that you are just getting into RC and it is not going well from the start. That sux too. Cause usually someone gets a good taste of it before a big OhhhNNNOOOOOOO happens. then they can come here and get help to fix it. You didn't even get that. Sorry. Lee
Oct 21, 2011, 07:18 PM
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Lets hope tht HH offrs the swap, I say still bind the plane, and let the store like Lee says use their tx's. tehy have Hundred you got one.

We're sure it's a Incorrect Bind stuck onone or two codes. I say Rebind in house and block cock wheels and throtle gently the plane see when she kicks out. and when see how you're pointing ht Tx
Oct 21, 2011, 07:25 PM
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Got a call back from HH... got to say that I am very satisfied with the customer support. No reported bad lots but even if there were, I would not expect them to admit it over the phone to a customer.

I will do as you recommend and see if the LHS will let me borrow a decent transmitter to try and see if that works. Before heading back there, I will try one more time at a school next to my office and rebind at a distance. Fingers crossed. Thanks for the ideas.

(really wish I hadn't sold all my RC gear from years ago - never had TX issues with my Flash 5... )

Oct 21, 2011, 07:26 PM
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Lee I think Delta said he was outdated, and back into the Hobby.

I also think we can run a distaance check from the interior of the house to.

I as well thought I had not one but two Bad tx's.

I would not suggesting to open up the fuse, to look at the Push rod and Antenna if bent.
Oct 21, 2011, 07:32 PM
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I find that I am a stubborn old fool at times, andwill hold my ground, Ego we call it. For example

Cellphones, turn off phone that is called a sfot boot, Pull battery out after off, that is called hard boot like what we doo on the Pc ALT CNTRL Delete key

I say not true, removing battery does not hard boot a phone Lol..

Any ways. try in the house to just rebind the Plane and rather holding the Tx throtle down for a second or two give a 10 count.. there may be some small info in the book about the proceedures,

were here to help and love to get you addicted.
Oct 21, 2011, 10:05 PM
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So the saying goes....
"three strikes and you're out"
"third time is the charm"

LHS didn't have a transmitter that they would loan out but offered another plane... This time they gave me a new plane and transmitter together (told me it was from another shipment... could be truth or fiction, I don't know). Basically a new box - keeping the AAs. I brought it home and installed fresh duracells in the transmitter and charger and hoped for the best. Took it out to the field adjacent to my house (there were three pee wee football games going on in my backyard park). Gave it a gentle toss and I was flying. Got her up three mistakes high and flew some figure eights for a couple minutes getting my thumbs back in sync with a plane in the air. Then I thought I lost it... I lost signal for a second. Reset throttle to zero and plane was back. I got a few more minutes of trouble free flying before bringing her in for a perfect landing. Even though I had one brown out I consider this a success! It is dark now and tomorrow will give me a real chance to try her out again. I hope no more problems with this last setup. So... Third time is the charm (I hope).

Will report tomorrow regardless... I want to thank you all for your help. I was getting pretty discouraged and now I have hope. If all goes well tomorrow, I may be back in RC full force and start planning the next plane, real tranmitter, good charger, more batteries, etc. another hobby to take my cash.

Oct 22, 2011, 06:46 PM
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that is a relief, and trust us , we're happy when you're happy.

You say it shut down for a split, when you dropped throtle nd back up, could you hit LVC?

so the question goes

make sure when you charge the Lipo that the battery is FUll for starters, and you can use rechargable. Remember if a battery charger is weak, you'll get a warning wit hteh led. but also remember the Lipo will reverse and charge the battery charger.

that you must keep in mind. I use the Blades 120sr electric ac outlet charger, I hardely use the battery one anymore. reminds me to make sure I have one as i am going to be, away lol.

the 150 stock will only give you a few minutes fly time depending on your flight skills so if 8 minutes and you see the champ getting weak, time to come in, remember to its colder for some less flight..

again Super happy for ya. and I bet you'll walk in empty handed the LHS guy will have a bigsmile on his face, or if you bring the box in and fool him

GOOD LUCK tomorroa
Oct 22, 2011, 08:41 PM
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Well... I wish I could report that all is well. Gave the new plane a chance this morning and got a little way up and bam... Total loss of control again. This is the third plane and no luck. I went back to the LHS and the owner was there and we did a range check outside and it looked good. I asked if he wanted to come fly it at the field a mile away and he said sure. The whole time he thought I was nuts I am sure. Took off at the field and about 50 ft out I lost control and the LHS owner grabbed the remote. He flew circuits and lost control a number of times as well. It wasn't just me. He said that if he hadn't seen it for himself he would have thought I was looney. . He tried another remote (a DX7 I think - a real transmitter) and it worked great. Super high and far away was no problem. Definitely a transmitter issue and not the plane.

LHS traded my transmitter out for an old eflight one that they had and I went back to the field to try again. Same problem. Some old timer tried and it worked fine as long as he flew it like a control line in circles 20 feet in diameter around him with the remote over his head. Not what I signed up for... Back to the LHS.

They offered me a mini super cub but that is not what I want... I want the UM class that is BNF for the future and uses those little chap lipos. We came to a deal on a swap of the plane and some cash for a DX6i that made me happy. I'll get another champ when I have cash again - no credit cards used for hobbies anymore. I will wait and I have a real transmitter for when I get a new champ. I don't expect any issues with this DX6 but it sucks that it came to this. I guess I would say that I am satisfied in how it worked out but I am plane less for now.

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